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  1. Sad to see the end. I started watching in 2012 on a plane trip! The two last episodes were very good indeed. Wishing you all the best in your futures. Signing off............
  2. There is some irony in the rep from the rival drugs company making an offer to Penny and her asking that he write it on a napkin...... "like they do in the movies"........ being said by an actress earning around $1,000,000 an episode in a run of 24 over at least 6 seasons! It wasn't a bad episode; but they do seem (to quote Sheldon) "to be lowering the quality until nobody cares" I think the production team have a job on their hands wrapping up the storylines now, and they don't have much time left with only six episodes to go.
  3. You can tell it's coming to a close............. "All good things..........." (Title of the last episode of Star Trek NG)
  4. The premise of the episode is ludicrous. Leonard has adored Penny since he first saw her. There is NO WAY he would proxy father a child with another woman and definitely not against Penny's wishes. But it's a sitcom.....so there's licence I suppose
  5. Th last season is going down the toilet unfortunately. Leonard; Penny and Raj need not be there at all. Bernadette and Howard have some good scenes - but the magic thing was just awful. The premise of the show was Leonard's efforts to get Penny.......once that was resolved, it became all about Sheldon - with the dreadful YS spin-off. Season 12 is the Big Whimper.....not the Big Bang To quote Sheldon "They slowly lowered the quality, until nobody cared"
  6. Yes. It is only a sitcom and there has to be some suspension of disbelief, but world class scientists would KNOW this and look for corroboration or further evidence before throwing the towel in. The show is coming to an end and each episode seems to be intent on confirming this - probably a real pity that the team knew this before writing and producing all but the first two episodes.
  7. Not great. Against the consensus, but I just don't see Raj with Anu. Especially not after some of the women he's dated like Emily. Penny and Leonard (Lenny) seem to have no real role in the plots anymore. AND WHERE IS DENISE?
  8. Yes this was a good one, after a few hiccoughs in the opening of the season. Nice to see Lenny not being quite so negative to each other and Howardette developing in the relationship to the point where they can accommodate for personal space and needs. I did have a few LOL moments and it's an episode I'd want to watch again, which is usually my criteria for a 'good' episode.
  9. It was a good comedic episode; best of the season so far. It will be rather strange next year as the 'milestones' of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc come around, without the backdrop of a TBBT episode. All good things................
  10. Watching this episode "has made me want to start cutting myself again"....!!
  11. Stunise?......Denart, surely? Did not like the episode one bit. The writers seem to be setting up an 'incompatibility' plot with Leonard and Penny's characters - to what end I am not sure; but it would give the show a darker end if Lenny were to break up. Penny also seemed much more forthright and aggressive with Bernadette and Amy Denise can do better than Stuart - not a believable storyline. Howard and Bernadette were just silly - although Howards concern for Raj was well written and came over as genuine thanks to Simon's great acting. Raj and Anu? Not in a million years......run far, run fast my son. Raj can do way better than this......and the character deserves better than this. Nice to see Sheldon and Amy sidelined a bit; but given their marriage - isn't the storyline a bit of a dead end now? FWIW.......I can see the beginnings of how the show is moving towards the end.........I wonder if there will be any big surprises en route?
  12. For me, this episode was clearly written and filmed before the announcement of Jim ending his tenure on the show. The production team thought there was plenty of time and episodes to develop a number of ongoing storylines, hence the convoluted Shamy "coitus" and the Lenny incompatability repeat storylines. I just hope now, in the light of the end of the show being imminent, the writers and producers don't 'cram' and try to resolve too many things too quickly.....and messily. They clearly have run out of ideas for Raj as a character, hence the NdGT story, which was rather pointless......A pity really, because if any character apart from Sheldon, Leonard or Penny had been leaving, the show could have continued......but without Jim as Sheldon it's unworkable.
  13. 12 seasons is a fantastic run. I have just binge watched all 11 seasons and have noticed that all the actors have obviously aged in the time. I can fully understand Jim Parsons wanting to move on - I don't think the show would work with 40+ year old characters; and once all the leads are in relationships (Raj / Kunal aside) the show has kind of lost the "awkward nerd" paradigm that made it so viable and entertaining.
  14. Nice to see the show back! Just watched 3 episodes back to back. (we're about 3 weeks behind in the U.K so internet catch-up) This was a good one. Enjoyed seeing Penny's "Dad" again..... and we now know Penny's last name!!!
  15. Enjoyed this one (mind you, I enjoy all of 'em). A couple of laugh out loud moments.......Leonard in the gown putting the belt on! And a trip back to 'geekdom'. ......the little engineer who could! Nice to see Mr and Mrs Koothrapali again too. Big......big fun
  16. When all's said and done it's a comedy show......and a situation comedy at that. It was a change to see the characters sort of 'jogging along' in life without any momentous 'events' like space journeys, engagements, scavenger hunts or cricket species identification quests! So Penny's character had a moan about her boyfriend to another friend in Sheldon - who among us has not had a whine about our SO to another friend or relative? As for the Leonard character being 'omega man'...Joyce Kim, Leslie Winkle, Stephanie Barnet, Mrs Latham, Priya Koothrapali, Alice, Alex Jensen and of course Penny......."Omega Male"...Really? It was a mid term episode........no Thanksgiving Decoupling to be sure, but still funny and gently progressing the show.
  17. Good one. Series 8 is getting better with each episode IMHO. I liked the quote from Penny....."It's been 8 years....I can't remember a time when you guys weren't in my life" ..........and then Sheldon......."I can!"
  18. After a bit of a shaky start the episodes of Season 8 are getting very much better. I cannot take to Penny's (Kaley's) new hair style though.....I think it makes her look quite old.
  19. True D'at I gave up on Channel 4 (and E4) and watch online. It's the only way
  20. Well thanks for the replies folks. That does answer the question. The Zombie reference was - Emily's character was a "zombie" role.....there but going nowhere. Hopefully we'll see more of her and Raj's character devleop in the future
  21. Best episode in a long long time. Science, bonding, embarrassment, Bernie as a Quizno's queen was laugh out loud hilarious - great acting. and Amy's tale was a cliff hanger! Really enjoyed this one
  22. I'm having some problems with the Raj / Emily scenario........either she would be around Raj and the others all the time.....or Raj would be virtually out of the series because he'd be with her almost all the time....given she and Penny didn't hit it off? The whole scenario is not credible.....
  23. I think they tried a bit too hard in this episode Some of it was quite charming but it wasn't particularly funny. And we do NOT play the balll of wool game....or hot beans and bacon game in England.....honest guvnor......strike a light......boiled beef n' carrots....ow's yer father
  24. Enjoyed this one. Plot lines developing but keeping the Big Bang theme. "HOW COULD YOU LET HIM GO?!!"
  25. It was great. The challenge for the writers now is where to go after the engagement! I can see one more season of the show maybe and then we'll all need a new Thursday night escape!
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