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  1. I found your statments hypocritical and I wan't the one who brought up politics. You are extremly rude and closed minded. Oh there is plenty of "good liberals" who have been arrested for domestic violence. But that would hurt your silly genrealization.
  2. I don’t think a person’s politics have anything to do with how they look at women. Sorry too many so called liberals have a history of treating women in their personal life badly. I am not here to get into a political argument, but I consider myself a conservative politically and I love when women are portrayed as strong individuals with drive. Granted I would never label myself a “feminist” simply because I have seen too many women who label themselves that as just as sexist as what they are attempting to fight. Professionally I have worked for and with women over my career, the majority I respected, not because they were women, but due to the fact they were easy to work with and knew their jobs. Sorry for the mini-rant. As for what the producer did with Penny’s character, to me it really never made sense. This is a sitcom not a soap opera drama. In a sitcom you have to cheer for the characters and like them despite their flaws, after the Penny morph it was really hard to either like her or really cheer for her. Especially after the Raj incident, which was creepy, and most importantly wasn’t funny. But then again the humor in season four was too bitter for my taste.
  3. Dbear12


    If it was heartache it was self-inflicted, remember she dumped Lenard (publicly btw) and then in one episode would act as if she missed Lenard and then the next act as if she had zero interest. For me it all came to ahead in the convention episode where she rejected him (again publicly) and left with the “massive missile”. I recently re-watched season four (still think it is the weakest of all the seasons) and the writers after the mentioned episode actually wrote Lenard semi-realistically. After the “massive missile” Lenard quit chasing Penny and moved on. The problem was Penny didn’t come across as simply flawed (all the characters on this show have serious flaws), but she also came across as kind of mean spirited, weak, and generally a bit nasty.
  4. Raj’s history of being a jerk is really why its’ hard to cheer for the guy. He might be good enough looking to get a girl, but would you really want a boyfriend like him, I know I wouldn’t want a girlfriend with his personality and attitude. Whenever he gets the smallest amount of success, he treats everyone around him as if they are crap. Plus his actions in season four I still list as pretty sleazy. Now granted Sheldon also treats people bad at times, but Raj is supposed to be this whole “I am the sensitive metro-sexual” guy. Sheldon really doesn’t know better half the time, Raj does and really seems not to care.
  5. I know this is an older post, but I thought I would jump in on this. First I don’t think Penny is dumb, I think she is a bit lazy and also likes playing the ditzy blond (no offense meant to any blonds out there). I have seen many people have perceptions of themselves or want to project a perception to make people underestimate them and run with it, sometimes without thinking about it. Like it’s said skill sets don’t show intelligence and Penny has shown in the past she can do things the guys can’t and vice versa. Like it was said, baiting a hook and cleaning fish is a skill set, I have known intelligent people who to be blunt couldn’t do this. As for the speed she read the comic book, remember she was “competing” with two academic, who if they were real would likely read faster than the majority on this board. So I didn’t take that as Penny being dumb, more as she was squared off against two people who read quickly for a living (if you’re doing research, you have to read a lot). I think Penny’s issue is not intelligence, its motivation. She doesn’t have to become an academic (in fact I think that would be bad for the show), but it would be nice for her to find something that motivates her outside of acting (sorry I think that’s not going to work out) or being a waitress.
  6. Dbear12

    Season 6 spoilers

    I don’t think she needs to become a tea totter, but like I said in a previous post on her character. Seeing a character get hammered once in a blue moon can be funny. Seeing a character get hammered every other week is not funny and makes a lot of people uncomfortable (least it does me). It’s fine if she drinks socially and even if once in a great while ties one on, just prefer not seeing what we saw in season four and early five.
  7. Wow, I am a guy, and not even a touchy feely type of guy,and I have to say I hope his wife/girlfriend whatever read that and said “Well A$$hole, you’re not getting lucky tonight”. This along with what he did with the Penny character in previous seasons, kind of points the guy has issues.
  8. I am highly critical at times about Penny, but I want her to improve, I liked her character the first three seasons, but disliked many of her actions in season four. So in a way, least in my opinion she became worse in season four and early season five. But this season I think she is improving and is showing growth as a character, which I like. Granted her being an actress is something I thought was dead, she has in six years had two parts. Plus I don’t see how she can impress Sheldon.
  9. I actually wouldn’t mind see this myself. I think the Cheese Cake factory gig is kind of played out, so seeing her develop beyond that would be nice. I however feel having her succeed as an actress is unbelievable; she never has really put much effort into it and seemed to mainly depend on her looks to get parts. Well she is almost thirty (I know that’s not fair, but it still is true), so she actually would need some talent to get a break. Plus to be honest the whole acting thing came across as her childhood fantasy, versus a real goal. But still she could go back to college, not in the sciences (don’t want to make her another Bernadette), but that still leaves a ton of things to study. Or she could get a job that doesn’t require a degree, but has some upward mobility (I went through the Military and only have a two year degree, but I make a very good living now that I retired … granted that wouldn’t work for Penny, but it shows there are options besides collage). They are showing her evolving in the relationship department; now let’s see growth in something professional, something beyond the whole waitress hoping to be discovered thing.
  10. It might surprise many who have read my earlier post, but this episode Lenard was the one who screwed up. I don’t think he was being a jerk on purpose, but he should have asked … meaning really asked. I think I would have handled it by asking to stay a couple days until the crap got straightened out and then maybe bring it up gradually and made sure the girl understood there wasn’t pressure. Because Penny is correct it is a big step. I also agree most of her previous “relationships” were extremely shallow and based on sex, her relationship with Lenard is likely the deepest she ever had and it still scares the crap out of her. As for Sheldon and Amy, anyone who has watched Sheldon over the last six years knew he would find a way to weasel out of it. The boy has serious intimacy issues and has problems with the opposite sex. So him find an out and then throwing Penny under the bus was totally in character.
  11. But the ironic thing was Howard was actually spending that time making a gift for his wife. Granted he dropped it, but his heart was in the right place. Plus I would like to see some insights to Bernadette’s hobbies, I am sure she has some, might be interesting to see Howard turn the tables on her a bit. Because I have to admit I am tired of the its always Howard’s fault, to be honest I can point to times old Bernie hasn’t been that great to be around.
  12. I have to agree, in season two when he had his date with Penny he was fairly confident, and he was still funny. Granted as a fan of L/P I am glad it didn’t work out, but they could have kept his character the same. I like many don’t really like the whole quasi-gay thing between him and Raj, even if he is gay (which it seems clear he isn’t) he could do better than Raj. They could have kept him a reoccurring character, kept him a nerd, but a successful nerd. Oh by the way I even though I am not huge into comic books, I have been in some comic book shops. There are actually girls who shop in those places, not as much as guys, but it’s not the total “sausage fest” portrayed on the show <snicker>
  13. Dbear12


    I am glad they toned down the drinking, seeing a character get hammered once in a blue moon can be funny, but seeing her get hammered every other week it seemed (I know that is a bit of an execration, but in season four and five she drank a lot), really isn’t funny and is kind of uncomfortable to watch. People are correct the drinking has lessened since she got back with Lenard, but I would guess it also has connection that a new writing team has taken over <shrug>.
  14. On the whole a very good episode, although there was a lot of misses also IMO. I have seen a couple female posters (least I think they are due to their callsigns) who claim people are too tough on Penny, due to anyone would be upset seeing one of their exs in restaurant, proposing. Well if they had just had her go “Crap, there is so and so with that tramp” and left it there, but they had the character go way beyond that. By the end of the restaurant scene Penny was sending out the strong signals she still had feelings for the dude and Lenard was a consolation prize. Nobody, guy or girl wants to be viewed as a consolation prize. I am willing to bet money if they had reversed the roles and Lenard had treated Penny in such a bad way, the people defending Penny would be calling for her to rip Lenard a new one or even dump him. Sorry Penny did act like a bitch in this episode, and if they had reversed the sexes I wouldn’t have any issue saying Lenard was a jerk. They did end it on a high note though, I liked that Lenard stood up for himself and that Penny admitted she was wrong. Plus I have to admit I liked Lenard’s romance ninja routine. Howard and Bernadette’s argument was amusing, although I felt a bit bad for Howard; he actually put some effort into trying to get he a really nice gift. But those are the type of arguments any couple will have from time to time. The Amy and Sheldon thing was funny, and you had to feel sorry for Alex. As for the comic book store party, it really didn’t have much going for it in my opinion. I know some were happy Raj got a date, but his “Losers” comment ruined it in my opinion. It kind of highlighted that Raj behind his sweet mask is kind of scum bag. But the episode had funny parts and was good.
  15. Dbear12


    I agree Her character was needed, because you need a “normal” to counter the weirdness. But I also agree the writers did a disservice to her character at times, especially in season four and to a lesser extent in season five. To be honest it seemed they were purposely trying to make her as unlikable as possible in season four. By the end season four, I was half expecting her to be written off (in the real world it is highly unlikely she and Lenard would have gotten back together after sleeping with one of his so called friends). But I do think they are trying to evolve her character into a more mature version that actually could become likable again. Hopefully the writers find other ways to make her character funny versus a drunk who treats the guy she supposedly cares about like a dog and who sleeps with anyone not named Howard or Sheldon. When the writers don’t try so hard she is likable and funny, it’s when they want to be “edgy” that they completely bomb with her character.
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