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  1. That was a really great chapter.  You nailed it.  The slow movement of Sheldon and Amy seems so IC.  And I don't know if that is your plan, but it looks like Penny is moving Leonard into her apartment.  If she is, it is funny that Sheldon doesn't have a clue.  I'm a big Amy fan, so I get a kick out of her getting Sheldon to be more romantic with her.  Can't wait till your next update, again good story.


    Sheldon doesn't realise what is happening... i dont think Penny does either... :p


    Thanks for the shamy comments, i still get nervous putting out chapters that are centred around those two! They can be a pain to write sometimes, so its good to hear people see them still IC. its a big PHEW! haha

  2. Agreed again. IMO, going into that way can only be positive for the Lenny. The relationship may also be rebalanced without Penny necessarely feeling too bad for her previous behaviour towards him or feeling insecure ( She should, but no ) Instead, she will realize that he is an adult and no longer a little puppy begging for affection and commitment. Maybe in that way, she could solve her own commitment issue, feeling at ease and not pushed ( big similarities with Sheldon's behaviour by the way )


    I must visit the Lenny Thread sometimes :)


    I like this idea, especially the part about Sheldon's behaviour being similar to Penny's. Its something i've noticed too. They both need alot of time to deal with certain things, in his case intimacy, and in hers, commitment. and yes, you should visit the Lenny thread, from what i hear they are all really cool people over there... ;)


    Also, i really dont think Sheldon will hug Penny, and i dont really think Penny will get that upset either. She might be a little shocked, maybe even a little sad, but i dont think she is going to need to cry on Sheldon's shoulder. I have made the mistake of reading too much into the sides before (the valentines episode, lenny proposal, it was crazy) so im not going to do it again and save any real judgement for when the taping reports come out!  :)

  3. Luckily, with my attention span and memory retention issues, it becomes completely fresh at each viewing. So really the episodes are as long as a piece of string. Hehehe.

    off track, have you seen the t-shirt that says something like "half air, half water, never mind; regardless, the glass is always full".

    I have that. Don't always read it, cos its backwards in the mirror.


    I like that quote. Although my favourite 'glass half full' quote has to be: "It doesn't matter whether the glass is half full or half empty, there's room for more vodka." :) haha

  4. So lovely. She gets totally immersed. I think i read once Kaley said she she never had an acting lesson. Someone might confirm. But it shows they had a win in casting. In fact, wins all round.

    And, a hopefully consistent one hour (well, 43 minutes, after ads, if we are lucky, more likely 38 min). I'll echo your Eeeek, but at a slightly higher pitch - and fan myself with my hands. It does bear pondering.

    Ay papi.


    Chu got a problem wit that papi?


    nuh uh.


    Yeah i think your right about the no acting lessons thing. i vaguely remember hearing/reading that once. Why do you have to rain on my parade. its one hour okay? haha

  5. I just circled back to how good a contiguous one hour would be. Its actually awesome. If that had been announced by itself... He should have lead with that, then stopped.

    An hour, contiguous!!!!!

    eta: shoot. Is that spoiler? I'm new at thinking in a bifurcated fashion. The voices I hear chant in unison.


    Relax dude, thats not a spoiler. It was announced by CBS, so pretty much everyone knows that the premiere is going to last an hour.




    Sorry, i had a moment. I get too excited for what could happen in that one hour when i start to think about it.... :)


    The more I look at it makes me think that Kaley is either a very good actress or that is Kaley hugging Johnny. Her whole body is into that hug and her head is mashed against him.


    I think its a mixture of both. I think Kaley gets very into her Leonard and Penny scenes. In the 'i love you' scene she said she felt like she was Penny and in the 'i'm passionate about you' scene, it took her several takes to get the whole speech out without crying. I think this scene was the same, i think in that moment she probably felt like she was Penny and clung to him for dear life. It was lovely :)

  6. My only reservation with "the fruit platter" way of gently ending a topic rather than beat it to death is making sure that everyone has time to get their licks in if they want to. If just two people hijack the thread with an ongoing argument, or, as has already happened, a lengthy swap of mutual admiration posts that add nothing to the conversation, I don't mind suggesting that two people "get a room" and take their discussion elsewhere if they want to continue it. If the topic is one with multiple people weighing in on, though, and it's also on topic to this thread, I would want everyone to be able to say their peace without "the fruit platter of shut up" being passed around and making people feel as if their opinions are no longer welcome.


    So, I am on the fence about the fruit platter. People seem to ignore it anyway. Despite the arrival of mangoes, it still took Tripper interceding to end the Autism topic - and even that didn't quite end it either. No idea if it'll work or not - sometimes you just have to let things run their course.



    We don't? Aw, shucks, I thought some of my fellow Shamy shippers were making me smarter. Then again, perhaps some of them were not, so I guess I'll just stick to my own, lonely brain.


    Sad lion.



    In my opinion, the "problem" with Leonard (and some people might find it fascinating or funny, some people might find it relatable, or endearing, some might have found it a turn off, YMMV) in regards to his relationships is that, with the sole exception of Penny and one attempt with Leslie WInkle, Leonard lets women chose him. Consider it:


    In the Pilot, Leonard bravely, but horribly awkwardly, chooses Penny by inviting her to lunch.

    Leonard asks Penny out on a date, although he hedges on letting her know it's an actual date.

    Leonard tries to readjust his expectations and try someone more suited to him, so he asks out Leslie Winkle. They kiss, but there are no sparks.

    Later, Leslie Winkle changes her mind and asks out Leonard - doesn't work out, but she basically chooses him, saying she wants to settle down into a relationship with a more boring, traditional paradigm - and who better to do that with than him?


    Let's look at all the others -

    Dr. Stephanie choses Leonard, kissing him in the car unexpectedly. She moves the relationship forward quickly, and has pretty much stealth moved into his apartment in less than a month. Leonard struggles to draw a line in the sand with her, but finally manages. We find that even Leonard, who has a deep-seated need to be loved due to his mother, can't take a certain level of clingy.

    Priya choses Leonard, turning an innocent walk to the ladies room into a new relationship when she simply grabs his face and kisses him in the hallway. The relationship gets very serious, but we find that Leonard again has a line in the sand where he stands up for himself - he's not going to continue a relationship with a woman who has cheated on him.

    Leonard, who by now has a history of getting into relationships with women who grab his face and kiss him, falls into the trap with Mrs. Latham, who ends up making him an offer he can't refuse. I mean, come on, if you had the opportunity to meet a woman who became a millionairess due to her sexual prowess, would you say no? In any case, once again, the woman choses Leonard, rather than Leonard chosing the woman.

    This happens again with Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton, who simply comes into Leonard's room like a mystical neriad, spouting science like poetry and slipping out of her delicate robe to stand naked in front of him. I know he had just broken up with Penny, but he was a single man who needed a rebound in order to quell his heartbreak. I wouldn't have said no either.

    Last but not least, you have Alice - the time when the woman chose Leonard, and did the same thing as ever - grabbed his face and planted a bit wet one on him. Usually, this is enough to convince Leonard to sign up for a long-term relationship, but in this case, he manages to get a grip on himself and turn Alice down.

    Through all of this, whenever Penny has been drunk and chosen him, Leonard has always let her.


    Finally, at the 100th episode, Leonard looks through that doorway again and sees Penny, once more, with all of that history behind them. And finally, despite all that he imagines about how horrible it will go while he stands on the landing, HE chooses HER. Again. The heart wants what the heart wants, and this time he doesn't pretend he's asking her out as a casual friend, or to a casual lunch, or with the rest of the gang. He makes it clear: he is asking her out. On a date. A date date. He mans up, and he choses her, and he lets his intentions show. And Penny, flummoxed, skeptical, asks if he's really thought about it. He says yes, and he's going forward with it anyway, taking the risk and being confident. Almost shyly, Penny smiles, hardly able to believe her ears or dare to hope that what she was pining for through all of season 4 while he was with Priya could really be happening. She says yes, and they haven't broken up again since, even if the relationship has had it's moments. This time, the two of them are sticking together through their fights and issues, and working through problems in much more mature ways. Instead of "Hulking Out" and breaking it off, Penny isn't pulling the trigger and ending it so abruptly when she's upset or feelings things are getting too serious and too scary for her. Leonard gets upset when he worries that she doesn't reciprocate his feelings, but her "I love you" this season put him into a different mindset and state. It's what he needs to hold on through her ups and downs that he doesn't understand, because in Leonard's head, the fact that she holds the sexual power in the relationship means she outclasses him. He doesn't understand, but maybe will begin to, that he holds the social power over the group of friends, the economic power by his stable job, and the intellectual power because...I mean, come on. They let Sheldon mock him and overshadow him a lot, but Leonard is still a genius in his own right.


    Personally, I find it incredibly exciting, and fun, and really beautiful, to see this relationship unfold. All of the failed attempts on Leonard's part, all of their insecurities getting in their way, the mistakes they made, the growth they had to experience.....to come to where they are now. 


    Like I have said, I find it unreasonable to expect that with 4 more years - another 100 episodes, almost, we won't see another break up. But if we do, I hope it comes over something really awful, some terrible choice that we would understand they would have to make, or some type of fight over a dealbreaker issue - and things which later can be resolved. From what I see of the two of them now, I see two people who have struggled so hard to get over their worst qualities - their worst insecurities - for the other. WITH the other. BECAUSE of the other.


    They are at a point, though, where I feel like they still don't really believe that they are in love with the other, I still think they are struggling to redefine themselves in their heads - Leonard would still say, "I got the beautiful girl who lived across the hall" like it was shocking to him (how did that happen?) and Penny might say, "I fell in love with the nerdy guy who treats me like a queen rather than the punk who treated me like trash." (How did that happen?) But eventually, for both, I think it's going to sink in. At least, I hope it does, as the relationship continues to mature and the two people in the relationship continue to mature. (Although I have no idea what we'll go through while they drag it out over 4 more seasons. That is daunting.)


    The charm of Lenny is that neither beloved understands why they were chosen to be loved, but the lover finds it so obvious. "Why don't you see what I see?" they seem to say to each other, and perhaps by the end of the series, they will come to see it in themselves and in each other as well. And then, when they do, they really will be perfectly happy. (Well, almost. I have a feeling that whack-a-doodle friend of theirs will still come around to drive them up the wall.)


    All of that said, I have never found Leonard all that pathetic or off-putting. Perhaps he was acting out of insecurity, but I can relate to that. I feel like people who hate Leonard must have never known a day of insecurity in their lives, or ever been mercilessly teased or been bullied. If they had, I feel positive they would relate to him and forgive him some of his poorer decisions or behavior because they could at least understand it and where it comes from. I have never been in the position of wondering why the hell Leonard made a choice he did or felt the way he did, and I'm always amazed by people who see him as pathetic and lack compassion for him.


    Um, i know im a tad late, but this was just perfect. Perfectly perfect. You summed those two up so well. Is there any chance i could maybe steal you from the Shamys? Please  :wub:  

  7. Im in the middle of 'working' and I just realised something about the spoilers that makes me really happy. Since Sheldon and Penny are going to be 'bonding', Bernie and Amy are away on this trip and Leonard is at sea, that only leaves Howard and Raj, which I'm hoping means we will get some good scenes between them. If there is one thing I feel had been missing in season six it's some of the good old banter between those two. I can imagine Howard taking Raj out to all these sleazy bars that he would have gone to when he was single and try to show Raj all of his 'moves'. I dunno I think that could be funny, I was kinda getting sick of how pathetic they were making Raj in season six, it just wasn't that funny. So I'm hoping that will change in season 7.

  8. I'm a girl and I found them incredibly dull.  <_<


    I think they need to have more focus on the girls' jobs - whenever you see them talking it's usually about their other halves! They need to work on giving the girls stronger dimensions and sharper spoken lines.


    Just in general, I would prefer sharper jokes again, like the early seasons. I'm sure it won't happen, though.


    Damn, i made the mistake of assuming you were a guy because of your avatar. Dont know why i do that, but i really need to stop! Sorry!


    I agree that the topic of their conversations could widen a little bit, but I still really enjoy them. :)

  9. Thanks for starting this thread I. Am. Molly.



    eta:  Are spoilers allow in this thread?


    No problem, just started it out of boredom since i saw the Shamy thread was up! And i have no idea about the spoilers. I guess if most of the people that visit here are okay with spoilers then they probably will be allowed. :)

  10. Do you think we could place bets? :p


    I go with $5 virtual dollars on Bernie. As much as I love Amy, Bernie has advantage on biological warfare and general loudness. Amy could, of course, bring out her army of smoking monkey assassins, but the logistics would probably play against her. My bet is on Bernie.


    Hmm, i dunno. Amy can pack a punch, especially when she has her bag full of coins. And dont forget that she broke the security persons nose at the airport! haha

  11. Not to mention the writers cooked up some fake trip for Leonard to be gone.




    In what way is the trip fake? He really is going on the ship so... im confused.


    I personally look forward to the Sheldon and Penny bonding scenes. It was something that was always going to happen with Leonard being away, although i did expect there to be a little more Shamy bonding with it too, i do find it odd they aren't going down that route at all. Sheldon is no threat in the Leonard/Penny relationship, no matter how much the Shennys would argue otherwise. The way i see it, its like a brother and sister bonding after years of being at each other throats. I fully expect Penny to pretty much be all over Leonard as soon as he arrives back and i wouldn't be surprised if any 'bonding' the Shenny share is forgotten about in the next episode. Its happened before.


    Yeah, but he'll be back. I think he'll be feistier too. He's the top science dog now. Maybe they'll take his shirt off again. LOL



    Hoo! Is all i can say to that!

  12. I cannot wait to see this play out. I really look forward to seeing how Bernadette and Amy will interact with each other without Penny being around and i really can't wait to see Sheldon and Penny bonding over missing Leonard.


    I'm so ready for this one hour premiere. So ready!

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