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  1. Oh dear. I have to say as someone who's usually very laid back about taping reports, this freaks me out just a little. I really don't like the idea of Penny having a last name that isn't Hofstadter! Haha and definitely not one that belongs to one of her ex's. I doubt it will spell the end for these two but still. I'll save any real judgement until I see the full repot, and until then I'll keep my fingers crossed for no drunken Vegas wedding, although I really can't think of another explanation behind it.

  2. As the only person on this forum to have actually seen the waitress, I feel obliged to tell you all she is hot. Not as hot as Penny I should add, but she does yoga and is therefore very bendy so I dunno maybe that makes up for it? Haha

    Anyway back to the topic. That picture is just adorable, I love when leonard has that geeky happy face. It's cute. And the lockers back! Yay!!!!! Cannot WAIT for that episode to air. :) :)

  3. Tis sounds good but the writers aren't that clever imo.  They are all about the laugh and nothing else matters. I love your story though.



    Wow. Really? The writers arent that clever? Look, i completely understand that you have every right to your own opinion and thats fine but to say that the writers of this show arent clever is just... rude. This show is the number one sitcom right now and that is because of, first and foremost, them. Of course how the actors play each scene and how it is edited and all of that come into it too, but the main reason this show is succesful is because of what those writers created. To say that everything they have done is 'all about the laughs' is just wrong.


    Look at the relationships they created. We here in this thread all love Leonard and Penny because of the way the writers created them. If the were all about the laughs, we wouldnt care less. They would have no heart, no depth of character, no backbone. We wouldnt care about their story or relate to any of them if it werent for the way the writers wrote them.

    The Shamy, whether you are a fan of them or not, is one of the most unique couples that has ever been on television and those writers created them. They brought a whole different type of relationship to our screens, and if they just wanted to be funny, they wouldnt have bothered. Why bother with someone as complicated as Sheldon if you just want to be funny? Why put him in a relationship just for laughs?


    Im sorry but to say those writers arent clever enough to think up one little backstory behind Sheldon having a key to Pennys apartment then you are just being ignorant. Is it not possible that you are just overthinking one tiny detail? Forgetting that Leonard and Sheldon have always had an emergency key to Pennys apartment, since season one! Why wouldn't it be on a keyring? What really is the difference if he carries it around with him than if its sitting in his bowl. He still has it. And whos to say Leonard doesnt have the exact same key, just because we havent seen him use it? Maybe he respects his girlfriends privacy enough not to use it at any random moment.


    Like i said before, you have a right to your opinon and if you really think that key is that significant, then thats fair enough, but to claim the writers arent clever isnt cool, especially when its obvious, at least to me, that they are. Sorry for the big essay of a post! haha i guess that comment just kinda got to me a bit! :)

  4. THE REAL issue is when are we going see Leonard wake up at Penny's. Where is the bugger sleeping? They are dodging this. I don't think its bad, but is he doing the wombat on her? Does that make her happy and keep her commitment demons at bay?

    (a wombat eats roots and leaves. You put the comma in :))

    I always think of him as staying at her place but getting up early to leave and get ready for work. I've absolutely no evidence to support this but it makes me feel happy so that's how I see it!

    Also, 'doing the wombat' cracked me up. Such a random saying and the first thing I pictures was some kind of wombat dance which is just weird. Anywayyyy.

  5. Long story short: Raj can be a real bastard at times.

    They should get Stuart a doctorate in physics so he can replace Raj.

    NO! Haha they can't do that. Raj has his faults just like the rest of them do but I wouldn't have him replaced for anyone! He's just adorable and the show wouldn't be the same without him.

    On another note, can't wait for this weeks episode. I am lookin forward to the Shamy stuff too, but Leonard and Penny are going to be snuggling under a duvet and that alone makes me more excited for this episode than I care to admit! :)

  6. The only advice i would give to someone starting to write is to know what kind of story you want to tell. Know how you want it to start, the basics of what you want to happen in it and have some idea of how you want it to end. I've always found writing out a little plan before i got deep into writing the story to be helpful as it always gave me a little idea of how long the story was going to be and helped me figure out what i wanted to happen from chapter to chapter. Of course as i start writing the story that plan changes. Things get added and things get taken away but i've always found it helpful so maybe you would too.


    I also always write a few chapters ahead before i begin posting. It gives me a feel of how the story is going to go and takes the pressure off a little.


    The only other thing i will say is that you should tell your story how you see it in your head. Dont feel like you should or shouldnt do something because of the comments people make about it. If you want to keep them in character then do it, if you want to take them completely out of character then dont let anyone stop you. I for one am not a fan of stories that go OOC, i feel that fanfiction is no longer fanfiction if you arent writing the characters in the show, but that is only my opinon. Dont focus on what you feel that others may think you should or shouldnt do, go with your gut, its your story so tell it. :)


    Good luck with your story and have fun writing it, thats the most important thing after all :)

  7. exactly

    too add what you've said we should consider that penny was about 21 when she met guys , it's not easy to forget 21 years , she might have a best friend those times.... it would be so odd if there were no sign of her old friends in her life!!

    and i think penny hanging out with her old friends has nothing to do with her growth .

    Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk 4


    She was 21 when she met the guys, yes, but she had also only recently moved to LA, so any friends she had made already, hadn't been her friends for long. Her oldest friends would be back in Nebraska, so that probably wasnt who she was going to hang out with. Just wanted to point that out haha :)


    tumblr_muho8wu1uW1qdz44io5_250.gif   tumblr_muho8wu1uW1qdz44io8_250.gif


    Leonard and Penny's expressions in these moments could be the sole reason why i enjoyed this episode so much. Just wanted to put that out there. These two just give me so many feels its unreal. <3333

  8. tumblr_muhdhwY5tS1sp407ko1_500.png


    What I love is that here, Penny genuinely wanted to make Leonard feel better. And he didn't even think of it at first, but accepted it when she offered. She just wanted to make him feel better. Plus this was like my favourite scene in this episode I have already re-watched it too many times. 

     I LOVED this scene! Wayy too much i just replayed it over and over again and if i didnt have to go to sleep now i would be playing it again probably. She was genuinely concerned for him, after all the teasing and thats what i really loved. :) it was so cute they just give me too many feels.





    Maybe I should reconsider my dislike of Physics. Penny most definitely loves being in that lab ;)

      I dont blame her, id quite like to visit his lab. I wonder if they ever break any of the equipment in there, or if they just do that when they go away for weekends. ;)







    And finally just.... Wow. Leonard is a lucky man, i bet he done some serious apologizing after seeing her in this. ;)

  9. Loved this episode! more than i actually thought i would to be honest. The Lenny interaction was just perfect, i loved how attentive Penny was being with him. As soon as she realized he was genuinely upset she done what she could to make him feel better and that is just adorable.


    Of course Beverley is a mess of a mother, but shes just one of those extreme personalities that pop up in these types of shows. The ping pong paddle thing definitely gave me a laugh out loud moment followed by some major cringeing. Overall though, great little episode, this season is looking pretty great for us so far, roll on episode six! <333333

  10. It's funny because she seems completely satisfied and eager for sex, until she has to talk about it. Maybe 'it was fine' when he came back because she cried or something idk or she just really doesn't want to share his inner sex God. As soon as I saw the rocking chair bit I was like I'm texting Molly this when I'm done squealing over all the cuteness! I don't think I've ever been so excited to casually wake up at like 5am.

    aaaaah when the promo pictures are released they bEST have one of that scene!

    I don't know whether to be flattered or offended that the moment anything dirty comes up you instantly think of telling me.... I think ill just be flattered haha

    And I cannot WAIT for the promo pics! But I bet the show will be real sneaky and not give us that one. :(

  11. It also provides us with great glimpses of what their couple is like offscreen. Leonard leaves roses on her car just because ? And Penny puts them in a little box under her bed just because ? And it is so "normal" to them that they do not feel the need to talk about any of it (unless there is a bit of a crisis) ? How amazingly tender is their dynamics ?

    They also seem to enjoy little getaways together where they ruin the furniture of the places they are staying in. I think we can quite safely put that 'it was fine' comment down to modesty. :p

  12.  ... what if the bedroom is just too far to go? 




    really?! What leaving us with a cliffhanger isnt enough you just have to go and throw this little line in! You need to stop taking tips from Tensor and quit with this cliffhanger business. I just cant deal with it! That being said i loved this chapter and if you dont update soon i may have to start yelling at you on a daily basis. I need the next chapter... but then it will be nearly over! Oh fml im so conflicted. I really genuinely hate that you are doing this to me. :'(

  13. well. is this lenny's topic right?this topic is for everything which is related to these 2 ! i know the disscution between me and tensor got so long but we 've gone this far so i think we should keep on to make the conclusion or what we did was for nothing . if here wasn't for these discussions , you were right .and if these posts are bothering i only have one more short post which i'll make it after tensor respond. and after that i'm done with this! and i won't involve my self into discussions anymore because i felt i'm making others uncomfortable!! Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk 4


    Noone feels uncomfortable, and please continue to post, just saying maybe you all can find a point where you just agree to disagree and move on, thats all :)

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