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  1. There's so much more going on in these two episodes--WHY is everyone still talking about the video? I doubt it's going to come up that he showed off her video on the boat, since that's the tag scene and those things are usually throwaways.

    At some point it could maybe, possibly come up in conversation, but unless it's tied to some kind of major development, which I doubt it would be, it's going to fall into the background and all of this supposition and wringing of hands will be for naught.

    Yes! This! I could understand if we were told the video was being shown off in a seriously sleazy, Howard-esque type fashion, but it wasn't. It wasnt even a huge part if the episode. We have been assured that the whole thing is done in a typical innocent Leonard-y way and I really don't understand the need to constantly focus on it. Particularly when, especially for us Lennys, there is so much more stuff - good stuff - to talk about.

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  2. No problem, just a little surprised, I remember you being a little more mello. No coffee this morning?

    Haha no, I had had my coffee! Honestly I was just a little sick of hearing about 'the movie', especially when there are now more positive things to focus on. Ill go back to being mellow ha! :)

    Another symptom is atrophy of the sense of humor.



    I dont know if this was directed at me or not but ill give a reply anyway. I have a sense of humour, obviously it just differs from yours.


    Anyway, im still so buzzed for this episode! I had a read again, since the first read i was mainly just squealing over the Lenny stuff, and noticed some of the Shamy stuff in it i also really like. First thing being Sheldon telling Amy she was olive oyl. After all the trouble he went through last season with the couples costume thing, this really stuck out. Lots and lts to look forward to here!


    Oh and since i dont think i have said it yet, a big THANK YOU! To Kyzzx for the report. You are awesome. :)

  3. I was uplifted by it.

    And again, what movie? Maybe it's a slow burn, but I can only suspect THAT was a throwaway.


    Only uplifted? Come on man, join us in this Lenny happy dance! Ha!


    Also im really enjoying that this page now has two lovely Johnny avatars for me to swoon over while i try and read the posts. :wub:  :wub: :wub:  :wub:  

  4. I was just asking a question. Why are you jumping down my throat???


    Haha, okay, sorry if you felt like i was jumping down your throat. It wasnt intentional, all i was saying is that there is alot for us to enjoy in this episode, and i guess it sort of bothers me that the only comment you could make on it was in regards to the previous episode. I have no qualms at all in you asking that question, i do wonder myself how it turned out. Maybe it just bothered me a little that this was the first thing you thought to ask and had no comment on what was happening in this report. That is all. :)



    It's SDS, Shamy Derangement Syndrome. When anything bad might happen to the "ship", it causes angst and the need to lash out. Apparently it is highly communicable. :icon_biggrin:


    I too, am interested in clarification of the events of the first episode. I am sure that it will all come out in good time.


    I'm sorry but what? Lashing out? Shamy Derangement Syndrome? First of all i was not lashing out i was merely making a comment and none of it had to do with anything Shamy related. And I am much more of a 'Lenny' than a 'Shamy', not that that should make any sort of difference. I love how this season is turning out, there is no 'angst'. I was only making a point that with everything just revealed to us in this report, i dont understand the need to focus on what some see as the negatives of the last one.

  5. Did they show 7.01 before the taping? Did they have the scene with Leonard showing people Penny in the movie?

    Really dude? This is all you can say after reading that? Haha Come on! We have Leonard coming home early to surprise Penny so he could spend a few days alone with her! Just her! Even I didn't think that the writers would actually go down that road!

    This episode is brilliant for us Lennys! Lets just all relax a little over this stupid movie. Chances are it will turn out much better than what I imagine you think it will.

    So yeah, relax and enjoy some Lenny feels for a little bit. This episode is bordering on perfect. For me anyway. :)

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  6. Ok Molly sent me here with this video. It's not a spoiler but I made it because, why not, I love Lenny. So here, have some feels to forget about Leonard being naughty and showing off his topless girlfriends! 






    If this shouldn't go here I'll post it somewhere else but idk this thread could do with some Lenny feels before the new season.


    If i was allowed to like this again i would. Over and over and over and over again, even though it made me cry. Its so perfect. So, so perfect. :wub:  :wub: :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  

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  7. Penny has become an alcoholic, .

    I can't believe that you and some others can really define Penny as an alcoholic. I wouldn't even put her down as a binge drinker. The girl have gotten drunk in a handful of episodes, all of which included the two other girls too. Are they also alcoholics or is this saved just for Penny? In the Valentines day episode, Bernadette told Leonard to 'keep on going' when he was filling up her wine. Maybe her relationship with Howard is turning her into an alcoholic too. Or maybe that's just Penny's bad influence...
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  8. An Illusion? Ask the writers, ask the cast any fan of the show well say the same thing Penny is a much nicer person and alot more mature then she was. So I'm assuming you think Penny dating alot of casual guys who work at the gym, and never having any real emotional connection with any guy was sustainble over the next lot of seasons? An alcoholic? Where did that come from the only time I have seen Penny drink is when she is hanging out with the girls or goes out, in S6 she has become alot more domesticated and assured in her relationship with Leonard. You may see her maturity as an illusion but I see it as growth and self actulization, as she may not have success in other areas of her life, but she is begginning to become less shallow and superficial then she was in the first two seasons. You say she was nice in the first two seasons far as I am concerned she is a much nicer person now then she was, her taste in guys was shallow, Leonard was really the only relationship that had any emotional deph to it at all. And it is not fair to say she has no passion in life other then having a BF, she is not a Phyiscist her job does not pay constantly, she is working as an waitress as a struggling actress, what are you expecting? So while I can't say for sure what type of person in Penny you tune in for, but from my vantage point her maturity is clear to anyone who has watched from the begginning. Moments like Leonard wanting to move in, do you seriousley think S1 or S2 Penny would be keen for that? She was willing to compromise her intimacy issues and insecurities to make Leonard happy, Valentines Day EP finnally Leonard and Penny are starting to trust each other and be honest with each other. I am just listing examples of how much Penny has matured in her growth as a person and in her relationships espeically with Leonard.

    Can I get a hallelujah and an Amen please! I agree 100% (

  9. oh yes. 


    I have to say this is a very tame response on your behalf. You are learning some self control. Well done baby.  ;)


    OMG Molly. Are you trying to kill me?



    Im trying to kill no-one, just making our day a little bit more HOOier. Yes, HOOier is now a word. I just made it up. Oh and WELCOME!

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