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  1. Not to mention that Sheldon just sits down at the table uninvited - he's very rudely crashing their meal and discussion to announce he's her boyfriend, and not really in a mature way. They don't go through typical introductions, Sheldon just comes over, sits down and is like, I'm going to say inappropriate, gushy things to strangers about our romantic involvement! I can see why Amy is like, "What the hell are you doing!?"
  2. What? What? As Raj has even pointed out, Scooter is lame. Worst. Muppet. Ever. However, the Swedish Chef is the best Muppet. He is far and away my favorite Muppet - and a favorite with many other nerds. He was made into his own language you can set on Google, for crying out loud. Everyone loves the Swdish Chef! That Sheldon loves him too is delightful, and hardly surprising. He's delightful.
  3. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd like more of that story about the chocolate, please.
  4. Now there's a ship I can get behind. TBBT needs more spinoffs. Stuart and the comic book store guys, where is your show?
  5. I don't think they will break up, actually, and I don't want them to. I agree with you about your assessment that they are not the type of couple to be on and off. I think that if they do break up it would be short and never happen again, because I think they'd be miserable without each other. But, someone asked if there could be a Shamy break up, and I said that anything is possible, in part because I agree with you that we've shifted into a more angsty part of their relationship. I think that when Bill said that Sheldon was "terrified" about the pace of the relationship, he meant it. I t
  6. Anything is possible. I do think that they've reached an interesting stage in their relationship, and I'm truly not sure where things are going from here. But my read from things is that the roommate episode kick started something in Sheldon where he's gone out of this "I'm scared she's going to leave me" to "I am starting to realize just how up to my neck I am in this relationship, and I feel the need to start treading water before I drown in it." Is it a surpise to have gotten to this point? For Sheldon to come to a place where his denial mechanisms are failing and he's not going to go d
  7. So, is the Shamy officially in some weird stand off or power struggle point in their relationship? If it wasn't for the Valentine's Day episode, I'd say that all of this is devolving straight from the roomate issue, which we never saw resolved, and wonder what it meant, or if it meant they've been bickering ever since. Totally agree about "all the sex" in this one. Whew.
  8. Mayim has said that she always sits next to the writers because her personality type matches more to theirs a little bit. I think what she's saying is that she's a highly educated "nerd" in her own right, and slightly more intellectual than the average actor or actress. Even though she's a child actress too, just like Johnny or Kaley, as she has her own PhD in neuroscience from UCLA and has written her own book, I can see where's coming from. It's not a bad way to line them up, either, it seems to make sense to me intuitively.
  9. I also think that Penny had a different perspective on the man she would be sending to "take care of Amy's needs" way back then and the man who is actually working on going in that direction, and thinks it's a possibility, now. Both the relationship and the two people involved in it are different now. Penny's watched them grow. And I think that originally she was very skeptical about Amy and the idea that the relationship would really ever go anywhere, considering that the two of them were not dating at that time.
  10. There's a video of Sheldon and Amy I remember watching once where they use that look Sheldon gives to Zack right before flashing him the "live long and prosper" sign. His face is so intense in that moment. I also love how Sheldon instinctually curls his hands back around Amy's and holds her hand for a split second before he realizes what he is doing and suddenly lets his hand go slack, looking down in confusion. And it's interesting how Amy doesn't actually look at him when she answers, but he cannot stop staring at her.
  11. As an American, I've only ever heard it pronounced pea-CAHN. Also, it is very sweet. The first few bites are usually delicious, but I can never finish one.
  12. I don't mean he was dumbed down just for this episode, I mean he's been dumbed down in general since sometime about the middle of last season and definitely through all of this season. What I am alluding to is the idea that this is deliberate to portray Sheldon as acting a little more naive on purpose to hide feelings and thoughts that he's not comfortable with expressing, let along even having, as of yet. But knowing things about sex, such as that getting a blow job would be the time of a man's life, and knowing the head movements that go along with it, indicate Sheldon has had to have SEEN t
  13. Since Sheldon's "corn-pecking" comments and head movements, I've been convinced that he IS looking at porn occassionally. Latin orgy music is just another clue. That dreoesn't mean he'd recognize a sex toy, though. In regards to Penny and Raj, Sheldin HAD figured out that it looked as if they had sex by his lunch hour. The punchline was that Sheldon didn't pick up on the idea that Penny could have LIED to him and everyone else about it. That's what he was completely naive about. I'm not precisely sure what is up in Sheldon's head, but I feel as if he was almost deliberately "dumbed do
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