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  1. You wanna know what is so awesome about that? I can actually picture the whole thing in my head. The girlish scream from sheldon and him running over to him, pushing Penny out of the way haha just perfect.
  2. Wow. You really are being overly negative here. I think the fact that Sheldon was freaking out so much about Leonard leaving in the finale proves how important he is to the show. And if you really think that if there was no Penny then he would have no place then... well i don't know what to say. And let's be fair, in the finale episode there were only a few scenes that he wasn't involved in. To say he was pushed to the background is a huge exagerration.
  3. Haha i can't do it yet. I have a basic outline written down, but since i'm only at the part where Leonard has been gone a month in my story, to jump ahead and write his return wouldn't feel right. Especially because i have a habit of changing the way i want things to go once i start writing out the chapters. I just need to wait until i finally get to the point where he comes back. It's not too bad though cos i still have a lot of other stuff to put in so i'm kept pretty busy! And SRAM, i think what you have said is pretty spot on to what i think we will see too. I can almost see the first scene as Penny and Sheldon bickering over something really stupid and then have everyone being like i can't wait till Leonards back so we dont have to deal with him anymore haha
  4. I GOT A TIARA!! PUT IT ON ME! PUT IT ON ME! PUT IT ON ME! Freaking love that episode. Oh and regarding the whole 'I wish you were dead' thing. I can certainly see where you are all coming from in saying that it was all about context and i agree, i know he didn't mean it and was being childish, but i dunno, it probably boils down to your own sense of humour. I watched the episode yesterday and i still cringe at it, but my mum found it pretty funny. But then again, after that episode i got her to watch The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis and after Sheldon hugged Penny she actually turned to me and said, 'Oh, so are those two going to start dating now.' So what does she know! SMH. I was literally like, are you freaking serious! I guess i can cut her some slack since she has only ever watched the show in like little bits, but still, i dont think i've fully forgiven her yet! Haha
  5. I cant WAIT for season 7! haha I keep on having all these thoughts of what could happen during the season, because i'm pretty certain there is going to be some more drama between them, but drama similar to season 6. I think anything they have happen to them will be fixed either within the episode or over the course of a couple of episodes. But the one thing i keep imagining is the scene where Leonard comes home. There is just so many ways they could play it out and i'm so excited I'm even like dying to get to the point where i write it into my fanfiction because i know exactly the way i want it to go - although im almost certain the way i have it i my head isn't the way the writers will have it! I also really hope they dont bring him back in the first episode. I want to see a bit of life without Leonard. Not long of course, two episodes and then have him return on the third i think would be cool. I can't believe how close it is too, only another couple of months to wait
  6. I sort of feel for her too, it must be the strangest thing having everyone know your private life, but then again i guess that sort of comes with the territory of being an actress. She is one lucky girl, thats for sure! If its true of course
  7. Wow. Gotta say i'm pretty shocked too, I really thought this was just another one of those bogus Hollywood story things. Seems like it could be true. Go Kaley! Got herself a Superman! haha
  8. Chapter 32 - A Special Gift, For a Special Girl. Chapter 32. I am just a little shocked to be honest! Almost at my longest fic yet, and i'm not even nearly finished!
  9. It wasn't so much that i wasn't expecting much L/P interaction. Trust me i wanted a lot more than we got, but what we got was so good that i was happy with it anyway. Penny's reaction when she found out he was leaving was lovely. It was supportive yet you could still see that she didn't want him to go and the car scene was just brilliant. They way Penny sort of timidly told him she loved him and the way it was acted out by both Kaley and Johnny, made me not too bothered about Sheldon being in the back. I think Love Spell is different. That was a real pivotal moment for the Shamy, much like the 'I love you' scene was for us. Neither of those scenes got interuppted because they were too important. Our '43 peculiarity' scene and their 'Love Spell' scene were sort of on a parrallell because they both signaled a huge change in the relationships. The car scene didn't change much. Yes we got the 'I love you' from Penny again, but it has to be assumed that that had already been said plenty of times between them, it was just the first time we were getting to see it, so it wasn't a huge shifting moment in their relationship, thats why the comedy was there too. Anyway, i'm not saying people are wrong for not liking how that scene was played out because of Sheldon being there, because i can understand why some are, i'm just saying it didn't have that much of an effect on me. Now on to this thing! 1: The moment you shipped them and why: I would say probably after the Halloween episode. That one really showed to me how far Leonard would go to impress Penny, by standing up to the fearsome giant! The kiss right at the end was very sweet too. 2: Favorite Episode: This is a hard one because it changes constantly! But it's a toss up between The 43 Peculiarity, The Holographic Excitation and The Recombination Hypothesis 3: Favorite touching moment (kiss, hug, hand-holding, etc.): Their hug just before he goes to the North Pole. That really long one that lasted 'at least 5 mississippis' 4: A moment that made you happy/surprised (your choice): When Leonard asked her out again in The Recombination Hypothesis. I was both happy and surprised because i really didn't expect Leonard to go out on a limb and ask her out again, but i was sooo happy he did, and that she said yes! 5: Most underrated moment: Kinda random but i love the bed scene in the episode where Sheldon goes all crazy and they get woken up in the middle of the night by Leonards joker ringtone. 'Leonard your giggling in your sleep'. Its very cute. 6: Favorite moment, during a time when they weren’t a couple: The lime kiss. Nothing else needs to be said. That was just awesome. 7: Best quote: I'm going to have to go for 'Our babies will be smart and beautiful' Oh and, Leonard: 'I promise i will never propose to you again.' Penny: 'What? Are you breaking up with me?' I love that moment, it's when they really came full circle and sort of equal in their relationship, IMO. 8: Overall Appreciation: This couple inspired me to start writing when i had never thought of it before. Thats gotta mean something right? haha They are just incredibly adorable and I know it's been said before but i really love that they aren't similar in any way really. They are two completely different people from completely different walks of life and yet now, after being with each other no one else is really good enough for them.
  10. The 'i wish you were dead' thing bothered me. It just seemed unneccesary, so i completely understand why there was such a big thing made out of it on here. It really was one of those moments where they just took Sheldon too far. It made me cringe. I know for a fact that i would hate it if it had been either Leonard or Penny that said it about the other so I can only imagine how some of you felt. I second that. I wish some of my fellow Lennys had your outlook
  11. Fail. You didn't write why you ship them and the 'touching' moment was supposed to be like an intimte moment you liked. For example, mines would be the hug they shared before Leonard went to the North Pole. The one that lasted 'at least 5 mississippis' haha It was stolen from the Shamy thread so the 'touching' part was probably put in because of Sheldon haha Anyway, take this back home and rethink your answers! (I'm just kidding by the way. Glad you participated )
  12. I have to say, i'm glad im not the only one who thought this. For a minute i was in there thinking that maybe i was being too laid back about the whole thing! haha I think a lot of them are just very protective over Leonard, and i guess i can understand why... sometimes. A few kind of have a bone to pick with Sheldon too! haha
  13. Okay so, i popped over to the Shamy thread and saw this thing they were doing so i sort of stole it and changed a few bits for over here. Really it's just something to get us moving past that whole thing we got into a little earlier on and bring the thread back to being about Leonard and Penny I think this will be a cool thing to do and i really want to see the different answers everyone will give, so yeah, i hope you all participate. 1: The moment you shipped them and why 2: Favorite Episode 3: Favorite touching moment (kiss, hug, hand-holding, etc.) 4: A moment that made you happy/surprised (your choice) 5: Most underrated moment 6: Favorite moment, during a time when they weren’t a couple 7: Best quote 8: Overall Appreciation I will put mines up soon, i'm trying to write a chapter so want to try and get some of that finished before i wrack my mind to think of the answers for all of them! haha
  14. Just letting you know, i am going to steal this for the Leonard and Penny thread! (Although i will have to change the 'Eye-coitus' bit!) Haha It has been kinda full of negativity lately, gotta bring back the love!
  15. In regards to the finale car scene, i'm sure you wont be surprised to hear i wasn't too bothered by Sheldon being there! Haha! Maybe i'm just too easy going about this whole thing! Anyway, I think I was just kind of over the moon about the L/P interaction that we did get in that moment, that everything else in it just didn't really bother me. I will say that when i watch it back, it can be annoying that he keeps interuppting their moment, and the only reason i wouldn't take him out of it, is because when he says 'it's okay, they just love each other' i kind of melt inside! haha that being said, i totally agree that he didn't need to be there.
  16. I agree, just giving my opinion. I know we cant all like the same things! In general though, i don't think he is an ass, he has his moments, but over all he isn't as bad as he can sometimes be made out to be.
  17. Yeah I know, I can see how people may find him, as SRAM put it, as an asshole haha I'm just saying I have never felt like that towards him and it wasn't really because he is cute as you say but more so just because he is funny. The show wouldn't be the same if Leonard could go to the toilet whenever he wanted! Sheldon is one of the most unique characters ever put into a sitcom and that uniqueness is what I love, not only in him, but within the show. It is what drew me to the show in the first place. I would see little glimpses of it here and there and would always wonder what Sheldons deal was, and thats what pulled me in. Of course once i started watching i completely fell for L/P but still, if it hadnt been for Sheldon, i dont know if i would have ever decided to watch the show from the beginning. Take Sheldon and his antics away and TBBT just isn't the same. We need Sheldon and his weirdness! Haha
  18. Haha more is better yeah, but only to us. You have to sort of see it from other people's point of view, like those who aren't too bothered by Leonard and Penny. (And by you I don't mean just you SRAM I mean it as in everybody haha) if the writers gave L/P any more screen time, then those who ship S/A wouldn't be happy, and rightly so. I think the writers get the balance pretty well. They always include all characters so that, in general, everyone has something to be happy about in the episode. I guess I'm sort of spoiled because even though Leonard and Penny are the ones I enjoy the most, I really do like all the characters and so I've never had that feeling of being let down by an episode.
  19. Sheldon get's picked on a lot haha I think there are a lot of you in this thread that are just quite protective over Leonard and don;t like to see him either picked on or made out to be a 'wimp' as some of you put it. The thing is he isn't made fun of any more than the rest of them are. Although i still dont think he was being mocked in that episode and i still fail to see how anyone could have found it sad, but then maybe that is just a case of different people having different sense of humours. I also think a few people have a real problem with Sheldon over here, because they saw this 'Sheldon Show' during season 3 when i guess you were looking for it to all be about Leonard and Penny since they had just gotten together. To be honest, i never saw him as being given any more attention than Leonard and Penny.Someone mentioned earlier (sorry i cant remember who it was and im too lazy to go looking!) that the problem is that Leonard, Penny and Sheldon are the three main characters, and whatever happens between Leonard and Penny, is going to have an effect on Sheldon and he is always going to be around and freaking out over whatever is happening. So yeah, whether you like it or not, he is always going to be involved somehow. Whether you find what happens in those situations funny or not, is all relative because like i said before, different people have different sense of humours. I like Sheldon and find him pretty hilarious most of the time, so that is probably why i dont see what some of you guys see. I enjoy the show in it's entirety and dont think it would be the same if we took Sheldon out of certain moments, even the ones that some think should have been used as key L/P moments, such as that gorilla episode.
  20. It was Penny's idea for the party, but really it was the whole group that was involved in throwing it for him. That epsiode focused around everyone doing their part to throw Leonard his party and the humour didn't just come from Sheldon, it came from how each part of their plan pretty much got messed up and he missed it. I don;t think there is as much of a similarity as you like to say there is. but i doubt whatever i say will change your mind on the subject so in an effort to move this thread along, how about we just agree to disagree.
  21. To be fair, i think it is you that is refusing to understand. You seem to be the only one here who feels so let down by that episode, the majority of the rest of us understand that that episode was about Sheldon and Penny, not Penny and Leonard. Phanta got it spot on when she said that their relationship was only used as the catalyst to get into the Sheldon and Penny stuff. Of course it showed a nice thing in Penny that she wanted to be able to talk to Leonard about his work, but the main focus of the episode was Sheldon teaching Penny physics. The tag scene showed the audience how he had failed, for whatever reason and simply gave her a speech to recite instead. It was funny because the rest of the group were looking on completley clueless as to what had happened, that was why everyone was there.
  22. It's a sitcom. You aren't going to get that. If all these emotional epiphonies and hearfelt, loving speeches are what you are looking for you have to go somehwere else. It is implied in the episode that they are both happy to be back dating again and putting in the effort to help make sure it works out with correcting what was wrong on those lists. To me it was pretty obvious that Penny was happy to be dating him again, even despite the fact she was obviously slightly taken back by that exact list. But she didn't flip out when he gave her it, she just took it and even tried to do what was on it, which is something that Penny of the past probably wouldn't have done. And in regards to the gorilla experiment episode, I saw it as a bit of a stepping stone for Penny. She tried to learn physics to surprise Leonard and i think that is one of the first times during their relationship she done that. It was sweet. And sure it didn;t work out well, but that was probably because of her teacher, not her lack of skills. I didn;t see her end speech as mocking him, she really was just trying to impress him. And anyway, i liked the episode regardless because i enjoyed the Penny/Sheldon stuff.
  23. Wow, wow , wow. We know sunshine. We see it.. sometimes...
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