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  1. try this [link removed] welcome to the UK......hope it doesn't rain!!!
  2. Best episode in a long time. "Sweet Caroline!" even got the science back into it! Only concern - Given the goodbye scene at the end on S6.....Penny and Leonard seem a lot 'less close' since his return from the North Sea - Hope we aren't in for another will they/won't they break up saga.
  3. Kaley should definitley drop her tennis player and get back with Johnny
  4. LOL that Emmy award looks like..... "Mah Fizzics Bowl Trophy!!"
  5. This all reminds me of when Sheldon says to Penny about 'female jibber jabber' with Dr Elizabeth Plimpton "No gossip about your friends, Brad and Angelina" and when Howard was in the bath with Katee Sacckoff when she says "The real me is in Beverly Hills dating a rich, tall handsome guy" Life imitates Art.
  6. Also - it's not possible to shrink / grow actors.....but they did have Howard becoming more feminine due to oestrogen absorption, which is scientifically possible!
  7. The 'boob feeling' scene was a direct steal from Will & Grace LOL!
  8. I must say though, the producers seem to have confused the North Sea with the Arctic ocean....icebergs? Oh well, dramatic licence I suppose!
  9. Yes, he is a bit of a stud really! Of them all I think Elizabeth Plimpton was the most attractive
  10. If this was real life (we have to keep the perspective of actors playing roles) Penny would always have the "power" simply because a woman like Penny could get, within reason, almost any man she wanted, at least in the short term. For a Leonard to replace a Penny would be very difficult if not impossible, so the leonard character is much more committed.
  11. I think Penny's surname should be "Hitler"
  12. Ah, they should keep science and academia in the show! It's what sets it apart from the banality of a 'Friends' or a 'Will & Grace'......intelligent characters whose very intelligence is an obstacle in their daily lives. Why not have Sheldon or one of the others get tenure and introduce a new ground breaking idea? A good writing team could make gold with spin offs from that.
  13. How about a Svengali theatrical agent who promises to make Penny's career take off......of course Leonard and the guys can see through him......but Penny is intrigued and hopeful. A good twist would be to make him a handsome hunk to boot. Not a permanent character, but could run through a few episodes
  14. There are NO icebergs in the North Sea. How is Leonard playing the game at all?
  15. A really big girl with a mouth like an inner tube who takes an interest in Kripke!
  16. I've developed lactose intolerance just so I can fart!!!!
  17. By that logic...(as Sheldon would say)....Mr Bean is English..........so is Mr Bean stopping women from visiting England?
  18. Who do you think is the most attractive female character?
  19. If they marry L&P I think it has to be for keeps ("I'm a keeper!") One way to go to add something as a bit of a twist is for Penny being the one to push for a permanent relationship and Leonard to be the one stalling whether because of work, being away (trust me the North Sea is a seriously bad place!) or just male commitment issues! It would be a real departures from previous seasons.
  20. I would like to see (and this will be unpopular!) Leonard break up with Penny for Alex. (I realise these are actors playing parts in a show) BUT, I always thought that Leonard has NEVER had Penny react to him like she did in the "Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" for the David Underhill character......acting all girly, dazzled, dated. slept with, developed a fake interest in science and NUDE PHOTOS within a week! Leonard's character deserves better. Alex is better looking than Penny, way more intelligent, obviously likes Leonard as he is and as Penny once said, doesn't have to look up words in the dictionary when Leonard talks about work!
  21. The Lash

    Season 6 Review

    Season 6 still running in the UK! I have enjoyed it a lot. What I find though is that in each episode, one thread of the story is really good and in the same episode the mirror thread is quite weak - take the Re-entry minimisation.......The game playing with Shamy / Lenny was really funny.....but the Howard return story left me reacting the way the other characters did.....scrolling fast forward! Looking forward to Season 7....three episode to go of 6 here!
  22. Hey Guys, Spare a thought for us in the UK! We have the show on a real minority channel and they stopped Season 6 in February holding over new episodes until end May / June.....in the interim we get repaets from all the previous seasons in no particular order. Good job I was able to get Seasons 1 -5 on DVD
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