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  1. Honestly, the episode i'm most looking forward too is the one where Leonard comes home
  2. Haha! Yes they are. But i was referring to the fact the conversations inside the thread were getting a little negative, not the relationship itself.
  3. Ah, come on now, you have to admit it did get a little negative back there. Just bringing the love back a little.
  4. No, Penny made it for Amy. We, well you, don't know what Sheldon got Amy yet
  5. Interesting theory, I have never thought of it in that way but now that you say it you can definitely see the similarities in the two. I have my own idea of what was going on in her head at that point and i see it like this. Now this is probably going to come out all jumbled because there are a few points i want to make, so please bear with me! haha At that point in time, Penny was still quite immature. When we look at her only real other experience of love, it is with Kurt and considering what we have seen of Kurt I think it is safe to assume that he is quite a dominant character, just like Penny, therefore it isn't too much of a stretch to assume that their relationship was quite volatile. I don't mean that to say that he ever would have hurt her physically or anything, but I can see a lot of shouting matches, door slamming and storming out in their relationship. After those fights, I can imagine there were probably some huge 'make-up' sessions, so their relationship probably went from one extreme to the other. Now, if this is Penny's only other experience of being in love, then what she had with Leonard, could come across as 'boring'. I'm not saying that she is right in thinking that, but you can sort of understand where she would get that idea from. When she first got together with Leonard, she probably didn't feel that way because it was a new relationship, that brought about new experiences and challenges. It would have been exciting and she would have been learning new things that she didn't know before about him, until, in her mind, it got too serious and for whatever reason, she panicked and ran. During that time that they were broken up, she realized what a big mistake she had made and that was shown in the show, but I don't think it really hit home with her, until he got with Priya, at which point it was too late to do anything really about it because to her, he had moved on. Then Leonard and Priya broke up, and I know some of you think that in that moment Penny should have went running to Leonard, and in some respects I agree, but that just isn't in Penny's character. I can almost see it like, she had thought about it, but when it actually came down to making that jump and putting her feelings out there to get him back, she panicked, again, until he asked her out and despite her few reservations over the idea she accepted his offer. She asked him 'Have you thought this through?' which tells me she was scared of going down the same path and ending up at the same destination; hurting him, again. That is why I think she wanted to take things slow. She didn't want to rush into another full blown relationship with him like she had the first time. She wanted to date him and get to know him again. I know that might not make sense since they have known each other for a while, but while he was with Priya, she was banned from seeing him, so more than likely spent a lot less time with him than she usually would have, and she probably wanted to make that time up. Anyway, when she finally thought they were both ready to take that jump, end the BETA test and become a full blown couple again, he proposed. Probably the worst thing he could have done to someone with commitment issues, but instead of leaving him, like I think she would have done in the past, she stayed in the hope it would blow over and they could get back to how they were before. In this time, between 5:23 and 6:02, I doubt they were having sex, and Leonard was probably being very cautious around her, because he probably knew how close she came to leaving him after his spur of the moment proposal, and he didn't want to lose her again. So during that time, things probably did become a little stale and probably slightly awkward. He wouldn't have wanted to push her to get back into bed with him, they probably stopped going places together and so to her, it became 'boring'. In 6:02, when she was telling the girls it was boring, she also said that she loved him and that she had been in love before, but it was different. I assume that her time with Kurt is what she was talking about, so when you compare the two: a volatile and passionate relationship that went from one extreme to the next, and her safe, yet seemingly stale relationship with Leonard, it just wasn't as fun. That is where the immature Penny showed herself. She mistook the safeness in Leonard for a boring relationship, because she thought that being in love with someone meant that there had to be that crazy passion; even though it didn't. So yeah, she considered breaking up with him, and in my opinion that 'look' he gave her, was greatly exaggerated in her own mind, because I think if Leonard had really thought she was going to leave him, he would of asked her. Think back to when he was dating Priya and she said 'we need to talk', he panicked, and started asking her if she was breaking up with him and how cruel it was because they had just went shopping. I think he would have done the same in that situation with Penny, if he really thought that was what she was going to do. I assume she slept with him after he gave her that look, because she either couldn't think of anything else to say, or because she thought maybe that would bring back that passion and excitement that she had felt with Kurt, and with Leonard during the first stages of their relationship, and maybe it did, that we don't really know. All we know is that in the next episode, Alex is brought into the picture and I think that is when Penny really realizes just how much she didn't want to lose Leonard again. It is easy to forget when you are in a relationship, how horrible it felt when you weren't in it. During the time when Penny was thinking of leaving Leonard, she more than likely forgot just how heartbroken she was when he was with Priya, because she was so focused on what was going wrong between them at that time. Then when she saw Leonard and Alex in the cafeteria, all those thoughts more than likely came back, and she realized she wanted him and she wanted to work to get their relationship back on track. I think this is when she started to mature a little, especially when it was made clear to her that she was the one who had to change in their relationship; not him. She was the one who had to take an interest in all the things he loved and had to take the time to rediscover what it was she fell in love with him for in the first place. So she did; she went to his lab, to see lectures with him, and even tried to get into comic books and it was during this time that she found her passion for him that she had lost. IMO, it wasn't so much that she found Leonard boring, it was more that she was comparing her last experience of being in love and that so called passion and intensity she probably thought she had with Kurt, which at that time, she just didn't have with Leonard and assuming that meant the relationship with him was boring. And it wasn't until she took the time to rediscover what she fell in love with him for in the first place, that she realized that she was actually passionate about him, and that what she had felt with Kurt, or whoever it was she was talking about when she said 'i have been in love before', wasn't really love in the first place. That's right, I just got all fluffy at the end, but let's be fair, this thread sort of needed it!
  6. Hmm, maybe they did. Either way, I don't really care if they meant it that way or not. I adore the Penny and Sheldon friendship and honestly love their scenes together. I don't agree that they didn't give them as much time, in comparison to S/P, I can only think of a few S/P scenes for the first few seasons and I think all of them were written fairly innocently, to show of the sort of bond they share. I disagree, I think if Leonard were to have seen some random guy leaving Penny's apartment during the same period, he would have been pretty hurt, just as Penny, in my opinion, was at seeing him with Plimpton. Raj is a touchy subject. I have never liked that those two slept together, or the lack of proper reaction from Leonard after it. I always sort of wanted to see Leonard get understandably upset about that and have it out with them a little. But then again, that isn't in his nature, that's why he didn't react so badly to it. Leonard is a keep the peace kind of guy and if making out like something doesn't bother him as much as it does, to keep things as normal as possible, then that's what he does. I think anyway. Penny on the other hand, will fight things more, in an effort to hide how she really feels. She got mad at Leonard, to hide that she was hurt over what he had done, and Leonard pretended things were okay between him and Penny and he didn't care about the Raj thing, just to get her to stay, even though he was probably pretty hurt over it. Nothing really. Its all in her head, it's the one thing she is really insecure about as shown by the first time they dated. And if you watch the scene when he tells her his mother is coming to visit, and Sheldon suggests that that was the reason why, Leonard doesn't actually tell her that that isn't why he hasn't told his mother about them dating, he just says 'Umm', so it's natural that she would think that was why he was keeping it a secret. I don't think it matters what his mother is like, she is still his mother at the end of the day, and he was keeping the fact that he was dating the waitress next door from her. And like I said, he never outwardly told her that wasn't the case, so why wouldn't she think that? Edited this to add that that Christmas episode when Leonard's mother comes to visit actually has a nice little scene of Sheldon coming to comfort Leonard. Bert and Ernie feels right there! haha
  7. Probably not, no. But like you say, that's where the Shennys come from! haha To be fair that isn't really the writers' fault, or even the fault of what happens on the show, that's just deluded people interpreting something the way they want to, and not the way it is meant to be interpreted. I agree with that point. She didn't have any right to be annoyed at him since they weren't dating, just like he had no real right to be annoyed with her over sleeping with Raj, since they weren't together. But just because you shouldn't feel something, doesn't mean that you can't or won't. I never said that Penny had a right to be hurt over it, im just saying she probably did. I think that Penny assumed that after they broke up, things would go back to how they were before, and ended up feeling more pain over it than she thought she would, and seeing him with her, brought that to the surface. of course, none of this has really been explicitly shown on the show, so really it is all to do with opinion. Why would she not? They had been dating for a while and it probably brought out her insecurities over being 'just a waitress'. She could have thought that that was why he hadn't told her about them dating. Fancy doing mine too?
  8. Okay, first thing, I wasn't getting all worked up.. okay maybe I was, but for good reason. haha. This is tiring, I feel like we are going round in circles. The way I see it, she broke up with him, thinking she would be okay with it and then she saw him with this other girl, that she more than likely didn't expect, and realized she wasn't and hurt and shocked. And yeah, she probably did have those one night stands, but Leonard, or any of her other ex's didn't walk in on it, or the morning after it. It's going to hurt to see that, and I don't think she should have had to keep it to herself. I think I have to end this here. My head hurts LOL
  9. Please explain your first sentence because I honestly don't see how that is true, how can her confronting him mean that she cares even less about him? And I think I am just going to ignore the whole, 'Leonard is a wimp' thing because I really doubt whatever I would say would make you change your mind over that statement. In fact, I would direct you to the Shamy thread where a couple of the people there brilliantly described Leonard's character, not as a wimp, but as the one with the biggest heart, who does things out of caring for others and not because he is spineless or weak. In fact it strikes me as weird that over in the Shamy thread they were having that sort of discussion about Leonard where as over here, in the Leonard and Penny one, it is being debated how Sheldon is emotionless, Leonard is a wimp and how Penny seems to care less about Leonard and more about Sheldon! I mean like... I just can't.... I think I need to go lie down.
  10. A hurt Sheldon, is a childlike Sheldon. He was hurt because he felt his friends betrayed him (whether they were right to or not, frankly if it were me, I would probably have locked him outside, despite how much I like him!), and Penny felt sorry for him. She treats him like her little brother, and no-one wants to see their little brother hurt. She has a completely different relationship with Leonard. In the season 3 finale, like I said, she was probably still hurting from the break up and embarrassed. And we shouldn't forget that Leonard slept with Dr Plimpton very quickly after they broke up, prompting Penny to say that he seemed to be getting over the break up better than her, implying she was still not over him, and probably hurt by what she had just seen. I'll agree that we rarely see Penny nurse a hurt Leonard, and that is something i'd like to see done on the show, however to say that the fact it isn't shown means that she cares more about Sheldon is just insane. Penny, in my opinion, feels some sort of maternal compulsion towards him, which she doesn't feel towards Leonard, thankfully! And in The Maternal Congruence, Penny was a little annoyed at Leonard because he hadn't told his mother about her, so maybe that is why she chose to go out with her instead of comfort him. Yeah, you are probably right about that, they could have done something like that, but to be fair they spent almost the whole of season 4 showing us how much Penny regretted breaking up with him, so maybe that was why nothing like that was shown. I think he is supposed to. Leonard is the one we are supposed to root for and hope that he 'catches his break'. He finally is. Penny has admitted her love for him and he is working with one of the greatest minds in the world. Although saying that, when he gets back something else will probably happen, but like I said, I think that's what the writers want to do with him. They want to show him as struggling, so we all get behind him and hope he get's what he wants.
  11. She was probably embarrassed about the fact that she had went to him while she was drunk and used him for sex. She was probably caught off guard by him turning up to her door unexpectedly and her first instinct was to run and hide, like when he said 'I love you' to her. I'm not saying what she done was right, but I can see her reasoning behind it. The thing is there is probably loads of situations where there could have been some emotion moments put in, and I know you say it takes just a second, but the writers would rather fill that second with comedy than some serious 'look' or whatever.
  12. You're right, I take your point about not all of Howards absence being comical, but for the most part it was, just like this season's finale. The emotional moments in this years finale was shown in L/P rather than Sheldon, but that is where the writers got their comedy from. If they had Sheldon also being upset that his friend was leaving there would have been too much drama. And Sheldon did say a few nice words to Leonard during his party, and I know he implied that he was 'acting', but I do think he meant some of it, but then maybe that's just me.
  13. Just because there were no 'Aww's', doesn't mean there was no emotion. I know the car scene in the finale had a few outbursts from Sheldon, but can you really watch that scene and look at how Leonard and Penny are acting in it and say it lacked real emotion? The same goes for when Penny said 'I love you' to Leonard. There were no 'Aww's' from the audience there because the acting from Kaley and Johnny was so good that everyone was completely drawn in and silent. That is showing real emotion.
  14. HAHA! I actually never meant it to mean that! I have to leave it where it is, because if I continue with it, i'll fall even further behind with my other one. I'm going to be strong and leave it where it is, but thanks for reading
  15. I think you are making Leonard out to be more spineless than he actually is. He hasn't had to do any of those things, he has done them because he wants too. No-one, not even Sheldon, has ever forced him to drive him to work or the comic book store or whatever, and that is shown in the episode where he works late and refuses to take him anywhere. If and when he doesn't want to do it, he wont. He does it because he cares about others and wants to help them out, not because it's forced upon him. He didn't have to be Amy's date either, he went because he was her friend and presumably, he didn't want her to go alone. And I don't know if he really had to work to be Penny's boyfriend more than he really just had to wait it out. I still stand by the point that Penny is the one who has had to work more in their relationship. And to be fair, Alex doesn't really know him, or who he is. She works for his best friend and talks to him sometimes at lunch, what she has is simply a school girl crush. Penny knows him and accepts him for who he is, and I think she is the only girlfriend he's had that has. In your opinion it wasn't funny. I thought it was, and i'm sure I'm not the only one. And to be fair, you only had to 'sit through' one episode of Penny breaking up with Leonard, the first time they simply stopped dating, no real drama involved there. Chrismo is right, this show is a comedy, so obviously the writers are going to go with what is funny before they go with what is dramatic. That's why Leonard leaving was made more comical, as well as when Howard left and when he returned. I have no doubt that when Leonard returns, it will be funny. The writers have always picked funny over heartfelt, and I hope they always do. Except maybe a few isolated scenes, like the Shamy in Sheldon's bedroom, and Penny's epiphany, that really do require those dramatic moments.
  16. Im happy you liked it although i'm still a little pissed off no one has sent me a Leonard yet... or even chocolate, like, talk about being unappreciative! Haha. *Waves my sarcasm sign*
  17. Chapter 4 And thanks guys, glad you like it.
  18. I think you are wrong in saying that Sheldon doesn't care about money. He has that money jar guarded by snakes... he must care about it a little.... haha No seriously though, he was actually saving the money he gave to Penny, but what he was saving for was something that he wasn't going to get in the near future, and so he saw no reason not to lend her the money. He didn't worry about her paying it back, because he didn't need it back yet. The intent behind it is just logic. He had the money and didn't need it, she needed the money and didn't have it, so he gave her it, as a loan yes, but with no real rush to get the money back. Your point about the shower is true, it would have been pretty sick if he hadn't helped her, but then again, he could have just dropped her at the hospital and left. Yet he stayed and tried to comfort her. He took her home and made sure she got to bed and sang to her. That's pretty caring in my book. If he really couldn't care less about her, like I said, he would have just dropped her off and went home. Part of him probably wanted to do that, but he didn't because he was concerned about her well-being, which is pretty selfless. I think a lot of what he does is due to logic, and wanting to be in control, but there are moments where you can really see that he does care about others' feelings. This is especially shown in his relationship with Amy. He has done so much with her that he hates doing and he does it because he wants to make her happy. Hand holding during the movies, compromising on his Halloween costume. He even says it himself in The Tenure Turbulence when he and Amy are talking about going to the memorial service. Amy: Oh. Well, in that case, perhaps I should come along. Sheldon: Well, now that I think about it, that would be most helpful. Amy: Of course it would. I’m well-versed in academic politics, and as a respected scientist, I can only raise your stock as a candidate. Sheldon: Actually, I meant you could drive me. But if it makes you happy, that other stuff too. He even let Amy try and mess with his brain to stop him from being in such need of closure. He is really an overgrown child that doesn't really know how to tackle the outside world and uses his formulas, and relationship agreements and logic to deal with certain situations because he has a need to have structure and order to everything, when that really is impossible. Its why he takes that 20 minute break each day to play hack-e-sack, and give his head some sort of rest between trying to manoeuvre around social situations that he doesn't understand but tries too, for the sake of the people around him. Like I said before, he is selfish and egotistical most of the time, but there are moments when you can see that he is trying his best to be like the rest of them, even though a big part of him probably doesn't want too. Like when he tried to figure out what line he had crossed after he blurted to Penny that Leonard had said their first night together wasn't great. He struggled with that for a good while and was happy with himself when he got it right and then later on, when he pretty much encouraged Penny to go back to being friends with Leonard and he was mad at him for it, he tried to figure out what he had done wrong there, before deciding that he didn't care. His first instinct was to try and work out what he had done wrong, and then when it got too confusing for him he gave up. In that sense he is conflicted because he has moments where he wants to know and understand why everyone around them acts the way they do, but then another part of him just says, what's the point? I think I am rambling a bit here so I will end this here! And I am not saying everyone has to like Sheldon, I know everyone has different opinions on different people in the show, but I really do think sometimes it's easy to say he is this and that and get carried away, turning him into some sort of heartless robot. He does care, he just doesn't show it very often, or talk about it, because he isn't into all that 'hippy dippy stuff'
  19. I agree. I think you guys are being a little hard on Sheldon. Sure he can get a lot of the focus put onto him, but that is down to the fact he is such an eccentric character and so much of what happens effects him in the biggest and funniest ways. This is a comedy after all and the writers are always going to go for what is funny. Yeah he can be selfish and egotistical, condescending and a real pain in the ass, but he really does care for his friends. It's why he asked Penny not to hurt Leonard, and why he helped Penny when she fell in the bathtub. It's why he went through so much trouble to reinstate the full roommate agreement. Of course you could say that this was just because he wanted Leonard to drive him around everywhere again, but I think it was more to do with the fact he wanted him to be his friend again. I don't think Leonard living with Sheldon has stunted his growth or trapped him. Leonard could move out whenever he wants. He has no ties to Sheldon besides that piece of paper so if he really wanted to, he could leave, but he stays of his own free will because he understands how Sheldon is and accepts him that way. Johnny Galecki said it best when he said that the two of them sort of need each other. They are freaking Bert and Ernie guys! Come on!
  20. I posted this in FF.net a few days ago, and just thought I would put it in here for all those L/P fans looking for some L/P goodness It is all focused around Penny dragging Leonard to a nightclub and all that happens there and after. I am up to chapter 3, (which is a pretty hot chapter, so kids, stay away!) and I have one more chapter to be put up. So yeah, if you like L/P go on and have a read and let me know what you think. And if you don't... well, what is wrong with you!!! Haha! I kid, I kid. The Nightclub Endeavour
  21. Why thank you. To be fair I had that chapter written days ago! I just update fast, cos i'm cool like that
  22. Chapter 29 - An Urgent Phone Call. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9259105/29/
  23. I just.... no I couldn't. I don't think I have it in me to do it; the desire or the ability! haha
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