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  1. Okay just gonna make a point that the locket can still have emotional significance, it can still be a special piece of jewellery to her, that doesn't mean she has to wear it everyday. It can still mean a lot to her, and I'd bet that it does, but that doesn't mean she can't ever take it off.
  2. Okay, ill say now i didnt mean what i said to come off as rude, im just saying that the huge posts are a bit much sometimes, especially considering most of it is just going round in circles. At some point someone just has to say 'okay, we cant agree here,' and move on. Dont get me wrong, I love the discussions that go on here most of the time, i just dont enjoy it when they are overly repetitive, that being said, it was just my opinion. And i guess maybe i just didnt see such a big thing about Penny not wearing the locket, so sorry if i offended anyone there, i just tend to not worry about anything like that considering there are plenty of reasons she might not be wearing it and they dont have to be bad. With that ill just put this in to keep the love going. We all love the Lenny, lets enjoy that a bit more guys.
  3. You're right. She wasn't wearing it, but really, its not the end of the world. It doesnt mean they are suddenly going to break up or anything crazy is gonna happen. She just didnt happen to be wearing it that day. No big deal. And yes. All of this. With some things i think you guys just have to agree to disagree and stop trying to find problems where there are none and fill this thread with countless huge essays that get quite tiring to have to scroll through. Really all you are all doing is going round in circles, saying the same things over and over again. Our Lenny is in a good place right now, their fights are stupid little ones that are forgotten immediately and dont affect their relationship in any crazy way, so lets all calm down a little and feel the love.
  4. Thank you baby. Im glad my story is pleasing you. That makes me happy.
  5. Its been a while but yeah, update time. Chapter 54 - Leap of Faith
  6. This one gives me some serious fuzzies. They are just too adorable. <3 Oh and i know im a bit late but, the premiere = AWESOME!
  7. I really cant wait to see Howard and Amy hanging out together! Its so surprising that they would get along but i can see it being hilarious. The singing in the car is just brilliant. Totally shipping the Howamy right now! Haha! I really cant wait to see this next episode. Season seven rocks so far! Woo!
  8. Chapter 53! Happy premiere day everyone! Squuueeeeaaaallll. http://m.fanfiction.net/s/9259105/53/
  9. This. Tomorrow. :dancer: I enjoy this emoticon btw. Pretty much sums up how i feel right now.
  10. *Whipsers* Um, guys... Tomorrow is the premiere and Leonard is coming home. Early. To surprise Penny. We are going to see that, tomorrow. Tomorrow we will get 'Leonard comes home: 2.0' :dancer: Just putting that out there.
  11. I literally got so many Shamy feels from this taping report! Its so weird, im not used to this! I really, really loved so much about this one that im just going to gush it all out now. I'll start with the Shamy, the first thing i loved was in the very first scene where Sheldon calls Amy, 'little lady'. I dont even know why but thats where the feels began. I just love that in the cafeteria scene, Sheldon coming over to her and introducing himself as her boyfriend when she calls him Dr Cooper, then calling her 'my cute little lump of wool.' Its just adorable! Like, why is my stomach getting all fuzzy?! Ugh, and then OMG the last scene between those two was just... like if there was ever a moment to just stick a little kiss in there that was it. Seriously, like, right after the 'i like you too' just throw in a little kiss right there! Sigh. <3 Loved it all. Yes. I just gushed a little over the Shamy for the first time ever... Then, just to top off the whole episode we get some Howard and Raj old school friendship stuff which i just love and Leonard and Penny being the ones just casually watching all of this unfold, cuddling on the sofa while all their friends have problems in their relationship, and for a change, they dont! FEELS! This has officially become one of the episodes im most excited for, second only to the two premiere episodes, because as much as im digging the Shamy, they will never beat out my Lenny! But still, Shamy feels for real, and its only the start of the series. Im gonna be a mess by the end of this year i dont know if i can handle getting these kind of emotions for two couples in one show... I would literally die if that happened. The feels would be too much, i would die.
  12. Um... maybe she wasnt wearing one? They were gonna do it in there, maybe she just came prepared. haha!
  13. Haha, i wouldn't say i've 'crossed over' but they certainly have a little place in my heart. Thank you. Chapter 52 - Complicated and Comfortable
  14. Definitely agree with you here. I actually think the writers are emphasising this point in this season so far.They are having little fights and little arguments in these past two episodes but they arent big enough fights to break them. I have no problem with seeing all of these kinds of plots throughout the season, as long as its laced with somenice moments between them and they continuously stay strong together depsite whatever fights they have then im happy. I think these little fights are the inevitable 'bumps along the road' the writers hinted at, and thats fine by me. They are learning each others boundaries, finding out what they can and cant get away with and in the end that will only make them stronger. At this point it would take something pretty big to break them, and im pretty confident it wont happen. I cant wait to see this episode, i kinda like that Leonard is being a bit mischievous and seeing what he can get away with. I dont see it as out of character at all, it could show a growth in confidence though, something he probably got from being on the boat, but we wont really know until it airs and we see how it acted. And as some people have already said, he's just being a guy. How often is it they say men think about sex? ha! i think you would be hard pushed to find a guy that wouldnt use that book to their advantage the same way Leonard is. 'They did it in there' again, which is pretty cool, which im sure was enjoyable for the both of them. I dont really know about the whole Penny calling his mum thing. That definitely wasnt the best way to handle the situation, but as with most of these things im gonna wait and save any real judgement for when it airs. I also cant wait to see Beverley again. The Leonard lover in me hates her just for how messed up she was as a mother and how she treats him, but i really like watching her character on this show, its just a shame it had to be over skype. Anyway, thats my two cents on this whole thing.
  15. Humour is the whole basis of this show. No matter what happens in it, there is going to be some humour involved. Just because it will be funny to some extent though, doenst mean it will be 'cheapened'. It can still be special, and funny, and i have no doubt that it will be both. I really dont think it is going to be perfect, something, somewhere will go wrong, but that doesnt mean it will make it any less special. The fact she will actually be proposing is special enough, that even if everything that could go wrong, does go wrong, Leonard will still love it, and I will still squeal from feels over it, as im sure many, and most of us Lennys will.
  16. I actually really like the idea of Penny proposing in the hallway. If not there i cansee it on the roof, but i would prefer the hallway. Ha! Imagine if she done it in the comic bookstore! I think i would quite like that actually. I agree with chrismo though, the hallway has been the setting for s omuch of their relationship it would be so fitting for it to be there. And as for it not being romantic enough, there was a brilliant fanfiction written not so long ago where Penny plans to propose in the hallway with flowers and those little tealight candles scattered around. It was incredibly romantic, and something i could definitely see happen in the show,and done really well. Also, i dont think Leonard really cares where, or when, or how she proposes. Yes, i know he said he wants the whole nine yards but i think when it comes down to it, he could care less if she asked him in the most romatic place, or on the fricken bus! All he would care about is that she actually asked him, the rest is trivial really.
  17. You already know this happens to me! In my experience the only way to get through it is to write it down, at least the bare minimum of it cos if you dont it will just bug you.
  18. It could have something to do with Sheldon, it could also have something to do with his trip. Either way, you are right, Leonard wont get any kind of love or approval from her, because thats not in her character. I wouldnt want her to suddenly to that, it would be weird if she out of blue called up to congratulate him and tell him how proud of him she is because she just isnt, or at least she doesnt show it and probably never really will. I look forward to having her back, although i do wish it would have been in person. It could be a fun episode, despite the fact she isa complete bitch, i kind of like her character. Especially when shes out drinking with Penny
  19. Major feels from this post. Just to add to them, i'm gonna throw in some adorable pictures and Gifs. Just to emphasise her point! Too many? Maybe, but screw it, this thread needs the fluff. These two are just too much. THE FEELS!! :wub: Oh and FYI, i have no idea how to make Gifs, i got these on Tumblr. haha
  20. So true, Leonard has been no more singled out than the rest of them when it comes to crappy things happening to them.Itreally doesn't happen that often. On another note, i love your avatar. But not as much as i love my own. :wub:
  21. You can write that episode! And you can do it on fanfiction. Go write little snowflake.
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