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  1. Not the best for me. Despite the much awaited kiss. Even the most awkward. lonely and needy person would have difficulty putting up with Sheldon's behaviour on the train.........it could just have easily ended things for shamy... But it's a comedy so heigh ho!
  2. It was all good fun. Be honest if you were Bernadette, would you let Howard loose with money? And as for grown up....aren't they reflecting the fact that if we're honest no one ever really feels 'grown up'....well at least I don't!
  3. IMO not the greatest episode ever. Some storylines a re starting to repeat.....Sheldon's reluctance to take a vacation? Reflective of shallow societal values though that Pennys character quitting her job to take a chance on an uncertain acting career is seen as and taken more seriously than Leonard's character having a solid education and a good career. I don't think Stuarts characters role is strong enough or has enough relevance to keep it in the show regularly. Still.....can't have a "Thanksgiving" episode every week can we?
  4. Also....... Is it just me or did the Christmas 'jingles' at the end when Stuart was sat in the cheescake factory sound just like the violins in the Psycho shower scene?
  5. Great episode. I LOVED Stuarts' characters role. It was also a great episode for Amy's character........ and just imagine Penny giving you "this" for Christmas!! Talk about 21 seconds having something to do with it!
  6. For me it was 2/11 the bath item gift hypothesis. I know these are characters acting out roles and the comedic element is making the unlikely happen, but....... It worried me how Penny had treated Leonard as a nerdy guy, sort of stringing him along, not sure whether she was interested, making him jump through all sorts of emotional and behavioural hoops to even be in her company......and in the space of a few seconds was acting all girly and interested in 'science', accepting an impromtu date with the Dave Underhill character and from that in a matter of days to a sexual relationship and allowing nude photographs of herself to be taken! Frankly any guy who would continue to chase a woman like that would have a screw looose - leonard should have moved on straight away. Priya ans especially Alex were much better bets! That said I do like the way Big Bang doesn't shy away from a lot of 'social' issues.....like, looks are essentially what drive attraction, nerdy guys do get bullied and lack confidence, sexual confidence is seen as more valuable than acedemic intelligence and many other norms. It takes it a bit deeper than just an escapist comedy.
  7. It was a good episode. All the characters had good storylines this week. I often feel that one plot line or couple is much stronger then the others and parts of some episodes are almost 'fast forward' fodder, but this one was nicely in balance.
  8. Great episode..... "Now get us a couple of beers!" Love when Sheldon is out of character and it accidentally goes well for him.....Remember Little Lalita Gupta? One piece of bad news for our UK viewers........most major ISPs here have blocked free internet T.V sites. I can only watch on my phone now!
  9. The episode was good. A little on the extreme side with some characters but it,,'s the extremes that make comedy. One thing thing though..........in the restaurant why didn't Lucy tell Penny she was seeing someone? She basically lead Ran on and the character didn't seem that callous
  10. No you are not alone. It wasn't my favourite by a long way either. Still liked the Scavenger Hunt best so far in S7
  11. Yeah I rmember the Benefactor Factor when Mrs Latham seduced Leonard.....when he gets home Penny sees him on the stairs and says "Morning Slut!!" On the edited UK showing shae says "Morning Ssssss" Very annoying
  12. Everyone is entitiled to express an opinion. That's what makes the board work. But although the main focus of Season 7 is the developing relationships, I am pleasantly surprised that the science is back! I was beginning to miss it a bit in S6. Even Howard's song to Bernadette was basically all science / nerd stuff set to music in a romantic context! Sheldon was back cracking (but not quite) ground breaking science and telling everyone he was a genius (Sheldon and his brain...woop!) And one whole episod was a mad scavenger hunt that threw all the relationships into collision......it was quite quite brilliant. I can see how some fans might feel that the relationships have taken over and TBBT is in danger of becoming like 'Friends' but for me the premise is different and always has been.
  13. Clever writing, does make me wonder that the production team keep tabs on the fanbase by maybe even reading here and other forums? We got so many developments of so many different story threads, from science to consolidation of relationships and progress in others.
  14. I have to say that IMO the Sheldon character would not work without Leonard. Leonard is the cue thats set up the bizarre responses from Sheldon and the panacea that calms Sheldons bizarreness down. Every clown needs a straight man
  15. I swear I once pooped a stick of chalk

  16. Liked this. Back to a bit of rampant nerdiness.....the guys (Leonard and Howard) don't seem quite so desperate to get laid now and are starting to revert / assert to type.......although I still think it could get a bit rocky for Howardette if he wants to play Batman games rather than be with her! And Amy standing up to / getting annoyed with Sheldon......she isn't quite so desperate now either. All good....and of course, as I said in a previous post.. "MYSTIC WARLORDS OF KA'..........................A!!!"
  17. MYSTIC WARLORDS OF KA................................'A!!!!
  18. I always try to remember it a show and a comedy at that. It isn't intended to be deep or philosophical....it's Thursay night brainless escapism. Some episodes and scenes will have you going blue with laughter, others will just go right past you........but it's there to enjoy if you like the humour. And all said and done it's a well written and acted hoot.
  19. http://www.watch-tvseries.net/series69/The-Big-Bang-Theory/season-01-episode-00-Unaired-Pilot Some parts of this are OK........Amy introduced from the start! But the Penny (Katie) character is awful, and the show is "dark". Interesting to see the dialogue they kept and recycled in the revamped / aired show.
  20. The weirdest thing for me was Penny saying to Leonard..... "Now you don't get the left or the right"..........exactly the same as has happened with Kaley and Johnny in real lfe! No wonder Leonard was sad! Overall, apart from the exposee of Raiders of the Lost Ark, not the Bang's finest (half) hour. But did we see the beginnings of a Howette breakup?
  21. That's true of course, bu they are BIG Star Trek fans (they even get the girls to dress up in ST uniforms).....but never mention, even in a "they were rubbish" way STV and STE, yet ST Deep Space 9 gets quite a few mentions.....just struck me as strange.
  22. Star Trek Enterprise or Voyager?
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