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  1. Yes, she does. As Terrible Waitress said, she just doesnt show it in the same way Leonard does. I think her wearing that locket, keeping that box in her closet, keeping the snowflake by her bed and telling him that she is passionate about him, shows how she feels in the relationship. She asked him to marry her for crying out loud! Yes, she was drunk and done it out of vulnerability, but she asked that question, which meant it had to have been on her mind because things like that dont just come out of nowhere. What i think, and excuse me if this comes off rude but its something that has bothered me on this thread for so long, is that maybe some people should stop focusing on just Leonard in this relationship and continue to put all the fauts on Penny. Maybe try and see Penny's side to things and take note of the small things she does to show how she feels about Leonard because if theres one thing we should have learned about Penny its that she doesnt show her love and commitment to him and their relationship in big gestures, she shows it in the little things, like wearing that locket.
  2. OMG Shamys, are you really freaking out this much???!!! Like really, just wait until you guys have to go through TWO break-ups and six full years of not knowing whether your ship are gonna break up or not!!! Us Lennys go through pure HELL, EVERY WEEK!! Think yourselves lucky and quit complaining will you. ***SIDE EYE****
  3. Chapter 63 - A Couple Reunited I forgot to post this when i updated it. Whoops. Aaaand the new update! Chapter 64 - Homecoming.
  4. Chapter 62! Wahey! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9259105/62/The-Departure-Transformation
  5. The Decorating Determination Bringing you some christmas themed Lenny cuteness!
  6. I wouldnt say it was a really bad patch for them, id say it was something that really got Penny thinking about their relationship which im pretty sure this is going to be too. Except now shes the one doing the proposing so she knows thats what she wants its just it took her being sad and a little drunk to actually admit it! I just dont see how this would turn out bad at all. They both obviously want to be with each other and dont want to break up so why would they? As proved by the Christmas episode, Penny literally cant imagine her life without him! She aint gonna let this boy go!
  7. SO OMGGGGGG PENNY PROPOSED TO LEONARD! <333333333 I was sooo not expecting that in this episode and i cannot wait to see it on screen!! I have no idea how this is gonna play out in the next episode but i dont think they are going to end up engaged yet, though at the same time i really dont think they are going to break up! That is so not going to happen. Not now after she has just openly admitted to him that she wants to marry him! It's coming guys!! I'd put bets on that by the end of this season these two will be engaged and then get married and have smart and beautiful babies! I cannot wait for the rest of this season to play out it really is the best yet! These writers sure do know how to keep us hanging on and i keep my faith that whatever they have planned for these two will be just perfect because they havent disappointed me this season at all! Its gonna be a loooonnnggg wait till this next taping repoort!
  8. Maybe we should complete the set and add a Sneezy, Bashful and Happy?
  9. New update from us The First Day Illusion Enjoy meeting Grumpy and Sleepy!
  10. I've been meaning to add my list of favourites to this for ages but i kept on forgetting cos thats just what i do. Anyway here we go, they are in no particular order ill just put them down as i think of them and almost all of them are Leonard and Penny fics. I guess i'll start with 'Hello Kitty' by Terrible Waitress. Because a story where Leonard cheats on Priya with Penny just makes me happy. I would say more about how much i love this story but i dont want her ego to become more inflated than it already is. Oh ill add 'The Smart and Beautiful Babies Compliation' as another one of her stories i particularly like. Because reading about Leonard and Penny having two adorable kids is just awesome. She has a bunch of little stories and one shots i enjoy too but id be here all day naming them all! 'The Chew Toy Revelations' by Tensor. Because getting inside Penny's head is always fun. 'The Perfect Proposal Ambition' by Angelic Guardian. Because its Penny proposing to Leonard in a way that could and should be done in the show. Keeping just the right amount of humour and sweetness Its awesome. 'Pulchritudinous Wreckage' by HooterSampzon13. Because it is pretty hot, but still brilliantly encaptures the Lenny relationship. 'Shipping Lanes', 'The Teachable Moment Extension'... All of 5mississippi's stories are fantastic. Although i admit i still havent found it in myself to go any further than the first few chapters of 'Ends Beginning' because this girl writes angst so well that im scared to read it through fear of turning into a blubbering wreck. I will at one point though! 'Rules of Engagement' by WeBuiltThePyramids. Because a one shot collection of different ways that Penny could propose to Leonard is just :wub: There are more of hers i like including The Sulphur Juxtaposition, The Good Old College Try and a few other one shot collections, but that one is my favourite 'The Sorrowful Sunshine Eventuality' by Hokie3457. Because even though its a sad story its still full of feels. Oh, and 'The New York Revelations' by this guy is good too 'The Elliptical Threads' by SlightlyOffKey. I havent even finished this one yet but what ive read of it so far is brilliant and definitely worth a read. Grown up Leonard and Penny <3 'The Maternal Excitation' by HaleyMichelle18. Because I really am a sucker for Lenny having babies stories. Although it hasnt been updated in like a month so *AHEM* if you read this girl, get a move on! haha Okay i think i have named all that i can think of, although i have probably forgotten a few. There are plenty more that i have read but i think this sums up my favourites. I pretty much read anything and everything by all of these authors i really would be here all day if i tried to think of and name every fic i liked! Now, there are a couple of Shamy fics i have read and liked too. One that ill pick out is Misophonias 'The Mendacity Revelation'. I read a good few chapters into that and loved it. Perfectly written Shamy right there. And at some point i'll catch up on reading that! I will! Um, there was another Shamy fic i read and really enjoyed but dopey me cant remember the name of it. In it, Sheldon shared with Amy that he was allergic to latex condoms and Amy told him she sneezed when she orgasmed... or vice versa. haha. i know, it doesnt bode well for me that this information is pretty much all i remember about the story! I think it was a 7 or 8 chapter fic, although it could have been less than that, and as with many others i only got a few chapters in before telling myself i would read the rest later and never did. I stil intend to read the rest of that so if any of you Shamys know what fic im talking about it would be great if you could let me know! I'm pretty sure it was on chat in here that i found out about it so yeah, one of you people know what im talking about! Haha. Wahey! There we go! I think im done. There are so many more stories i've yet to read but when im trying to write at the same time i find it hard. Maybe ill take a week or so once i've finished my story to catch up on all these ones i have started but havent yet finished! I really should.
  11. Chapter 59 - No Sheldon in Sight. just posting yesterdays update now cos i always forget to post this up here! Fish brains!
  12. The way i read this was that Penny was saying she knew how it felt to miss something more when she didn't have it than when she did have it. Sheldon lost the element like Penny lost Leonard and it wasnt until those things were gone that they realised how much they wanted them Pure cuteness in my eyes!
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