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  1. I always love how she's proudly like 'I was a huge fan of the show' so it's awesome seeing her doing all these things! 


    Johnny and that hat. He wears that scarf a lot. I really enjoy his scruffy look. :) the most sensible non-dirty thing i've ever written right there ladies and gentlemen.


    HA! When i saw you had posted in here i thought 'oh here we go, what kind of whorishness is she filling this thread with.' Well done with controlling yourself. haha

  2. I know that most hated Priya for being with Leonard, I didn't hate her so much as disliked her for trying to change Leonard but I do admit the relationship did help Leonard grow and that is always a good thing.


    Priyas a bitch <_< haha! But i agree she was needed. Although i dont know if it was more to help Leonard grow, because i dont see that he really changed all that much in being with Priya, although that is just my opinion. He did try to be a little more dominant i guess in telling Priya she had to tell her parents about him, but in the end he still stayed with her even when she didn't. I think Priyas purpose was more to show Penny getting upset over the fact that Leonard was moving on before her. And hat did need to be shown in the show so as much as i dont like Priya and tend to stay away from the episodes that she is in, i know she was there for a reason and i guess im glad she was. Still dont like her though. <_<


    The writers have shown this tendency of his time and time again :

    - They could have kept Sheldon's craziness  "hidden" from Leonard during their first meeting (The Staircase Implementation), thereby implying the latter was duped into believing he was moving in with a normal guy and subsequenly trapped in an accidental cohabitation/friendship with a controlling man-child. They did not. "Die Sheldon Die !" was as clear a foresign as there ever was and Leonard still moved in;

    - They could have had Leonard show interest in really sweet, loving, agreeable and caring women while he was "waiting" for Penny. They did not. Leslie and Pryia were extremely domineering and Stephanie was... What is the polite word ? Manipulative ? 

    "The heart wants what the heart wants" and Leonard's heart, as described by TPTB, wants people who crack the whip from time to time. He has boundaries, of course, and gives as good as he gets when he reaches his limit. But one has to face the fact : he is not a victim; he is kinky, in a way. 



    Agree with everything you said in this post. He's a little freaky our Leonard. A loveable little freak. haha!

  3. I agree Sheldon probably wasn't needed during that airport scene, but you can't deny that even with Sheldon being there, it was a pretty brilliant. I still get feels from when he shouts 'they just love each other' out the window and im happy to have him there just for that! The pain apparent on Penny's face from both leaving Leonard and having to listen to Sheldon was something i also enjoyed. I dont take too much issue with him being there, maybe he interupted a little too much and I can see why some people hated that part of it, but with everything else we got in that scene im happy to let it slide. The 'I love you' from Penny was perfect and you might say it is extra special because she was willing to say it so heartfelt, even in front of Sheldon. A pretty big thing when you think about the fact that she was so scared of even admitting it to Leonard in the first place.


    As for the North Sea trip being useless, I have to disagree. I think its main purpose was the mutual 'I love you' at the end of series 6. I vaguely recall being on this site and seeing it pointed out that since during the series there had been so many chances for them to say it to each other (Valentines day, the 'im passionate about you' episode, Egg Salad) that when they actually did say it, it had to be for a specific reason. Something big had to happen to show that on screen after dismissing it the other times, and this was the something big. While I would have actually liked Leonard to be gone for at least one more episode to explore how the gang coped without him a little more, i'm not surprised that they have him back so early. He is such a core character to the show that having him away, breaks up the gang as shown in the premiere. I imagine the writers wanted him back so that they could bring the gang back together as quickly as possible. We have gotten some good stuff out of it anyway. The scene where he surprises Penny is one I cannot wait to see! And just because he is back and it hasn't been mentioned in episode three, doesnt mean we will never hear of it again. The writers of this show do this. They have big things happen, leave them for a while as they make some episodes made specifically for syndication and then bring it back later on. Its far too early to say that it was a pointless plot, there is still so much that could be brought up because of it.

  4. Also, talking with Koops yesterday, we were talking about the obvious extremely higher numbers for Shenny fic over any other type, and I believe Andy commented that it's really all that the ship has. The couple only really lives in fan fiction. Koops noted that after the D&D episode last season, the world of Shamy fan fic kinda ground to a halt for the most part, because it's come down to a simple truth: the canon is better. There's so much going on in canon, and things happening which is intriguing, I don't think a lot of people are inspired to write more about the couple. So when canon is better, there's not the same need for the fan fiction, at least not the IC ones, because it's already going on onscreen. Anyone think that has some validity?


    I completely agree with this. It really surprised me when I first got into fanfiction, just how little there was for Leonard and Penny considering they are the main couple in the show.  I actually expected the amount of stuff written for them to hike up during the hiatius, but it didn't and I think that has to do with how much good stuff we got for them during series 6. We were pretty much spoiled, so the need for fanfiction to supply our feels just wasnt needed as much. We had the lab scene with the 'sometimes I forget how smart you are' line, we had the 'I love you' from Penny, the mutual 'I love you' at the end, we had the Valentines day episode as well as Penny being insecure and lots of other sweet moments dotted throughout the series. We were spoiled, so I suppose the inspiration to write in canon stuff just wasnt there.

  5. This seems like an interesting topic! Thanks for posting Lionne, it will be fun seeing all the different opinions about all the different types of fanfiction there is out there.


    I stick with reading IC fanfiction and its usually in the romance/angst/humour type genres. I dont enjoy reading OOC ones because the characters on the show are the ones i enjoy, as soon as it goes OOC i am reading about someone else and thats not what i want. That being said im not too particular with it. If its a little OOC i dont mind, i know myself how difficult it can be keeping them all completely IC but as soon as it goes too far i lose interest. I usually stay away from reading overly AU fics. I dont find if they are slightly out of canon, but not too much. There's only ever been one completely AU fic that hooked me. I guess it really just depends how well it is written. I actually used to be a lot more open when reading fics, but ive found that ive become a lot more selective with what ill read recently. If something doesn't get me within the first chapter, usually i will just forget about it. Part of that is probably because i dont want to be reading too many fics at once, especially while im trying to write myself. It just gives me another distraction that i really dont need!


    I am the same when writing stories. I always try and keep them as IC as i can and dont go too far from canon. The only characters that give me a real hard time are Sheldon and Amy. Especially writing them together. I've found its easier to write them individually or talking to other members of the group, than writing the two of them together. Trying to write them having a conversation gives me serious headaches!


    I can be quite obsessive at times with getting a chapter right before i upload it. I never start a fic unless i have a few chapters already written and usually stick to that the whole way through. So, usually, there will be a bunch of chapters on my laptop that i will read over a bunch of times, changing something almost everytime. Even once i've uploaded ill go back and have one last read to see if theres any spelling or grammatical mistakes i've made that i missed. It's particularly weird because in my everyday life i am anything but a perfectionist! I guess that has something to do with the fact that people will be reading and judging it and possibly spotting those mistakes.


    Im horrible at reviewing! It took me so long to even start doing it, even when i was really enjoying what i was reading. I'm better now, but not much! I often read chapters on my phone, tell myself ill review when im on the laptop and then completely forget. A mixture of forgetfullness and laziness there! I do try to review a story im reading at least once though.


    I dont think i've ever had any serious writers block. Any time when i have been stuck for any period of time i have just stopped writing and came back to it a day or so later and usually that helps. :)

  6. I vaguely recall that Chiara was hoping it would make her skin go green. LOL. I really think it will be on all the time, unless it clashes with her more formal outfits. It might be a bit understated for some events. I wonder if Leonard will get a clue and drop the odd bit of bling on her. Earrings have always been well received in my experience. I guess they won't make a big issue of anything until it's a ring.

    Are there any couple photos?


    We should be getting the promos for episode two soon should we not? Hopefully there will be a nice one of them in that bunch :)

  7.  I wonder if they're going to be singing Neil Diamond songs while they're looking for their clues... :p


    OMG, i am going to be so disappointed if this doesnt happen now haha the image in my mind of Howard and Amy singing together is just brilliant. I actually think those two will get on well. Im not sure why, i just cant really imagine there being any tension between them like has been shown with Bernie/Leonard and Sheldon/Penny in the report.


    The more i think about it the more i look forward to seeing this one. It does sound like a fun episode and it will be cool seeing different pairings than we are used to. Excluding Sheldon/Penny obviously but i think their scenes together are hilarious anyway, so im still looking forward to that.

  8. Oh actually there's another thing I quite like about this episode and that's that leonard didnt want to be paired with Penny. It shows how comfortable he is in the relationship that he would rather team up with Bernadette in order to have a better chance at winning than go with Penny just to keep her happy. It shows that even although he knows she probably won't be happy with him for it, he's confident that decision won't result in a huge fight and a break up like he may have thought in L/P 1.0. This is a good sign for our couple, that they can have these little fights and have no major consequences. It's also a good sign from the writers point of view. They are keeping our couple strong. :)

    Gotta feel for Penny though! Going from prom queen to the last one to be picked! Haha

  9. You know it would have been nice if Leonard had a better homecoming. I am glad we got two second worth tho. Now we are back to the 'Sheldon Show' and Leonard pushed to the background again.

    I don't think Leonard has been pushed to the background. I think you are being overly negative here.

    There wasn't much of Leonard in the premiere, but that was to be expected with him being away. The second episode revolved around him coming home. He was the centre of that episode. Everything that happened in that episode, besides the Howard and Raj stuff, happened around him.

    This episode I think is going to be split between the three different teams. The taping report only consisted of the Sheldon/Penny scenes mostly but it was said that they carried on filming after the audience left or still had more scenes to shoot. I don't think this episode is going to be any more focused on Sheldon than the rest of the gang and I don't think Leonard will be pushed into the background.

  10. Not that it's a huge deal but Penny said she loved having Sheldon in her life. It's a bit different from saying specifically that she loves him. He did reply that he loved her too but he was just coming down from his dominorgasm so you know as a guy it just came out...

    I'm pretty sure she said she loved Sheldon once before too. In a sort of 'I love you Sheldon but you're crazy' kind of way haha I don't specifically remember the scene but I do remember her saying it.

    Penny definitely is closer to Sheldon than Howard and Raj. Not in a more romantic way, but there's no way her relationship with him is on par with the other two guys. I don't see this as a bad thing though. Of course she is going to be closer to him, they have lived across the hall from each other for years. She has spent a lot of time in his apartment during her relationship with Leonard. They are close, like brother and sister and it's cute. She cares about him, and in his weird Sheldon-y way he cares about her too.

    Oh and 'as a guy it just came out' I love you for that line Kasey! Haha

  11. Finally got to read the report and i have to say i cant wait to see this one! I love full cast episodes and i really do love watching Sheldon and Penny paired up (not in the romantic yucky kind of way, although im sure most of you know that!). Its one of the things i really like about this show so i cant wait for that. Looking forward to seeing how the other two teams are together. I'm glad they didn't do couples teams since it means we will get to see how those other characters interact with each other. Especially intrigued about the Howard and Amy pairing.


    Overall it sounds like a fun episode and i dont really see why some people are freaking out over it. I know there hasn't been much Shamy stuff, and that is a shame, but it will come, and im sure it will be brilliant when it does. As for having this episode about Leonard being back; they done that in the second episode and im sure it wont be the last time it is mentioned. This is only the third episode of the series and so far each episode has the potential to be pretty great and i cant wait to see them all played out on screen.

  12. Yeah, i agree. using the word hate for a fictional character is a bit harsh. I think a lot of the growth in Amy happened because of her being exposed to stuff she hadn't as she was growing up. She never had the girlfriends to have girly chats with and she never had the boyfriend to gush over and fight with. Shes experiencing all that now and thats why she's changing. Sort of like a teenager growing up. I've never seen it as a problem though, i think the way the writers grew her character was very subtle, a little like what they done with Howard. I never noticed how much she had changed until i went back and watched series four a while back, and thats how its supposed to be. I love Amy, i think Mayim plays her wonderfully and honestly cant imagine the show anymore without her or Bernadette in it.

  13. Molly, I have to tell you something. I almost bought a Diet Coke with your brothers name on it but it doesn't mean anything I swear! Ha ha. 



    :o  :o You tramp!  I thought we had something too.... :icon_cry:  :icon_cry: :icon_cry:  



    I said ( about 8 months ago) that the interesting thing was how they all behaved afterwards. They came back from melodrama, acted civilised and stepped forward into a now glorious future. No guns drawn or vendettas held. But its fun to gossip about. Leonard is doing a hell of a job of repressing his anger and Penny has apparently forgiven herself. Even the psycho-monkeys in Raj's head have retreated. Just wait till they sit down to a real Christmas dinner. Be prepared to duck.


    This is the most important thing. Whatever crap happened, they are all still friends. And lets not forget this is a comedy, almost everything in it is done in jest. So maybe we should try and be a little more lighthearted about it and leave the deeper stuff for fanfiction. it all turned out well in the end.


    And im sorry but i have real trouble reading duck as duck these days. So that just made me laugh.

  14. I.am.Molly. Nup. Screw Raj. But that's preference. Women usually win out over men in such contests between men and their pals and women. Its not pretty but its more likely.


    Hmm, maybe its just a gender thing. I'm seeing it all, obviously, from a womans point of view. If my friend asked me to stay away from their brother because they weren't comfortable with the two of us being together, unless i had strong feelings for the guy, i would stay away. You men, always thinking of one thing. <_<  haha

  15. What do they need to be called out for?  For not letting Raj dictate who they can see? The only thing Leonard did wrong if you want to call it that is not telling Raj about him and Priya getting together upfront.


    I don't know any sister or brother that let another sibling dictate to them who they can be with.  Sure they may listen to them and then make their own choice.


    its not so much them dictating who they can or cant be with. In terms or Leonard and Priya becoming a couple, that is fair enough. Being a couple means there is feelings there and they actually care for one another, but the one night stands shouldn't of happened. I have two brothers, and i would like to think if at some point i became friends with someone who wanted to get with them, and for whatever reason i was uncomfortable about it and asked them not too, and the friend agreed to it, then i would hope nothing was done. Especially when it comes to just hooking up with them. I would like to think that friend would respect my wishes enough not to do anything about it as well as my brother. Of course, developing feelings for someone makes it a whole different ball game, but in the first place, when she was visiting and they were using each other for sex, it shouldn't of happened. That was a shady move on Leonards part.


    I suggest that you watch the episodes again.    It is plain that the numbers were correct, and writing what she said without her facial expressions and tone of voice is meaningless. Her "no's" were anything but definitive.    As for a bar not being mentioned, I suggest that you re-watch that episode too.  They are talking about going out having drinks and dancing.   She was speaking to both Berney and Amy. 


    You keep telling people to rewatch episodes as if they havent already. I have watched that episode, and i, as well as most of the people on here agree to what Penny's reaction was. She wasn't nodding along thinking 'yeah that's right' she was trying to work out what the number was as he said it. It isn't 'plain' that the numbers were correct, because most people here disagree with you, which makes me want to ask you to re-watch that episode and see that it is plain to see how confused, flustered and uncomfortable she is.

    Yea, we know Leonard is wrong for wanting to find love and he should only be with someone that all his friends agree on.  Leonard is the only one that has to meet this standard. 


    I know let take Leonard out and sting him up.


    Oh god. No, this is not what im trying to say at all. I just said in my post there that when it comes to being in a relationship, it is different. If he developed feelings for her and wanted to do something about it, fair enough. He should have, in my opinion, gave Raj a heads up first. Not as in asking for permission, but saying, i have feelings for you sister and i want to see where it goes. He shouldnt, however, have started those one night stands. They had no feeling behind them. He and Priya both knew it was only the the time she was over, so, he shouldn't have gone bback on his word with his friend and slept with her.


    I love Leonard, but that wasn't right in terms of his friendship with Raj.

  16. You mean like Raj was so hands off with Sheldon's sister Missy.  As for the so called pact with Howard, these are grown up and Priya  has the right to decide who she wants to be with.


    Who say someone in a relationship is all innocent this is about you trying to place blame at Leonard's feet along with Priya.  You act as if a gun was held to Penny and Raj head to make them jump into bed with each other. And I will say again Raj is a snake!


    I dont think that is what she is saying at all. While i agree that Leonard had no part to play in the Raj/Penny hookup and shouldn't be blamed for it, i think Kasey makes a fair point in saying that Leonard shouldn't have pursued Priya after agreeing with Raj not to. It was obviously something that bothered him, and as a friend, Leonard shouldn't have went there. And not only did he get with Priya, he got with her multiple times whenever she came to visit behind Raj's back. Btw dont take this like im saying Priya cant date who she wants, all im saying is that Leonard should have taken his friends feelings about the matter into account if he really valued his friendship. Especially in terms of the one night stands. Getting into a relationship is different but those one nights shouldnt of happened.


    And in regards to Sheldon, it is a completely different matter because he didn't care less who dated his sister until Leonard pointed out why he should. Yeah, Raj can be a bit of a snake, but in saying that you have to admit too that so can Leonard. As much as i love him, he has his faults, just like Penny and just like the rest of them.

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