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  1. I guess I don't really see the similarity in the shows being in their content, but rather their basic structure (character driven sitcom, number of people, age, etc.).  I love each one on its own merit and have no desire for TBBT to become like Friends.  What I meant by my analogy was that I'd prefer to see Lenny stay as a stable relationship that encounters bumps and bruises and growing pains (like Monica and Chandler's did after they got together) than be off and on and off again only to hastily be thrown back together at the end (like Ross and Rachel's).


    Ross and Rachel's relationship really only brought angst and dissatisfaction to the show, while Monica and Chandler's brought plenty of funny story lines.


    Hope that all makes sense :)


    I hope so too! I always favoured the Chandler and Monica relationship to Ross and Rachels. The thing with Leonard and Penny is that, unlike Ross and Rachel, after they got together the first time (In season 3) they have spent almost as much time together as they have apart, whereas most of the R/R relationship was spent apart, besides a few kisses and one night stands. Therefore I think the writers will continue to keep them together, instead of messing with them and breaking them up. They have been together too long to be able to break them up for good reason without making either one of them out to be the bad guy and have us pretty much hate them! haha


    Sorry if that sounded a little jumbled, it's getting late over here!

  2. I love Friends and still do! :) I think a lot of the comparisons between these two shows come from the similarities in the Ross/Rachel and Leonard/Penny relationships. Mainly being that Ross was the geek who loved the popular girl from afar for so long before finally getting the chance to be with her. Although I never really got invested in the R/R relationship, and certainly not to the extent that I have with L/P. Apart from that, I really don't see many other similarities, except maybe that the two main locations in the show are between two apartments.


    Anyhow, I don't mind the comparisons, frankly if TBBT is still being shown on television and being watched regularly by people like me so long after the show has even finished it will be a pretty decent accomplishment. Not many comedies can be shown over and over again and still make people laugh every time, and TBBT as well as Friends definitely fall under that category, for me anyway!  :)

  3. i got this from the current I.am.molly story

    Its extrapolated from when Penny drunk sleeps on Leonard's bed.

    What if she doesn't move out. Lol.

    She fisnds comfort staying at Leonard's and Sheldon can't get her to move out. They reach a détente, much to Sheldon's disgust. Penny gets intransigent, establishes her territory in Leonard's place and stands her ground - because she wants to be surrounded by Leonard"ness".

    At the end of the little arc (say 2nd or 3rd, whatever) Leonard comes up the stairs unexpectedly and goes to Penny's flat - she's gone. He was expecting an S3 type reunion.

    Leonard goes across the hall and finds Sheldon and Penny cohabitating, she's there having spaghetti with Sheldon in apparent happy domesticity. Leonard goes all WTF.

    The misunderstanding is resolved by the end of the ep.

    some fans get unsettled at the outset because it looks bad for their ship, but it resolves happily.


    Damn I wish I had thought of that... There is just so much that could be done having those two live together! Although I have a feeling Amy wouldn't be too happy with her bestie shacking up with her boyfriend! And the Shenny's would have a field day! Could you imagine the fanfictions coming out of that happening on the show?! haha

  4. From that article:


    "One "Big Bang" relationship that seems solid is Leonard's romance with Penny (Kaley Cuoco), despite Leonard's overseas job. Executive Producer Bill Prady told The Huffington Post that Leonard and Penny have "come to a good place for the moment, so I think maybe they'll get to be happy for a little while."


    I have italicized two phrases - not exactly an affirmation of long term peace and harmony for L&P.  Fasten seat belts for air turbulence ahead?  Oy!


    Ahh, i'm not worried. I think any turbulence thrown our way won't be anything permanent. It's probably more like The Spoiler Alert Segmentation, or The Extract Obliteration. They fight, but in the next episode they are pretty much back to normal. There may be some sort of drama that causes it to go past one episode, like after Leonard proposed in bed, but I still don't think there will be another break up. Also I think that the writers sometimes exaggerate things when they are talking to the press in an effort to get people reading to watch the show and see what happens. Like what they did with the Valentines Day proposal. They threw in little hints that someone was going to be proposing, making it into a bigger deal than it actually was because it was an incident that lasted a second! So yeah, I expect bumps in the road, but no major turbulence. Although maybe I am just too optimistic, or naiive, one or the other! haha

  5. Ok, I may or may not have been watching 6x23 again and did anyone notice how when the love spell gets cast and Howard is describing the setting Amy is pretty much constantly looking at Sheldon for his reaction, in this kind of adorably vulnerable way? :icon_cry:

    *retreats back into work mode*

    I'm pretty sure I have said it before, but that episode is the one that really cemented my love for the Shamy. Seeing the both of them being so vulnerable in that scene in the bedroom, was something I hadn't really seen in them before. Amy's reaction to what Howard was saying and that look you are talking about, really pulled at my heart strings. Also watching Sheldon sort of come to her rescue and really push himself to show amy how much he cared about her to make her feel better, was just so sweet. :) They can be quite adorable haha

  6. I don't tend to listen to music when I write, I find I write best when I am all alone in my room and able to focus my mind on the emotions of the characters. That being said, sometimes certain songs that I listen to during the day will bring out a certain emotion that I find I can channel and put into what I am writing, if that makes sense!


    If you are looking for new music, I would highly recommend Ed Sheeran, if you haven't got his stuff already. I find his songs are very emotional and they would be the ones that would inspire me the most. There are others, but I can't think of them at the moment! Frank Ocean would be another singer I am fond of, although his songs don't really inspire me much, I just think he is pretty good!

  7. WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY OFF Topic but I just need to rant to my kindred spirits, my bumble bee people.


    Sad to admit I'm addicted to FanFiction and there is an atrocious Leonard bashing fic currently in progress. I didn't read it, I won't read it. It's just the screaming, abusive summary by the clearly very angry author was enough. I admit I did scroll down reviews and the Shenny are being so positive and affirming with such a clearly bitter, angry, hate filled story. Not judging, anyone can like anything and just because it's far from my liking doesn't make it wrong. But it's hard, for me, not to feel irritated by the cheers this very angry story is getting.    


    End of rant.


    Now back to something reaffirming and lovely. 


    I feel your pain. I could care less about the Shenny's writing their stories and normally they don't bother me being on the site, but I have been really pissed off ever since I saw that one was posted. Every time I see the title on my screen I have to use all the restraint I have not to write the author and ask why they feel the need to be so hateful about a fictional character, after all we never see any Shamy or Lenny stories that are based upon the death, or what looks to be in this case, the killing one of the main characters, that only ever comes out in the Shenny stories. It sucks, and is kind of disturbing, but I suppose there is nothing we can do, just gotta ignore it! haha

  8. Ok this is totally random and I'm not even sure it belongs to this thread, but I typed in "Penny and Amy play quarters" into Youtube, and it came up with this:



    I'm so tempted to message the person who posted the video to ask whether the cats names are coincidence. She has a whole bunch of Pamy cat videos. LOL.




    And, OMC Lost, just saw this on your tumblr, and it's pretty much:


    tumblr_mom3lwqAHh1r01q3wo1_250.gif <- Penny


    tumblr_mom3lwqAHh1r01q3wo5_250.gif <- Sheldon


    In 4x01. LOL. Come on GIF people, make the gifset comparison. 


    OMG, I want those cats! How freakin adorable are they?! And that little GIF made me chuckle. I think I am just going to come on here from now on just to see what new GIFs you guys have made cos they make me laugh every time :)

  9. She's a good kid with a good heart.


    Aww, I don't know why but this little sentence just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :)



    MOLLY-that letter was great that leonard wrote to penny.

    i was late for work that day, my boss did like when i walked

    in with red in mine eyes.

    yet i do go back and read the last few chapters of that story

    when i am not in the best of shape it always pick me up.

    thanks for being part of the forum.-good luck 


    Thank you, it makes me happy that you enjoyed it, and that you cried. :) haha And thanks to you guys for being so nice, it warms my heart :)

  10. Where was the clue! We only really understand an issue, when we've looked at it from all perspectives. But I steer clear of religion and politics, as these are a personal choice. Everything else is debatable.

    Fair enough, however this thread has gone on for 53 pages, which makes me wonder what the point in debating the Shenny issue further would be. I'm pretty sure almost every point to be made, has been. The fact is, and I think I speak for all Shamys and Lennys when I say this, is that you are never going to come up with an argument that would make us understand the Shenny relationship in anything more than a platonic sense. And I'm almost certain there is nothing we could say to turn the Shennys. So I have to ask, really, what is the point in continuing it further?

  11. In the same spirit, that the characters create new games. How about 'Devil's Advocate'. Each member has to argue from the opposite side to that they actually believe, or members have to change sides every week!

    Something tells me that you really just enjoy arguing, or debating, whichever way you want to put it! Not that that is necessarily a bad thing, just an observation.

  12. I said I didn't want either jealous or insecurity in the relationship. I want them happy and supporting each other and while trying to find time for each other during their busy lives.

    I think this is a little unrealistic. I think in almost every relationship there can be a certain amount of jealousy and insecurity. Especially when these two are as different as they are. I suspect Leonard will always be, to a certain extent, insecure about the fact he isn't like the 'tall, handsome, rich' men of Penny's past and Penny will always feel insecure over the fact he is so much smarter than her. I don't think that will change completely, although they are definitely becoming more secure in. The relationship despite these things.

    We are starting to get them supporting each other, like in tenure, and I agree I would like to see more of this. Some more fist bumping please, and the 'I'm supporting my man' stuff would be nice!

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