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  1. I'm sorry Ar Diem but I totally disagree with you. I think they added Bernadette and Penny to make Penny fit in more with the guys and I love that. And the episode with Penny's friends was only one episode. The guys were Penny's friends from the start.
  2. I love whenever Amy talks about sexual things or sort of has a lesbian crush on Penny I also love how Leonard isn't being so insecure about his relationship with Penny
  3. Lol I love Amy! She's so hilarious!!
  4. I think that Leonard and Penny's relationship would be the same if they weren't dating except for the fact that they would be having sex. Leonard and Penny will always have feelings for each other, both emotional and sexual.
  5. I don't feel like it tortures him. I feel like he wishes for more but he's more content with the way things are now. Oh yea have you read the Valentine's Day taping report?
  6. Hello! Sorry I'm new, I forgot to introduce myself. So I basically love TBBT (I talk about it 24/7) I also like Castle and Bones. I also read a lot of comics. I'm nerdy and proud!!
  7. tbbt73

    True or False?

    True TNP reads a lot of comics
  8. If the show lasted for about 10 season I think I would like to see a wedding in season 9. I sorta like carefree, no real, commitment Penny
  9. I don't think any of the couples will have children Penny is too carefree and I don't think she will ever really want kids and Leonard would respect that Sheldon said he wants kids, but he wants maybe a surrogate or adopt, because I don't think he will have sex Bernadette is the most likely answer, but that's doubtful because she doesn't enjoy kids
  10. I'm sorry but I very much disagree. I think that the episode itself wasn't disappointing to Star Trek fans. The episode wasn't really meant to be targeted to Star Trek fans. I think it was more meant to show what the guys are like outside of the apartment. As for Penny, Amy, and Bernadette I think that at first they did it to figure out why the guys like it so much and do understand them more and they also started to like comic books more and more as the episode progressed.
  11. Hey, I'm new here and I have some pics of Mayim, she is soooo gorgeous!
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