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  1. Chapter 43 - Her Special Man Thanks for the comments guys! It is very much appreciated!
  2. Sheldon doesn't realise what is happening... i dont think Penny does either... Thanks for the shamy comments, i still get nervous putting out chapters that are centred around those two! They can be a pain to write sometimes, so its good to hear people see them still IC. its a big PHEW! haha
  3. Chapter 42 - Awkward, But Perfect Shamy hugs for you all
  4. I like this idea, especially the part about Sheldon's behaviour being similar to Penny's. Its something i've noticed too. They both need alot of time to deal with certain things, in his case intimacy, and in hers, commitment. and yes, you should visit the Lenny thread, from what i hear they are all really cool people over there... Also, i really dont think Sheldon will hug Penny, and i dont really think Penny will get that upset either. She might be a little shocked, maybe even a little sad, but i dont think she is going to need to cry on Sheldon's shoulder. I have made the mistake of reading too much into the sides before (the valentines episode, lenny proposal, it was crazy) so im not going to do it again and save any real judgement for when the taping reports come out!
  5. I like that quote. Although my favourite 'glass half full' quote has to be: "It doesn't matter whether the glass is half full or half empty, there's room for more vodka." haha
  6. Chu got a problem wit that papi? nuh uh. Yeah i think your right about the no acting lessons thing. i vaguely remember hearing/reading that once. Why do you have to rain on my parade. its one hour okay? haha
  7. I agree. And can i just say, your avatar is so distracting. Took me forever to actually read what you had written becase my eyes kept on drifting to the left...
  8. Relax dude, thats not a spoiler. It was announced by CBS, so pretty much everyone knows that the premiere is going to last an hour. EEEEEKKKKK! Sorry, i had a moment. I get too excited for what could happen in that one hour when i start to think about it.... I think its a mixture of both. I think Kaley gets very into her Leonard and Penny scenes. In the 'i love you' scene she said she felt like she was Penny and in the 'i'm passionate about you' scene, it took her several takes to get the whole speech out without crying. I think this scene was the same, i think in that moment she probably felt like she was Penny and clung to him for dear life. It was lovely
  9. Um, i know im a tad late, but this was just perfect. Perfectly perfect. You summed those two up so well. Is there any chance i could maybe steal you from the Shamys? Please
  10. Im in the middle of 'working' and I just realised something about the spoilers that makes me really happy. Since Sheldon and Penny are going to be 'bonding', Bernie and Amy are away on this trip and Leonard is at sea, that only leaves Howard and Raj, which I'm hoping means we will get some good scenes between them. If there is one thing I feel had been missing in season six it's some of the good old banter between those two. I can imagine Howard taking Raj out to all these sleazy bars that he would have gone to when he was single and try to show Raj all of his 'moves'. I dunno I think that could be funny, I was kinda getting sick of how pathetic they were making Raj in season six, it just wasn't that funny. So I'm hoping that will change in season 7.
  11. Damn, i made the mistake of assuming you were a guy because of your avatar. Dont know why i do that, but i really need to stop! Sorry! I agree that the topic of their conversations could widen a little bit, but I still really enjoy them.
  12. :O I love the girl talk scenes! But then maybe thats just cos im a girl
  13. No problem, just started it out of boredom since i saw the Shamy thread was up! And i have no idea about the spoilers. I guess if most of the people that visit here are okay with spoilers then they probably will be allowed.
  14. Alright so i thought i'd start off the Leonard and Penny thread now that the Season 7 part of the forum is up and running! Yeah, so, how cute are these two? Yeah, totally.
  15. Hmm, i dunno. Amy can pack a punch, especially when she has her bag full of coins. And dont forget that she broke the security persons nose at the airport! haha
  16. This is true, and part of the reason i look forward to seeing what kind of Sheldon/Penny stuff they give us.
  17. Dont forget the 'Sheldon, you big weirdo, i love that you're in my life!' 'i love you too'
  18. Angry Bernadette is defnitely comedy gold so i look forward to that too. "Come at me, see what happens!!"
  19. In what way is the trip fake? He really is going on the ship so... im confused. I personally look forward to the Sheldon and Penny bonding scenes. It was something that was always going to happen with Leonard being away, although i did expect there to be a little more Shamy bonding with it too, i do find it odd they aren't going down that route at all. Sheldon is no threat in the Leonard/Penny relationship, no matter how much the Shennys would argue otherwise. The way i see it, its like a brother and sister bonding after years of being at each other throats. I fully expect Penny to pretty much be all over Leonard as soon as he arrives back and i wouldn't be surprised if any 'bonding' the Shenny share is forgotten about in the next episode. Its happened before. Hoo! Is all i can say to that!
  20. I cannot wait to see this play out. I really look forward to seeing how Bernadette and Amy will interact with each other without Penny being around and i really can't wait to see Sheldon and Penny bonding over missing Leonard. I'm so ready for this one hour premiere. So ready!
  21. Im sorry, completely off topic, but i love your posts. They always make me laugh. Okay, now continue with the 'safe' L/P talking
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