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    I like the juxtaposition of Penny being the only really good looking / cool character in the show, but she's come around to understand, appreciate and even date the nerds......plus she has her own issues with lack of education, work opportunities, social background........she could be the product of any secondary (high) school here in the U.K! (only with a different accent!) - 3rd Favourite
  2. Suffice to say I usually FF any bits with the Howard character in them. Least favourite.
  3. Favourite character in the show by a country mile. For me, the Leonard character IS the show. He is the most believable and the one I see traits of myself and others in. With the possible exception of an early Penny the other characters are a bit too extreme - but that's the comedy.
  4. Voted earlier but TBBT isn't that well known here yet....
  5. I honestly don't think the writers will 'marry' them. In keeping with the girl meets nerd theme, I think Leonard's character will meet someone else and realise they are the 'perfect' fit.... and in a reversal of roles from the early episodes with Penny holding all the power in the relationship it will be Leonard who breaks things off with Penny's character permanently. It will be shame, becuse Penny's Dad so wanted her to live in a house without wheels!!
  6. Do you mean the show will be coitused?
  7. Thing is...it's a TV situation comedy! In 'real life' there is no way a girl like Penny would even tolerate guys and girls like Leonard / Amy and Co. She would probably acknowledge them in the hallway, but invite them into her aprtment and subsequently her life? Not a chance. But the premise of the show is girl meets Nerds and the juxtaposition is the joke. (Remember Will & Grace? Gay guy / straight girl romance?) As for Penny's friends at the football game episode disappearing - the producers probably don't like paying extras on the show budget! But I do take the point........IRL girls like Penny get a lot of attention wherever they go and are generally in a position to 'choose' their friends - whereas your average Nerd / unattractive girl, generally (not inevitably) spend time with a few friends or alone. But apply that. and you have no show!
  8. I have met Stephen Hawking at Oxford University (and I didn't even steal any parts from his wheelchair!) so I get there in 2.
  9. We are so far behind in the UK that I'll probablt wait until the box set comes out for Season 6 and get that to watch with some continuity
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