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  1. It' s interesting that this thread had elicited such a large response............is it something we all think may actually happen? (Kaley leaving the show, that is)
  2. Another one...... In the episode where Howard is angsting over Bernadette not wanting kids. Bernadette tells him "I'm just not good with kids", yet in the episode with the ball pit where Sheldon has been up all night, after successfully sending him to bed she tells the others "My Mom ran an illegal pre school in the basement and I got used to dealing with difficult kids"
  3. It's like the Loch Ness Monster there's maybe something there maybe there isn't we may never know! What two topics of conversation does Sheldon suggest to turn a conversation into a conversensation in the Isolation Permutation?
  4. Short jokes? Really?.....he is at least a quarter of an inch taller than Howard!
  5. When he had enough to destroy all the human toast on the battlestar known as Galactica! When in church with Mrs Cooper, what did Penny pray for?
  6. The joke being on Sheldon as it were because Leonard is actually smarter than him (for that matter so is Raj).....and gets laid to boot!
  7. Yes but the big bang is funny, the Mighty Boosh is beyond awful.....right up there with the horrible "Little Britain"
  8. That's a real "Penny" answer! It was a 1% solution of polyvinyl acidal resin! Were Howard and Raj dancing to Galactic Dance Off?
  9. Great plot line The Professorial Imbalance....... Sheldon is expecting an announcement about an impending Physics chair (the William Shatner of Theoretical Physics) but the chair goes to Leonard...... Cue mayhem!
  10. I like the fact that the show is politically "incorrect". The thought police have all but destroyed humour in my country - but the big bang has a go at everything in a humerous and enlightened way without becoming nast or crass.
  11. Tobacco, swear words and alcohol What did Leonard preserve Penny's snowflake in?
  12. Seven...........we are getting close to a resolution of some of the burning questions of the show now. Howard is married. Penny and Leonard are officially in Lurve..... Sheldon and Amy are an item Only poor old Raj (and now Stuart) to sort out. They might push it to eight.....but I don't want to see it descend into farce a la Will & Grace and Friends Go out on a high and leave 'em wanting more
  13. OK if I tell you, I can ask onother question...? Leonard's car is a SAAB 95 What two other songs has Amy played on her harp.....in addition to "Everbody Hurts"?
  14. It's not a Prius. It's European. (I drive the same car......that's how I noticed it!)
  15. Gyneacologist What make and model of car does Leonard drive?
  16. Because last time I didn't leave, I ended up playing Mystic Warlords of Ka.......... (it's Ka'ah) (Ba-ayyee)
  17. I'm fun, I'm a fun guy......I'm not clinically depressed at all!
  18. It's like the Ganges on laundry day
  19. In the episode where Howard is doing the card trick and driving Sheldon mad trying to work it out, the trick he does at the end where Raj signals what card Sheldon has drawn is completely different to the first trick he does with Raj for Sheldon's benefit. Surely Sheldon would have spotted this with his eidetic memory?
  20. Like the Howard character....another FF reason...........but I do like her scenes with the other girls.
  21. The hub and true comedic centre of the whole show......but for me, the Sheldon character is often too extreme and it's hard to imagine that the others would be that tolerant. 5th Favourite
  22. Mayim - who is an attractive woman plays the antithesis to Penny superbly. She's the girl no-one wants to have sex with and doesn't cause asthma attacks in comic book stores. There are some very pertinent social underthemes in TBBT within the comedy and this one is cleverly dealt with in the Amy character . 4th fave
  23. I like the way the Raj character is used to highlight the madness of political correctness. 2nd Favourite
  24. Cannot see how he will be integrated into the group. There's more reason to integrate Kripke
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