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  1. I Am Molly, it's all good. I enjoy posting with you and please don't take any offense to my posting. As someone that was bullied most of my life, I tend to stick up for those that I see as underdogs. As for thinking you dislike Leonard --- I didn't, just wanted to present Leonard's side too.

    btw what are you fanfics? Love to read them. Thanks for posting with me. :icon_mrgreen:

    It was fun! I got into my first proper debate on this site :) haha and I understand your reasoning behind being in Leonard's corner, because I tend to be behind Penny because I can relate more to her in the sense that I am the kind of person who finds it hard to let go of my emotions. I have a thread in the fanfiction part of the site that has my recent fic on it, but if you go on the the fanfiction site and click on my name you will see the rest of them there. There are a few haha

  2. Fair enough, although it did seen like you were being quite one sided. but, as I have said before, we all have our own opinions on things.

    And I have to disagree about Leonard being the least favourite, I think Penny gets more stick than Leonard on here, that's why I began posting, and most of what I have been posting has been in defence of her. I should say that just because of this, it doesn't mean I dislike Leonard in any sort of way, just in case that's how this comes across. I adore Leonard as much as I do Penny, but I think most people here, the ones that read my fanfiction anyway, already know that :)

  3. Those things are explained away because there is a reason behind them. I'm not saying Penny doesn't have her faults, I am simply saying that all their problems, aren't all Penny's fault, like is sometimes suggested. They both have their issues, Leonard can be needy at times, and Penny can be thoughtless. Also I am not saying everything Leonard has done is wrong, but he has made bad decisions, like the proposal. And yes, Leonard does have every right to voice his opinions, but it was up to him to actually do it, which he is now. Honestly he was a little wimpish and did need to grow some balls, although I will admit that that he had trouble with that because of how he had been treated in the past. The important thing is now he is changing that.

    I feel like you are only really seeing Leonard's side of things here, that is why I felt I had to speak up for Penny. The thing is, they both have their faults and are to blame for went wrong in their relationship, it's not fair to put it all on just Penny, or just Leonard.


    I love how some go on and on about how much Penny have to put with when it comes to Leonard.  So the man proposal and he apologize for it --- I mean some acted like he tried to kill Penny or something.  Yes, Leonard can put the cart before the horse sometimes but we all know he loves Penny and wants a life with her. 


    I think you are trivialising a pretty huge thing. Leonard knew that Penny wasn't ready for such a commitment. Before they had went to the bedroom she stated that she didn't want to do anything to mess up what they had gained over the few months they had began dating again. She wanted to take things slow, so she could have time to figure out what her feelings for him were, and then he proposed! It wasn't even like he just told her he loved her again, he asked the woman to marry him, when they had only been back together four months. Honestly, I think she handled the whole thing pretty well. I think you are letting Leonard off the hook too easy on this one! haha He shouldn't of put that kind of pressure on her.

  5. I don't want it done in private.  I want Penny to make up all the bad treatment of Leonard from the public dumping to the ruin VD dinner and I think in order to do that Penny has to let the world know she wants to marry Leonard.  Penny gets off too easy majority of the time in the relationship and it's time she steps up to the plate and do right by Leonard. 


    Let Penny put her heart out there for once and treat Leonard like he is her king the way he has always treated her like she was his queen.  I mean doesn't Leonard deserved the same? So have Penny go big and special and all out for Leonard.


    I don't think Penny get's off easy at all in the relationship, in fact I think it is her who has had to do more, especially in 2.0 L/P. She is the one who has had to grow up and mature during the relationship, and I don't think that was easy at all. Look at the Beta Test, she could have taken the 'easy' route, and just restarted their relationship back to where it had been before, but she was the one who wanted to take things slow so they didn't rush in and mess anything up. Then, she had to deal with Leonard's spontaneous proposal, which couldn't have been easy to deal with. She decided at that point to try and move past it and continue their relationship, instead of breaking up with him then and there, which would have been easier in the long run. At the beginning of season 6, she decided, with a lot of help from her girls, that she had to step up her game and take more interest in what he loves and what he does, which she normally has pretty much no interest in. Although I agree that Leonard has done a lot and been incredibly patient with Penny, to say that she has had it easy, in my opinion, would be a complete slap in the face to how much she has obviously grown up for him.


    I also don't think that she has to give him a big, public proposal in order to show the people around him how much she cares about him, I think the fact that she actually does propose would be sufficient enough to prove how committed she is to him. And I don't think Leonard would care what everyone thinks, he would just be happy that she has done it, and would recognise what her doing it meant. I agree with big and special though, just big, special, and in private. :)


    Although saying that, I doubt it will happen. I do think they will have it in private, after all it is a pretty huge moment, but I do think the other guys will have some sort of input. I can almost see Penny trying to propose in her apartment and Sheldon knocking on her door and both Leonard and Penny yelling at him to get lost. Honestly, I don't mind the comedic inputs, wherever they come from, because this is a comedy after all. I just hope that between the comedy there is real feeling and sentiment behind the proposal. I'll look to FanFiction for the big dramatic, heartfelt, romantic proposals! haha

  6. Maybe have Leonard come to Penny's apartment at the end of a workday, and find it decorated with candles and Penny in her red dress. It could be private, and the others could be hiding in the hall evesdropping. The other place would be in his lab, where she really connected with him at last. It is also his space, and where he is most comfortable. Somehow Penny proposing to Leonard with a laser in the background sort of sums up the show.

    You need to stop! All this Penny proposing talk gets me all excited! Haha

  7.  It is all on her, and Leonard has shown that he is tough enough to leave it on her. Further, I suspect that Bernie and Amy will have much fun tweaking Penny about proposing to Leonard, if they know of the deal. (A question going forward. Do Amy and Bernie know? They could do a whole episode on THAT.). Penny now has to look Leonard in the eye, get down on one knee, as ASK him to marry her. Beg, in fact. I am impressed with how smart Leonard was in setting this up. Penny has to formally state in clear language that he is the one, and he could quite reasonably tell people that this is what happened. There would be no face-saving for Penny, since for either of them to pretend that Leonard actually did the proposing would negate the meaning of the proposal. Penny not only has to be OK with proposing to Leonard, but also being OK with what it means for her to do so. That she didn't settled for Leonard, that she chose him from all others. I do not think this will be rushed, because I think that the writers can have a lot of fun with it. Much humor can be had at Penny's expense, and it can be truly funny. They could ensure this by making Penny propose in front of the group, just like Howard did. First we have Penny just laying it all out there, with the effusive proposal Leonard requires, and then her daring anyone to risk as ass-kicking if they say anything about it.


    I totally agree that there could be so much humour from Penny proposing to Leonard, although I hope it is limited to the preparation. Like you said, Amy and Bernadette finding out has the potential to be brilliant, as is Penny trying to figure out the best way to do it. But I don't really want her to beg him to marry her. I think it would remove all sense that these two are on equal ground. I just want her to lay it all out there, tell him that he is the one she wants to be with forever, and all that fluffiness. I also hope it is done in private, not in front of the whole group, but overall I agree with what you are saying, Penny proposing has the potential to be really funny, I think Kaley Cuoco would do a great job of being both funny and emotional during the whole thing.

    Okay I think I need to stop talking about the proposal because I will get myself all overexcited! haha

  8. I think that the Shamy has had a pretty good season overall, in fact, I think all the couple's have. There was only one moment that I really disliked between Sheldon and Amy, and that is in 'The Closure Alternative', when Sheldon says, 'That's good because I wished you were dead.' Now I know it wasn't meant to be taken too seriously, but I think that was pretty uncalled for. Although I have to say, I really enjoyed the rest of the episode, just that one line made me cringe.


    Oh and i'm just gonna put out a little 'woop woop' for my first ever post in the Shamy thread.


    Woop woop! :D

  9. If you drink so much that you can't remember what happened the previous night, you drink too much.   If you make a statement that you may have to go for some distance to find a bar where someone inside hasn't seen you naked, you drink too much.   If you go to bed with someone you normally wouldn't because you have been drinking, you drink too much. 

     I completely agree. However those are isolated incidents, she doesn't drink like that every week on the show. She doesn't even drink like that every couple of weeks on the show. In fact she is only ever shown a couple of times per season getting drunk, therefore she doesn't drink too much. Binge drinks on occasion? Drinks far too much sometimes? Yeah probably, but what girl/guy in their mid twenties hasn't?

    The statement about having to go some distance to find somewhere where someone hasn't seen her naked... that is one of the comments that is hard to defend. Yeah, our girl is a bit promiscuous, as I said, i feel like she is a good girl at heart, i'm not going to try and say she is perfect! Haha. I do feel that the 'Penny is a slut' thing, gets brought up for laughs more than anything. Although i never take it too seriously, mainly because it is never backed up by any actions on the show. Over the six seasons, I think we are yet to see the men stumbling out of Penny's apartment first thing in the morning, that Sheldon suggested there was. And lets not forget she once went six months without sex at all. She's probably a bit loose when drunk, but i still refuse to call her a slut. I think her promiscuity is often exaggerated, like ajond said, for laughs.



    I like Penny except for the fact that she keeps hurting Leonard.


    I agree that Penny has hurt Leonard in the past a few times, but she has never done it intentionally. It goes back to what i said before about her being spontaneous and acting on things without thinking over the consequences. For example, the episode where Leonard buys the time machine. She was angry at him for causing her to be late for work, and lashed out in the heat of the moment, ridiculing something that was part of who he was and obviously hurt him. but as soon as she cooled down and realized what she had said had hurt him, she apologised. The incident with Howard could be a good example of this too.



    Actually the thing that irritates me more than anything else is the constant (and , I believe deliberate) trashing of Penny.

    In my opinion, they didn't trash her. What i think they were doing in season four, was showing a young woman going through, not only a break up, but a break up where she still had to live across the hall from her ex, who she still had feelings for. I think it was made pretty clear that Penny regretted the break up, almost as soon as she had done it, and found it hard to watch Leonard move on with Dr Slutbunny, while she was still very much upset about the break up (I think tensor brilliantly captured this in his fic). Because of this, she done what I imagine many young women would have done in the same situation, and turn to the odd drink for comfort. It was their way of showing that Penny wasn't handling the break-up as well as she probably thought she would, and honestly i'm glad they showed her like that. I think i would have been more annoyed if they showed her being her usual, bubbly self in season four and make it seem like she couldn't care less about what had happened. She was quite immature back then, and probably saw no other way to deal with her feelings than to hide them with the occasional drink. I think the writers were simply showing a young, immature girl going through a break-up that she regretted, and like i said, i prefer that they done that than tried to make it out like she wasn't affected by it.


    And please guys, don't think i am attacking your opinion, or think that you dislike Penny, i am simply trying to explain what i feel are the reasons behind what the writers have done with Penny :)

  10. Especially if one has a history of over-drinking - gotta know what may happen when the bottle is drained.


    Now, this is one point I always dislike. I will admit that Penny did drink more often in season four, however I don't think this could count as over-drinking. There has been scenes where she has been shown as drinking an excessive amount, the two times when Bev came to visit, when she was playing twister with the girls, that new years eve night when she came back to Leonards, and I have a feeling i'm missing out one, maybe two. Every other time she has only been shown with a glass of wine in hand, not drunk. I have never thought she over drinks, or even really binge drinks. I would say she drinks when she is sad, but, speaking from a woman's point of view, that is just something that happens sometimes. That and a heck of a lot of junk food!


    We all have different opinions on what constitutes as what in terms of behaviour, so I understand everyone will have a different view on what Penny has done. But shes a good girl at heart :)

  11. Hehehehe, after saying we all have done stupid things when drunk, then asking to excuse any spelling and grammar errors, I thought you were going to say you were drunk, not at work.

    Oh god no. Trust me Rick if I was drunk you wouldn't of understood a word of what I had written. I have zero hand eye coordination when drunk... In fact I have no coordination when drunk at all! Needless to say, I fall over a lot!

  12. I like you also try to find ways to defend Penny. To me the Penny/Raj incident is no big deal.(I know I'm in the minority). Penny and Raj didn't have anyone. They had been drinking. Most of season 4 Penny had to put up with Priya. They quoted Shakesphere(acting) in front of her and Leonard told her to stay away because Priya didn't want her around. Penny admitted to Raj she screwed up by breaking up with Leonard. Penny cried to Amy about Leonard moving on. Leonard had no reason to be upset about Raj and Penny "sleeping" together he had Priya. Raj even told Leonard he "slept" with her but that Leonard would have been her first choice. Not only that Leonard has had a lot more women than Penny's had guys.(at least on the show).

    I tend to feel like penny gets a lot of stick on this forum sometimes, so I like to, when I can, try and defend her actions. I think I have a tendency to see the good in people before the bad and that could be why I am always in her corner. I have always seen her as someone who doesn't think before she acts, she just lives on her gut and acts spontaneously, usually to her detriment. Like when she jumped at the chance to go out with david under hill, or the thing we were discussing earlier with Stuart. I don't think she has ever done something intentionally to hurt leonard. I think she does these things and then realises later on how that must of made him feel. I suppose the raj thing would be a good example of that too, but I still find it hard to defend her on that one. In my opinion sleeping, or intending to sleep with a close friend of your ex isn't such a bad thing, they were consenting adults after all. But I feel like due to the history between l/p, makes it much worse. Yet I have never thought any less of her because of it, and i dont worry about it ever happening again. I still feel like she didn't mean any harm in doing it, and she was drunk! I think we have all done stupid stuff when drunk! Oh and please excuse any spelling mistakes or anything in this, I am at work right now :) hehe

  13. That was so good Phanta. You did it in such a way that I actually knew who was saying what, even although it wasn't stated. Well done! Loved the last line, I can just imagine Penny freaking out and hitting Raj's arm as she said that! :)

  14. Fanfic hiatus chat is on tomorrow.  Check fanfic thread for details.


    I would participate but I can't for two reasons, 1: I haven't read any of those fics, my reading time has been greatly lowered ever since I took on the challenge of my latest fic, and 2: I will be working at 7. Hopefully I will be able to join in the next one :)

  15. Alright, I think I am going to go for an attempt at explaining what I think Pennys reasons were behind the Stuart thing, despite evidence to the contrary, I never like to think of Penny as a slut, sometimes I have a real need to defend her in these points, although sometimes it is difficult. I use the Raj incident as one that I find difficult! I should note, I haven't seen this episode in a while, as I also tend to avoid that episode, along with the fateful Wheaton Recurrence :(


    Anyway, here goes. In my opinion, at the time of deciding to go on a date with Stuart, Penny was confused about her feelings for Leonard. A few episodes before it, the whole lime kiss happened, and I think that is when Penny started to realize just how much she liked him, that kiss was pretty hot after all! I think that, because she had decided at the beginning of season 2 that Leonard was too smart for her, she felt that she couldn't date him again because of that. Then Stuart appeared, a guy just as nerdy as Leonard, but nowhere near as smart. At that point in time he was seen as being a little more stable, his comic book store was shown as doing well and he was an artist, so he did have attractive qualities, despite his outward appearance. In my opinion she agreed because she was beginning to see that the nerdy guys, were actually good guys, even although they didn't look like those 'dumb guys at the gym' and she was possibly hoping that she would feel the same things for him as she did for Leonard, but would be able to hold a conversation better with him, because he wasn't a genius, he was just a nerd.


    Now the whole thing with inviting him in for coffee... I would like to say that this, for her, was just a force of habit. And who is to say they would have actually even went all the way? As shown by her second date with him, as soon as she started making out with him her mind was on Leonard, so I think it is safe to assume that would have happened that night at her apartment too. So yeah, I think her whole thing with Stuart was just her trying to find someone like Leonard, just not as smart, because she felt like she was too dumb to date him.


    Now go on, feel free to shoot my lovely idea down! I can take it..... :icon_rolleyes:

  16. I tried. I really did, but jeez it was hard! I'm not used to writing dialogue only fics and everything I wrote down just came out horrible! Haha so ill be giving this one a miss, although I will look out for future ones, and will hopefully have more luck with them!

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