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  1. I do realise I may start to sound incredibly repetitive and for that I do apologise sincerely but I believe the "problem" you have identified has everything to do with the show's narrative structure.


    Leonard is the hero; as such he is the main recipient of empathy from the audience. He is, structurally speaking, "our" guy. Furthermore, it so happens that said guy's cuteness factor rivals with that of baby pandas so the Leonard lovefest is bound to be extreme. More to the point, we the audience are meant to side with the hero and want for his quest to be successful. Leonard's quest, so to speak, is to become an "adult geek". Now, he has the ""geek" part down so what he needs is the "adult" component. That would be Penny. 

    Penny is the "object" of his quest : she is what/whom he wants. 


    The problem is that, in many instances, the main hurdle in Leonard's path to a felicitous union with Penny has been none other than... Penny herself ! That put her in an interesting place, structurally : she is both the hero's love and his greatest foe. 

    Now, if one only sees her as the "object" of the protagonist's quest, then one is bound to become frustrated with her for she is essentially stopping the hero dead in his tracks and delaying the completion of his mission. 

    Conversely, if one sees her as an independent character who merely happens to be the focal point of Leonard's endeavour, then her behaviour is no longer as shocking/upsetting for one then has to accept that she has a quest of her own which, at times, means her efforts will clash with Leonard's and their interests will be mutally exclusive.

    Therefore, depending on how one perceives Penny's role in the story (object or auxiliary), one will have a different take on her actions and be more or less likely to blame her for Leonard's issues. 


    Simply put, if Sheldon is Bert and Leonard Ernie, then Penny is the Rubber Duckie. But this particular Rubber Duckie has a mind of its own and a 'tude to go with it. That is bound to cause some problems. 


    This is true. I understand that Pennys own worst enemy is usually herself and that effects how the audience view her. I do love that in this forum we get to discuss and debate certain points and things that have happened between this couple, i definitely dont want this to be a place where we talk about how wonderful Leonard and Penny are all the time. My only issue is the frequency of which Penny's character is dragged through the dirt on here. Not only that but how some people can talk about her like they literally hate her! its just confusing and a little annoying considering she isn't always the one at fault in the relationship and i feel like sometimes people on here cant/wont see that.


    I respect everyones opinion though, and i know that everyone has a right to come on here and say what they feel about a character, i guess its just a little annoying that most of the Penny bashing that goes on, has to be done in the Lenny thread.

  2. Once again, look at Penny's facial expressions when Sheldon came up with the number.   He was right.

    Its all open to interpretation. You dont get to decide that your variation is right and everyone elses is wrong. I dont see Penny agreeing with his number, (and i did watch it again, a few times,) i see her trying to work it out in her head, a little shocked and cofused as to how the matter even came up in the first place and trying to move the conversation on to something else because it made her uncomfortable. Just because you see it is as you do, doesn't mean everyone else here is wrong.


    Now, can we please move on. The fact that this whole 'is penny a slut' thing is still going on is crazy.

  3. That thread is my wonderfully crazy Lenny-shipping brain (please be respectful of the alcoholic non-memories) ;)


    I think that thread could also be your messed up twitter feed. #hotdog #sausage #thebigo #sexwounds


    I think i'll stop, those hastags could go on for a while. Plus, like i have said before, this is a respectable forum, no need to drag the twitter mess into it. ;)


    So yeah... How cute are Leonard and Penny? Totally cute right? Yeah. :wub:


    I can embrace it because my twitter bestie is equally slutty and attends AA meetings with me, so I know I'm not alone, and Penny is not alone. <3 The alcoholic sluts gotta stay strong with them french fries. 


    You have me, and 'Penny' has 'Kim' ;) Ha! AA meetings...


    Hello. My name is Molly. (Hey Molly)


    Today i drank a Budweiser because there was nothing else in the fridge and i was really thirsty. I had planned on having an alcohol free weekend, but the temptation was too strong. My liver is disappointed in me, but it tasted good so im not sorry. I also find it helps me write, as long as i dont go crazy and have the dreaded third bottle.


    Although, it is tempting... Who needs a liver anyway? ;)

  5. Hey, this is the Leonard & Penny thread, not the TW slutty writing thread! Ha ha. Yup, me and Penny, both alcoholic sluts. It's a great life.

    I love that your not denying it. Embrace it. That's the way forward. I suppose it would be hard to deny when you include things like giving oral to fries in your fanfiction. Only you could come up with that you unimaginative slapper! Ha!

  6. Ummm. This is, MAYBE, true for you. I'm not going to refute every point you make with evidence but there is categorically not a natural law that says people have to think this way.


    I agree. everyone reacts differently to different situations.


    On another note, you just had to put the Johnny Galecki in speedos thing on your signature didn't you? Seriously dude, what are you trying to do to me!

  7. Molly love that post but you missed a couple of kisses there.

    Douglas she kisses before the date that wasn't a dat, lol

    And Erik, though that was the kiss competition with Leslie Winkle


    You're right, i did think i was missing one or two but i couldnt think of them in the moment. Still, it is less than Leonard and even in the Eric kiss it was used to show her feeling towards Leonard in a round about way. Hardly the antics of a slut! haha

  8.  If this was a real person I would think that everytime they had some kind of blood work done they would be a little aprehensive that it might come back positive for some type of STD,



    This is a bit much. Just because Penny has, by her own admission, dated or slept with her fair share of men, doesn't mean she wasnt cautious when doing it. Hell, even in her drunken state with Raj she was still putting a condom on! Sadly i know people that wouldnt be so careful!


    I genuinely hate when people start calling Penny a slut. Shes not a slut. Maybe she has acted a little slutty in the past and im not saying all the decisions she has ever made have been good ones, but shes not the slut a lot of you here are making her out to be. If you take away all of the throw away comments the writers put in for laughs and just look at what is actually shown on screen, you see that Penny has been seen dating less people than Leonard. I dont even recall a scene in which she is seen kissing another man besides Leonard, if she really was this slut that you all seem to think she was, and if the writers had really wanted you to believe she was that bad, then we would have seen all these guys she dated, but we didn't. All the comments of Penny being or acting slutty have been silly one liners, things thrown in to get a laugh and probably to show just how different her life had been in contrast to the rest of the guys and girls. I dont think we can really take all of those comments literally, it just wouldnt add up.


    I judge the characters more off of what i see of them in the show, how they are in the majority of episodes, and the way penny is shown in the vast majority, she is not a slut, an alcoholic or a bitch. Shes kind, sweet, funny and cares about her friends. It really surprises me that she is always brought up in this forum and made out to be the bad person in the relationship. I know shes not perfect, none of the characters are, but to have a Lenny thread where one of the members of the pairing is constantly brought out and called this and that is just insane and unfair. I've been in the Shamy thread plenty of times and not once have i ever seen those guys get into a heated debate about how horrible one of those characters are. They love them both and sadly i just dont feel like that is the way in here most of the time. This thread constantly focuses on the negatives and while i dont want this to become some sort of fairy land with glitters and sparkles where everything is just wonderful, i would like there to be a little less Penny hate. Its really starting to get tiring constantly coming on here and feeling the need to jump to her defense, especially in a thread that is supposed to support her and Leonard. Not just Leonard.

    You are absolutely right. But this is precisely why I would love to see Leonard try to make sense of it. 


    Leonard is a scientist; his entire life is devoted to looking at things and wondering how they came to be and why they are as they are. He is not someone who simply observes and accepts reality; he drags reality into his lab and tears it open until it tells him what he wants to hear. Above all, he is used to things making sense. 

    Yet here he is. Completely in love with a woman who, on paper at least, should be the last person in the universe with whom he could hope to have a successful relationship (and vice versa). And she loves him. And their couple works. It is the emotional equivalent to an object falling upwards ! 


    I for one would be delighted to see Leonard struggle with this oddity. Not just because it would make sense considering his background but also because it would be a great opportunity for the writers to come up with their own version of a famous trope : the love explanation (different from the love declaration). In most films/shows, TPTB pull a "I love you and your flaws" (e.g. When Harry met Sally : "I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich, etc."); in others, the writers prefer the "I love you and I don't care about your flaws" school of thought (e.g. Some Like it Hot : "Nobody's perfect").


    Which option would TBBT writers go for ? Which would be more in tune with Leonard's analytical tendencies ? And, above all, would Leonard, the man who understands the holographic principle and can make it sound like a poem, the guy who works with/for Hawking on determining why and how the universe came to be, admit that he may very well never know exactely why he feel in love with the woman across the hall ? Could his marvelous intellect be defeated by a cheesecake-scented goddess with a 'tude and an inability to cook pasta ? 


    I think there would be great potential for such a scene.


     This. I want this!

  9. Oh I've long since moved on from what happened, I was just giving my opinion on that particularly point as I'm sure most others were. It's a difficult point to argue really because everyone has a different vision of the line that shouldn't be crossed. Sleeping (or intending to sleep) with either the friend of an ex, or your exs friend is just a real no go for me and I guess that is why it's really been the only thing that really bothered me in the show.

    Since writing the previous post I've decided I would be more, for lack of a better word, betrayed by a friend who went with my ex than I would be at the ex. More willing to forgive the friend though, which I guess is weird. So I definitely think Raj was more at fault here than Penny.

    Anyway, it happened. It was a mistake. I get this and I certainly don't let it colour the view I have of Raj and definitely not Penny. :)

  10. Ahh. The Raj thing. This is one thing that I actually can't bring myself to jump to Penny's defence on like I usually would! That whole thing was just a little much for me. I don't necessarily blame either character more than the other, although if pushed I would say Raj was more at fault. The world and his mother knows just how, almost obsessed, Leonard was with Penny for those years and for him to do that when he knew the effect it would have on Leonard was just wrong. Not that I'm letting Penny off the hook. She, for the same reason should have stopped what she was doing before it escalated into the bedroom. AND LEONARD'S BEDROOM! Smh. That could quite possibly be the worst part. Penny really screwed up that one. She should have known how much it would hurt Leonard, whether he was in a relationship or not, to do that with his friend.

    Its a matter of principle really, and I do see some situations where it wouldnt be as bad. If Leonard didn't care for Penny as much as he did or if Raj wasnt such a close friend to him, it would have been easier to stomach, but I don't hold it against either of them.

    It was a bad decision on the writers part and I do think they could have handled the situation after it alot better too. I would have loved to see Leonard get angry about it. He was dating Priya, I know, so he really had no right to get mad, but at the same time he did. The fact that his ex could sleep with one of his best friends, especially when that ex had to know how much he probably still cared for her, is just wrong. Especially in his bed! I think the writers could have played it better. Maybe make Penny a little more apologetic in front if Leonard and Leonard a little less willing to forgive. It could have even been done in a comedic way where in the end Penny tells him of Rajs lack of self control and it could have almost been a little joke between them.

    So yeah. I didn't like that whole thing at all, but like I said I hold the blame with the writers and I think even they know they screwed that one up a bit. It has barely been mentioned since and I'm pretty thankful for that!

  11. Since when?


    .... hmm touche! haha I just assumed after all the upheaval with 'the movie', having a naked waitress wandering aroung here might cause a few feathers to ruffle! Hehe

  12. It's an outside broadcast beach scene, and they are all in their speedos. Big product placement and mega bucks. I know this because.... well "it's only logical". I have no sources, except my ouiji board.


    I read this, got to speedos, thought of Mr Galecki in speedos... the rest is just a mess of words. :wub:

  13. There are more and more secrets between those two, that we know and the characters don't.  Leonard telling her a lie to get out of hearing her sing, Leonard getting her money from Kurt, Penny and Raj, what really happened, Penny and the horror movie, just to name a few.  It would be sort of nice for them to tell each other their secrets, like Tensor's fanfiction.


    Ahh, i would love tensors fanfiction for canon. Even just for the Hello Kitty band aid part. :)

  14. I know, that is what could make it worse. He mentions it, she doesn't know he saw it, she is ashamed and runs away, there is a fight when he tries to fix things. How many times have similar things happened in the show. It caused him and her to stop dating, after one date, when he tried to fix her being ashamed she was not as smart as him.

    These two have grown a good bit since then though. Just look at the Valentines day episode. That could have escalated, as could almost all of the fights they had in season 6, but the writers made a point of showing the two of them talking through their problems. I don't see why that would change now.

  15. It is not necessaryily Leonard that could do it, it is Sheldon and his big mouth, that could mention it.

    Haha! This is true! Although I still stand by my point that she really doesn't have a leg to stand on depending on how the movie is shown. If, like it is in my mind, it's more of the slasher type pschyo kind of scene, she really can't get mad at him. I doubt it's going to be some sultry sexy scene that he is showing to all his buddies so like I said, she can't get too mad. She made the movie with the intention of it being seen. But I still doubt it will be mentioned again, that's why I refuse to get so worked up over it. I'm keeping my faith that the writers will do right by these two. :)

  16. Then I have to wonder if it will be okay if Leonard don't mention showing the movie on the boat. I mean Sheldon is already being a PITA and making Leonard he!!!, and maybe he will be doing things with data. So he will get back into his old routine and not give the movie second thought --- so all will be good if and when it comes to light, right?

    Well actually I kind of agree. I don't think Leonard will mention the movie. I really do think it will just become another one of those things that is never mentioned again. I can't think of a situation where it would be brought up, unless Leonard says it sort of by accident in casual conversation and even then I don't think Penny can get mad at him. She done the movie, and depending on just how 'topless' she is in it, she shouldn't get too pissed about him showing her off. She's probably used to it. Haha! But anyway, I may have to eat my words but i bet we never hear about that movie again after the premiere.

  17. Yeah, but at the time Penny was probably really tired of Raj, after all he had been talking her ear off for who knows how long. The first time she can call Leonard the last thing she would want to do is think about Raj so he probably didn't even come up in the conversation. That pattern probably repeated itself for a couple of weeks at least and by then it probably slipped her mind that she had never mentioned it to Leonard.


    I completely agree with this. There would have been so much more for the two of them to talk about, especially on their first few conversations, other than Raj. He was more than likely the last person either of them were thinking of. And to be honest i kind of get the feeling that Penny wouldn't have seen much of Raj anyway after that girls night. The first episode has the group very much separated and i think that is how they were saying it was as Leonard was gone. Then they finally all came together again in the end, showing off just how much Leonard is the 'glue' of the group. They only all hang out together when he is there. I doubt it was an intentional thing on her part not to tell him, she probably simply forgot, escpecially with having Sheldon to deal with as well. Im sure he would have come up in conversation a lot! haha

  18. Do you really see more good stuff than when he came home from the North Pole? I think his North Pole return had a lot more Lenny stuff than this one. This one is more like he is back, lets have a few days of sex and try to avoid Sheldon, then return back to where we were before.


    You're right there may have been, however back then there were only the guys and Penny to focus on. The writers now have to put scenes in for all the characters, so there is obviously going to be less Lenny stuff, however the scenes we have between them, from what i can tell are good ones. Leonard is home early to spend a few days alone with Penny before announcing his return to Sheldon and the rest of the guys. Its sweet and romantic and yeah probably to do with sex too but come one of course its going to be! Its been four months! haha We even have them relaxing on the sofa flicking through pictures of his time away. Penny is wearing the locket he gave her! Things are good between them in this episode, so why focus on the negatives from the last one? Especially when it is something that, as a few have said, is probably going to be completely forgotten about after the episode airs.

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