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  1. It baffles me how people can get so worked up over the "love" between fictional characters. There are entire topics devoted to it, including this one.

    I think people can get caught up in it for many reasons. Especially when the 'love' between two characters is acted well. People can be drawn in because they relate to it, or simply because of the chemistry shared by the two actors on stage or on set. The only reason I find it odd people get drawn in by the Shenny is because it was never acted out or intended to be viewed as that sort of relationship. But like I have already said, everyone has their own opinions.

  2. Shenny's get hate even when we mind our own business and keep our opinions on our own website. There is someone who follows us all over the net, creating hate blogs and even directing them at individuals. Its got so bad, non-shippers are calling for the blogs to be taken down. Our fan fiction writers get trolled. One of our finest writers removed all his his stories because he was being stalked by a hater. Twitter is getting bad as well.

    I have to say, this makes me sad.


    Like I said in a previous post, I have and will never understand people's reasoning behind shipping Sheldon and Penny as a couple, I still find it icky, but I would never go out of my way to hate on people that do. It's a sad time when people can't be allowed to have their own opinions and show off their love for whatever it is, however odd it may seem to other people, without others being intentionally hateful for no reason.


    I feel bad for whoever it was that felt he had to take down his fanfiction because they were getting trolled. It really is a shame that whoever it was felt like he couldn't indulge his fantasy. I still don't understand why people simply don't just ignore whatever stories they know they aren't going to like. I have given a few Shenny stories a go, just out of curiosity, and although I never liked it, I never, and would never write anything bad in either a review or to the writer, and I don't know why anyone would. It makes sense to me that if you ship Lenny or Shamy that you aren't going to like what any Shennys have written so why bother to give them abuse for something they enjoy, it's not like it's hurting anyone.


    Everyone likes different things for different reasons, and whether I agree with your ship or not, I will never be able to understand why some people, like whoever it was that trolled your writer, feels the need to spend their free time giving so much hate to someone.


    Alright, that's my little rant over, it's just stuff like that really gets on my nerves. :) The right to free speech and all that jazz!

  3. This thread is funny. Honestly, I will never understand where these Shennys are coming from when they allude to Sheldon and Penny somehow being made for each other, and having their chance at being together, hindered by Leonard and Amy. For lack of a better word, I find the mere idea of those two being together rather icky.

    Don't get me wrong, I adore the Penny and Sheldon friendship, in fact, some of my favourite episodes are those centred around them, like the one where he looks after her after she falls in the bathtub. It's adorable, but that's all.

    It really baffles me how people can interpret certain looks or actions and make them out to be much more than they are, or were ever intended to be.

    Before I headed into the world of Big Bang Theory fandom and was nothing more than a casual lover of the show, the thought of those two together like that, never crossed my mind, and I'm pretty certain it hasn't crossed the minds of the general public that watch the show either. I was gobsmacked when I first saw that people actually shipped them as a couple. No offence to those people, btw, i'm just saying, i've tried, but I have never been able to see your side of it. I would see Penny with Howard before I see her with Sheldon. Hell, i'd see her with AMY, before I see her with Sheldon. It's just yucky.


  4. Hmm. I'm intrigued by this! I've never even heard of fanfic challenges before and now, since I have never really been able to turn down a challenge, I'm really considering giving it a go, although I have no idea what I would do.

    And I've never written anything that was solely dialogue before... Hmm... Desicions, desicions!

  5. I finished reading it today. I liked it. However it does seem open ended. Are you going to write anymore?

    For example, what happenss with Leonard on the ship? Of course that may be another story.

    Overall, very good. I liked it and look forward any future stories that you do.


    I am glad you are enjoying it, but you should know it is nowhere near finished haha I am going the whole hog on this one, it will cover the time he is away as well as some of the time when he gets back. So yeah, there is plenty more to come :)



  6. My vision for the season seven premiere is that Penny and Leonard see each other in the landing, say nothing then disappear together into her apartment. In the cold open. Then gone for the whole episode. They are seen emerging again in the tag, after three days have passed.


    That would about do it. :)


    I like this idea but I think I would prefer it a few episodes into the season. I would quite like to see a few episodes of the gangs life without Leonard; Penny missing him and Sheldon going a little crazy because he doesn't have Leonard there doing all the things he usually does for him. It would also be a good chance to further the Shamy relationship if they have Amy coming in and helping Sheldon cope. I can almost see the first scene of season 7 as either Penny freaking out at Sheldon because he is driving her crazy, or Leonard on Skype to Penny, who is complaining about Sheldon!


    Personally, i'm not all that bothered about having Sheldon in the car when Leonard and Penny are saying goodbye. Of course I would have liked a one to one goodbye but honestly after just seeing a few seconds of the clip, I think if Sheldon wasn't there to offer some comic relief, I would be in tears throughout the scene! That being said I do hope their reunion is Sheldon free, in the same sort of way that Howard and Bernadette's was.

  7. CBS promo here . This one is different from the Sheldon/Penny clip.


    Um.. OMG. I actually just teared up a little at that scene with L/P in the car! What the hell is wrong with me! I am beyond excited for this episode, Thursday, (Or Friday for me since I live in the UK) cant come quick enough!

  8. hi molly--i read all your stories they great,

    keep up the good work


    the (tragic fairy tale) is good the last 3 chapters 

    got to me- with the letter that leonard sent to penny


    thanks-keep thr leonard/penny stories comming.


    Thank you i'm glad you enjoyed it, I certainly enjoyed writing it.


    Chapter 4 of this story is now up :)



  9. I don't post very often on here but recently I just haven't been able to help myself and I had to again because I loved this episode more than I thought I was going to!


    First thing I enjoyed was Howards impressions, I was in stitches laughing at Christopher Walken! I enjoyed the scenes with Raj and Lucy simply because Raj is just adorable sometimes!


    But I have to say the thing that really got me was the Shamy. Now I am a full blown Lenny supporter and up until this season I wasn't really bothered by Sheldon and Amy. I enjoyed both of the characters but was never really invested in them as a couple, well it's safe to say that has changed. I feel so bad for Amy, her face when Howard asked them what their characters do just melted my heart and then when Sheldon came in to comfort her, my heart was beating so fast I just wanted him to give her a little hug! The thing with the dice was cute too and for a moment, even although I knew it wasn't going to happen because I had read the taping reports, I really thought they were going to kiss!


    Anyway overall I loved the episode and I think it has succeeded in cementing the fact that I am falling in love with the Shamy! :)

  10. Hey :) I don't think I have actually posted on here before, I usually just lurk and honestly some of the insights that a lot of you people here have into the Lenny relationship is just remarkable. I just wanted to give my two cents on what @armygirl has just posted up.

    Although I completely respect your opinion, I just can't find it in myself to agree with what you are saying. Sure I understand that Penny is nowhere near as open with her emotions as Leonard, but I think Penny realizes that and is trying to work on it. Being completely open and honest with someone is hard for some people. It is an issue the writers have given her, brought about possibly from her spectacularly messed up relationship with Kurt.

    She obviously finds this kind of thing hard, proven by the fact it took her so long to tell Leonard she loved him, but she is trying to work on it because of how much she cares for him.

    Now I want to give my thoughts on some of the points you made, first one being about how she used to light up when talking to Leonard the first time around and now doesn't. I agree that at the beginning of season 6 she may have been a little, to use her words, 'bored', but I would like to simply direct you to episode 05 and if you tell me then that she doesn't 'light up' then I am afraid there is no hope! haha I also struggle to think of an episode from this series where she looks bored talking to him, in every scene where the two of them are together, be it walking up the stairs or having dinner, she is focused on him, happy and making jokes, I don't see her ever being disinterested in what he has to say to her.

    Next point; she showed more 'emotion' over the idea of shamy having sex, than over Leonard? The emotion she showed here is excitement and surprise, are you trying to say she doesn't get excited over Leonard? Once again I point you to the lab scene. haha I would say she got very excited over him in that episode!

    You can't find any open emotion from Penny in Lenny 2.0? I think the scene where she told him she loved him was pretty open, as well as the valentines day ep where she tells him she is afraid of commitment and then the one where she tells him she is passionate about him! I don't think we can get much more open than that, especially from someone who we have established is in her character to shut down and hide how she feels.

    I agree that Penny could have showed more enthusiasm about the whole Valentines day thing, but I believe she did try. Before she realized her ex was in the building she seemed to be pretty happy with her evening, if it were not for him being there, I believe she would have had a good time. But it turned out fine in the end anyway, because Leonard helped her with her commitment issues by giving her responsibility of the marriage proposal, which she happily accepted. If she didn't love and want to be with him, why would she accept this responsibility?

    I guess overall I just don't like that you assume it is so easy for everyone to show the kind of open emotion that Leonard does. Penny has her issues, just like the rest of the guys do and it shows in her inability to show raw emotion, but the writers have shown her slowly getting over these issues and I think that ep 21 shows that perfectly. She's passionate about him, what else could you want?

    Phew! I'm glad to get that off my chest! haha I'm sorry if this reads as a jumbled mess, my head tends to jump from one point to the other and sometimes it makes no sense to anyone but me! Possibly one of the reasons I tend to stay away from posting! Also, I tend to go on and on, as I see I have done here!

    Anyway, to @armygirl, I hope you don't take anything I have said here the wrong way and think I am attacking what your opinion or anything like that, like I said I respect what you believe, I just wanted to give my reasoning on why I think it is completely wrong! :p haha

    In my opinion they are stronger in this series than they have ever been before and that is the sentiment I will end this post on! :)

  11. Hi :) I'm Molly and I have been a member here for a while, although I don't really post very often, I come mainly for the spoilers, hehe  :)


    I have just started a new fanfiction and thought I would post it up here for those of you that may be interested in reading it. It is set around the finale, kind of filling in the gaps and then will continue on into what would be season 7. There will be a few spoilers for season 6, although nothing which isn't already pretty widely known. The story centres around the two main ships, Leonard and Penny and Sheldon and Amy, and I intend on giving each of these relationships the same amount of attention, although this will be the first time I have written for S/A. I mainly write for L/P, but recently S/A have really gotten a hold on me and I just had to write something for them!


    Title: The Departure Transformation


    Summary: Leonard is leaving and while Penny is finding it hard to deal with, the impending change is bringing out some unexpected changes in Sheldon. How will Penny deal with being without Leonard, and how far is Sheldon willing to change in order to keep Amy?


    Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9259105/1/The-Departure-Transformation


    Please have a read if you like and let me know what you think of it :)


    Thanks, Molly.

  12. Hey! So im new to this forum, well im not new but this is the first time i have ever posted anything! I come here regularly for my fix of Big Bang spoilers hehe. 


    Anyway I decided to write some fanfiction centring around my favourite characters Leonard and Penny, and Forever Yours was the outcome. It is my first real attempt at fanfiction and would love any of you who are interested to have a look and let me know how you like it. 


    As i said the story centers around Leonard and Penny however i haven;t left the other characters on the show out, there will be appearances from them all! Everything else about the story, regarding timeline etc. I have explained on the first chapter.


    Well, here is the link, please read and let me know your thoughts. :)




    Thank you!


    Oh and just thought i would add, its not as soppy as the title may lead you to think it is! Well not yet at least! :)

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