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  1. You know what happened? Molly came in to spread some Lenny and Shamy love. Haha
  2. What gave you that idea? Haha as I said, we will see. I still haven't decided what will happen with that yet. But either way, there will be plenty of Lennyness to keep you happy! And with that, the big 40. . http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9259105/40/
  3. I really couldn't tell u if u made it worse. I'm still shocked it happened. I mean, I understand the Lennys and Shamys having a problem with the Shennys. Well the ones looking for a romantic relationship anyway. But with each other? That's not cool. Haha. I think they are just going to be back to back. Although I'm not really sure!
  4. Wow, things got kinda crazy in here! I myself don't see any real problem with the interview and I certainly don't see any major problems for the two main couples. I'm delighted there's going to be some good shenny interaction. When it's done right, it can be pretty hilarious. I just can't get over the whole one hour premiere thing. Like its getting me so excited! I really can't wait to see what they have lined up for us
  5. havent quite decided if im going to have her get the part or not, i keep going back and forth on it. We will see!
  6. Writing. Trying to finish off a chapter that has taken me far too long to finish!
  7. Hmm, i dont really mean that she would have to have some big sort of success. I'm not expecting her to become famous overnight, i would just like her to have something that was sort of hers. Okay this is hard to explain at this time of night! haha I dont know if it would actually stop her proposing, just maybe for her overall happiness. Like i dont think she would be content being 'just a waitress' married to a physicist. I think she would want something, some sort of career of her own, or to be doing something that she is good and successful at. Even if it is just her taking more interest in school, doing more classes that she enjoys and doing well at them. This probably reads horribly. its just after 3am and my head is officially mush, i hope you kinda sorta get what i meant though! time for bed i think!
  8. When it comes to her appearance, you are probably right. She's cute and she knows it. Haha but I think disgusted was referring more to her self esteem in her career. She has always felt inferior to the other guys when it comes to this and I think disgusted is right, there will probably have to be something big happen for Penny, career wise, before she will propose, but I can't see them regressing next season, I really do think the writers will continue to strengthen their relationship, especially after the huge ratings last season.
  9. The personalities are completely different however their situations are vaguely similar. The whole 'Beauty and the Geek' thing is pretty much the same. It is also widely known in Friends that Ross had a thing for Rachel for a long time before they actually got together, and then there is the whole on/off thing. I don't know about R/R Being more immature than L/P, i would say that Ross is pretty mature and Rachel may have been pretty immature in the beginning but ended up being an incredibly successful and independant woman, something i hope to see more of in Penny over the next season. I think for those who are big Friends fans aswell as TBBT fans, (like me ) can see the similarities, although i will admit there are very few. They are and were both hugely popular sitcoms, that were filmed in front of a live audience, so i think sometimes there will be comparisons made, although i agree that overall, the two shows are quite different.
  10. Forgot to post the last chapter of the story on here, woops. Anyway here is chapter 35. Chapter 35 - The Tim Tam Suck.
  11. You are right, some people are dicks. Purely jealous fanatics. I love how she has handled herself throughout this whole thing. Keeping her love life to herself and remaining dignified through it all. Just makes me admire the woman even more
  12. Big woop for the Scottish. We are sort of awesome haha
  13. To be fair, i think the first comment made wasn't really thought through by the person writing it, i think it was just a way of getting across Sheldon and the girls having some sort of argument, when Leonard walks through the door. Totally agree that the second one is a little crazy though haha Anyway it's safe to say we don't all feel that way! I don't get why a lot of the peopple in that thread are so worried either. I've almost gotten to the point where i'm fed up trying to convince them that everything is going to be okay! haha
  14. That isn't going to happen in the timeline of the show though! haha And i dont think Penny will put up any barriers with Sheldon, i think she will continue to be like his big sister throughout the whole thing. She will look after him when he needs it and become super pissed off with him too. Just like i do with my lovely brothers! haha And i don;t think he would have to be pushed on to Amy either. I think she'd gladly take him on! haha
  15. I don;t know if Sheldon will actually ask Penny for help, but i can definitely see Penny being the one getting really annoyed with Sheldon, and Amy being in the middle trying to calm them both down. I think LostInTheSun is right, Amy has a lot more tolerance for Sheldon than anyone else in the group, excluding possibly Leonard, so I can see everyone getting frustrated dealing with him, but not Amy so much. Penny especially! haha
  16. Yeah there are pictures of them holding hands. Awwww! haha I'm very jealous. She's dating fricken SUPERMAN!
  17. Thanks, it was so hard trying to think of something! yeah i'm getting more back into L/P in the next chapters, just had to focus on Shamy a little bit there, felt like i was neglecting them haha
  18. You wanna know what is so awesome about that? I can actually picture the whole thing in my head. The girlish scream from sheldon and him running over to him, pushing Penny out of the way haha just perfect.
  19. Wow. You really are being overly negative here. I think the fact that Sheldon was freaking out so much about Leonard leaving in the finale proves how important he is to the show. And if you really think that if there was no Penny then he would have no place then... well i don't know what to say. And let's be fair, in the finale episode there were only a few scenes that he wasn't involved in. To say he was pushed to the background is a huge exagerration.
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