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  1. It was really hard to explain everything in the report. However, Penny was really wanting to "talk" because she was missing Leonard. She asked Sheldon to share secrets, and he didn't quite get it. That is when she told him about the topless SCENE in the movie. So he would understand what a real secret was. :) I personally thought it was he need to "talk" with someone because Leonard and Bernie were away.

    I think the humour does not come across in the report because it was just a re-telling of the basic events that happened. It was impossible to remember all the jokes and exactly how everything played out.

    You done great with the report! Especially for the first time and I'm sure you know we all really appreciate it. Sometimes people just home in on one point and take it to extremes. I really believe this episode will be good. If you found it funny and didnt see anything offensive by it, then I'm confident most of the rest of us will too :)

    Thank you again.

  2. Hi Terrible and welcome to the forum.


    It's not about the movie, it's not so much that Penny constantly tell Sheldon things she won't tell Leonard.  For me it feels like the writers are telling us the viewers that Penny really doesn't trust or give Leonard the benefit of the doubt of how he would react upon hearing things she did before they met. I mean it was Wyatt that told Leonard about most of her losers boyfriends, her during weed, her thinking she was pregnant and so on.  Penny will share stupid things with Leonard that aren't important about her but never anything that helped shape who she is. 


    I have tried to think of one thing of importance that Penny has shared with Leonard about her or things she done in her life before they met and I realize I can't think of one thing (if someone can please feel free to post it).  I know some will bring up the psychic thing, I don't see that as being something that big. 


    If the bond is that strong between Leonard and Penny then Penny should have no problem with sharing and talking to Leonard about these things - that is how we grow in a relationship and become stronger as a team.


    I have a real feeling that this isnt what the writers were trying to tell us. The writers are writing a comedy and were trying to be funny. They set up the topless movie thing, for the tag ending and the laughs. If you want to look at it deeper, she was sharing something with Sheldon... Bonding with him while she dealt with the absence of Leonard and not having him around to talk to.


    I dont recall a scene where Wyatt sat down and poured out all of this stuff that Leonard didn't know. I remember one where he shouted all of this stuff at Penny, with no reaction from Leonard. Nothing in that episode said he didn't already know. You are just assuming that he didn't. As for the loser boyfriends. He met Kurt and Mike. He knew about that.


    This is a comedy. We arent going to see even the half of the things that Leonard knows about Penny and vice versa. And i wouldn't want to watch the show if it was like that. Yes, every now and again she shares something with Sheldon, that doesnt mean she values him more than Leonard. Its more than likely just easier to ask or tell him this stuff, because its Sheldon. He couldn't really care less about whatever she had to say anyway.

  3. I am with you Army Girl, and while others may think we over react, they are wrong/ It is not over reaction, it's passion (about TBBT)


    No, some of you are overreacting. Overreacting and passion are two different things. I'm not overreacting about a scene i havent even seen aired yet, so does that mean im not as passionate about this show as you are?

    I don't think doing a topless movie is her darkest secret, and telling Sheldon, it's not the biggest deal, because he won't see the significance of it in the same way Leonard would - he's seen her topless, he tells Amy 'don't just stand there, take your breasts out' - but he doesn't really see the same things most other guys would see in that. And would she really want to tell the man she loves, 'by the way once I did a topless film' - I doubt it's her proudest moment. He's not showing people personal videos and photos of her. If I did a topless film I wouldn't really want to tell guys either, but if they found it and saw it, I'm the one who done it, so even if I disliked it they still have the liberty to watch it. That's how I see it anyway! 


    And this, i was going to come on here and say something like this. You beat me to it. :p So, ill just say yes to this! And add maybe that this movie that she was topless in, wasnt a sleazy movie. She was in the shower, apparently for some slasher type film that just didn't make it to air. It's not like she done some porno, Leonard found it and decided to show it to everyone. He's showing off his hot girlfriend with a scene from the only movie Penny ever did and she just happens to be in the shower. I have faith in the writers that in the scene he is showing there is nothing explicit. That would be wrong, otherwise, i dont see the big problem.

  4. Oh come on! Penny's topless thing is hardly sleazy! It has been said that it's a shower scene and part of some slasher movie. Just cos she's topless in it, doesnt mean she's going full frontal!


    I will admit the whole topless thing did kinda bother me at first, not so much Penny doing it, but Leonard showing it off. But when you think of it as just a scene in a movie where shes showering and probably not showing anything explicitly, i don't see the problem with Leonard showing it. It's just Leonard's way. He's always bragged about Penny being his girlfriend and i sort of expected that sort of thing to be shown. I didn't expect it as a topless movie scene, but still.


    Why couldn't it been that they both googled her name, when they first met her, to see what movies she had done and came across her topless movie, would have making it sound innocent like that be bad? And couldn't the last scene be Leonard, by himself, watching it with sad lonely look on his face, mumbling 'I miss you'. Even better why did they even go with a storyline of Penny doing a topless movie?

     How do you know that's not what happened? They could have simply googled her and came across the movie. I dont recall anywhere saying how it was found. I'm glad they didn't go with the sad lonely Leonard. I like seeing Leonard happy and enjoying himself, he deserves it. Keep all that deep emotional stuff for fanfiction! haha.

  5. Ok so I've been reading this so... don't hate on my first post :)


    I don't see what the big deal is with Sheldon & Penny spending some time together, or the hug. They both miss Leonard and are bonding over that. He makes her a hot drink, like he does when he sees people are upset - that's very IC of him, he'll have seen her missing Leonard and he saw how they were in the car. They hug, but it doesn't say he hugs her or that he enjoys the hug, and maybe he needs the hug too because he misses his buddy. It's nice that they have each other. We don't see Shamy in this episode, but we might learn later that they've been getting closer. It's a hug, not erotic nose caressing. 


    We don't know how much of the video Leonard showed. Yes, he shouldn't be showing it off, that's not cool. But it's a film, not a personal video. And Penny is the one who did the film even if she says it wasn't released. He misses his girlfriend, he wants to show her off, it seems on that boat he's having the life he never got. Not saying it's right for him to do that. But we don't know what he showed or why. They're fine in the next episode. I don't think she's going to be pissed off about it too much for too long if she finds out. 


    Amy and Bernadette... they're just having some fun. I always make jokes like that when I go out with my besties. Bernadette knows Amy won't do anything, they're allowed to enjoy being hit on! 


    Sheldon is showing his concern for Amy in his special way. They're fine. Penny misses Leonard and when he's back from his exciting trip of a lifetime, they're going to be fine. 


    That's my view of it. I love Lenny, I love Shamy, I love Howadette. I love Raj and his newfound (bad) ability to speak to women. There's nothing in there that suggests anybody will be breaking up or cheating or making Shenny happen from a hug. :)


    Welcome to the board my lovely Waitress! Woo!

  6. Hey, if this was a French show we'd all be going *shrug*. And I'm going to reiterate that its not a Kardashian/Hilton moment. I'm betting Leonard is proud and stupid about it. Stupid like the Buffy early wake up, stupid like the photo Mollie mentioned. We have to find out his motives. THEN the lynching. Or not.

    Okay can I just point out the biggest travesty of the day! You spelled my name wrong when it is written in my username! What the heck dude! I think you should go sit in the corner and hide! Smh. :p

    I am glad some of you agree though. This whole thing probably won't turn out even half as bad as you are all imagining so lets take a moment and just... Chill. :)

  7. Um, okay. I wasn't going to do this but im just gonna throw it out real quick before i go off to bed. I dont think this is all that bad. PLEASE DONT SHOOT ME! The only thing in it that maybe bothers me a little is the whole topless Penny thing. im not totally surprised Leonard found it and to be honest i can imagine it was probably Howard that helped him find it. ha! Also its not totally OOC for Leonard to show it. Remember he took that picture for comic con? an extreme version of the same thing. Plus we dont know what he actually showed them. It could just have been the part right before she was topless or right after! i doubt he would go about showing his girlfriends boobs off to everyone! And i can only hope he actually didn't. We will only really know when it airs.


    Okay and the Shenny stuff doesnt bother me either. Let them have their hug, they miss their friend/ boyfriend. I get that maybe its a little annoying since he wont willingly hug Amy but whos to say he was happy with hugging Penny? She could have and probably did pull him in for it and he stood still hating it like he does with Amy. I cant see him all of a sudden pulling her in for a massive cuddle with a huge smile on his face thinking it was great. and i really dont think anything is going to come of it. Except maybe in some fanfiction. That shit is going to go crazy with this, but in the actual show nothing will happen. They are showing Penny missing Leonard, thats a good thing! and the sides for the next episode say Penny is back spending time with Leonard and forgetting about Sheldon so all that hugging and bonding probably wont come about again.


    *hides in corner while everyone tears up my positive post* :icon_rolleyes:

  8. I felt for Penny. She was visibly more upset than Leonard and not really comprehending. "I'm sorry, Leonard" was what I recall. Sorry I can't do this, sorry I can't cope, sorry I let you down, sorry this is happening, sorry I'm not stronger.

    I remember her colouring up and breaking down.

    that's my impression. I'm now going to check the transcript, and the definition of wussie. :)


    Thats exactly what it was. It was so sad. :( buts its okay, its all over and if tptb are as clever as i think they are they wont do that to us again! haha

  9. It always amazes me when people start talking about how poor Leonard is bullied by the EVIL SHELDON and is his whipping boy and all that.  Leonard isn't legally bound to remain Sheldon's roommate, apart from whatever might actually be on their lease with their landlord.

    Whatever Leonard might have agreed to in the Roommate Agreement isn't exactly legally binding, no matter what Sheldon likes to think.


    I think what people miss is Leonard's inherent humanity toward all of his friends.  And he does consider Sheldon a friend.

    I think that we see in the flashback episode that while Leonard initially thought of Sheldon as an opinionated, know-it-all weirdo, he didn't hate him.  He willingly jumped through all of Sheldon's hoops, at first to get into the apartment, and then later because it was probably easier to agree to it than to fight over it.

    Yes, Sheldon is something of a spoiled child, but underneath it all, he really does care about Leonard as well, and is desperate to keep him as a friend.  It's just that his pride will not allow him to admit to such things openly.


    But I think that Leonard has found things in Sheldon's personality that he likes as well.  They have interests in common, both in entertainment and in their work, even if they're not walking in lock-step about everything, but that's true of all friendships.

    I think that Leonard understands that Sheldon needs him, both emotionally and psychologically, as well as for things like rides to work, etc.  If it weren't for Leonard's friendship, who knows how badly off Sheldon would be emotionally.  I think Leonard somehow knows that and feels for him as a person.  In the same way, Leonard understands Howard and Raj, and even Penny.  While he may not get it right all the time, his heart is always in the right place, and that's why he cuts Sheldon a lot of slack.



    Yes! This! This is what i was trying to say, but you have just said it so much better! Thank you! :)

  10. I guess the big thing I want to see from Penny is for her to put more into her relationship with Leonard, then she takes out.


    But isnt that basically what happened in season 6? The whole season it was about Penny realizing how to act in a real relationship. She admitted in the beginning that she expected Leonard to do all of this stuff for her and when she realized that wasn't the way it worked she changed it. She went to his work and took more of an interest in him, what he does and what he loves. She even let him move in, because she was scared to say no and risk him getting upset and leaving her, even when she wasnt ready for it. In season 6, Penny put a lot more into the relationship than Leonard did, because she was the one that had to. Thats been done. i dont see why it always has to be Pennys fighting for Leonard's affections. In my opinion they are now on equal ground and id like to see more of that in season 7. They both know they are in it for the long haul and they are taking their time before they look to moving in and getting married. Leonard is letting Penny find her way through her commitment fears but apart from that they are both at the same place. Like i said, i dont see why she has to continue to prove herself.

  11. The problem with the break up was that it was public, cruel and humiliating. She could have asked him out to the car. It would have

    been far better for her to demand he take her home, and break up with him in private. It would have accomplished Wheaton's shallow goal of throwing the bowling, and gotten Penny and Leonard out of sight so she could dump him in private. Why break up with him right then, on the spot, in front of his friends, in a fricking bowling alley? In any normal group of guys, even nerds, she would have been dead to them after such a humiliation. If she'd let him down easy, in private, then things could have gone back to where they ended up and it would have made sense. Was it necessary to humiliate Leonard? Did it give him some edge in the relationship later? So far, Penny still seems to insist on controlling the pace of the relationship, and clearly she's still reacting with her gut. There is no plan. In fact, it is counter-intuitive. She decides to break up with him last fall, then sleeps with him after dating for six months. It didn't occur to her to sleep with him before? Yes, I know they had the near miss that Leonard blew in the finale of season 5, so she cuts him off for another four months because he might ask her to marry him? As has been observed many times, she's and enigma.


    The thing is she never actually said she was leaving him. She never announced to the bowling alley that she was leaving him, all she said was that it wasn't fair to him and she was sorry. Leonard was the one that said, 'i'm pretty sure it's already over'. All Penny was doig was freaking out after being put, as she saw it, on the spot.


    We all know Penny doesnt exactly think things through so when she felt like Leonard was pressuring her in the bowling alley after them agreeing to move on past it, she freaked. She didn't intend on breaking up with him, none of it was planned it just happened.


    Yes, Penny does have control of the pace of the relationship, because she is the one that needs it. Leonard has told her he is ready and waiting, its her that has to get past her issues before she takes the next step in their relationship, not him, so shes the one that has to be in control of it right now. She thought of breaking up with him and then decided to sleep with him instead, because she knew deep down she didn't want to leave him. I'm pretty sure i went into more detail at some point about her whole issue with the relationship being boring as her reason for wanting to break up with him so im not going into it again. And she didn't sleep with him after he proposed probably because she was unsure of the relationship and yes maybe it was a little selfish of her, but once again, its her who has these major issues and its her that had to get over them, and she did. Because Leonard let her have that time that he didn't back when they first went out and caused her to break up with him.

  12. So when does Leonard pay off his debt to Sheldon for saving his life?  Does that mean Leonard deserves all the crap he gets from Sheldon?  Having affection for someone shouldn't come at the expense of your dignity.  Guess I see friendship differently than most.


    I dont think Sheldon has ever taken any of Leonard's dignity away. Leonard has stayed with Sheldon for a reason, he doesn't stay because Sheldon bullies him or forces him in any way to stick around. He stays because he WANTS to. Nothing, even the roommate agreement, keeps him there. I believe the only reason he stays is because he actually cares about Sheldon, and likes him. Sure he gets pissed off with him sometimes and all the little quirks he has but there has been plenty of scenes where they get along together and enjoy one anothers company. Like when they play three way chess or 3d chess and discuss each other 'old ladies', there have been scenes that show the two of them just being friendly with each other. I'm not trying to say Leonard doesnt put up with alot, all im saying is he does it of his own accord, he isnt bullied into it. Leonard is a lot more headstrong than i think, at times, you give him credit for. He cares about Sheldon and he knows there probably arent that many people in this world, besides Amy now, that would actually put up with him. So yeah, thats my two cents on that. :)

  13. Ack! Has anyone heard anything, even a droplet of news from last nights taping? The studio was filled with people! And not a peep from anyone whose friend, colleague, bestie, bro, homie, sidekick, mate, comrade, bud, buddy, cohort, chum, confidant, Amiga, home slice may have attended and give us a morsel of nourishment?! I'm dying here!! Notify my next of kin!


    I think you've just summed up how we are all feeling! I dont think anyone has heard anything. We may have to wait until next week when one of the regulars is attending... Sucks, but, we have waited this long, im sure we can hold off for another week! haha

  14. I can't recall all the things from Penny and Leonard 1.0 that have been rectified in 2.0. To while away the time anyone care to try to recreate the bug list?

    ie : Leonard's issue with psychics was addressed in the Closure episode. He let it go through to the keeper when Penny mentioned it.


    He has been quieter when they kiss and she went to college so that they have more fun things to talk about. :icon_wink: She didn't stop wearing her heels though (BAD PENNY!) and he hasn't fixed his eyebrows.


    I watched The Wheaton Recurrance last night for the first time in a long time and OMG it was so sad. I know a few of you seem to think Penny was way out of line during that episode but i really felt for her. The part where Leonard says 'fine i'll shut up' and she turns to him with tears in her eyes because thats not what she meant, she just wants him to back off her a little, was sooo sad.


    That was one of Leonards main problems in Leonard and Penny 1.0, he would push her about things when he should have lay off and let her breathe. We seen that when she finally told him she loved him, he knew her well enough not to chase her down and make her explain how she felt or get her to say it again.


    There was also the part in the laundry room, where Penny comes to see him to make sure everything is okay and he sort of sweeps it under the rug because you can just tell he knew it was going to end badly for the two of them when they talked about it. I really felt for him in that part, so true to Leonard to just pretend everything is okay when its not. That has also been fixed. He's not so worried about her breaking up with him and would rather talk through things to make it better than just leave it. The Valentines Day ep is a perfect example of that and so is Egg Salad to a certain point. He went to talk to her about their problems, she never came to him.


    I think the whole commitment thing might be looked at a little this season, and i hope it is. Look to Tensors fanfiction and you will see there what i would love to happen! (Hello Kitty promise ring band aids EEK!)  

  15. Just gonna throw this up here for any of you guys looking for Leonard and Penny fanfiction. Its only just started and i'll update it as regularly as possible. Go on, read it, you know you want to ;)


    Title: The Next Step


    Summary: Preparing for the next step in Leonard and Penny's life, serves as the catalyst for memories of the past and thoughts of their future. Lots of Lenny fluff, with a dash of sadness thrown in. :) enjoy!


    Rated: T



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