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  1. I honestly have no more expectations for Shamy in this episode .. At least I can sleep more relax
  2. No complaints regarding this. Her memory is incredible! but really... many hours :x Anyway. Me and my girls (oh yeah, there are a bunch of little brazilian ladies waiting for this report like a group of lions observing a prey, lol) are really tired by the time now. Let's see tomorrow *today, in fact, haha*
  3. You think? ohgodohgodohgodohgod It's 2:30 AM here in Brazil
  4. Well.. I give up. No hope of complete taping today anymore.
  5. I really can't live like this
  7. guys.. no report yet? Hahahaha gold Me and my friend were so like this hours ago at work, when the scoops started to came up
  8. How can I work decently now???????????????? I NEED THE REPORT, HOT DAMN!
  9. Oh yeah! A New Year ep could totally happen since there was just one throughout the series A kiss at midnight ... ahhhhhhhhhh
  10. But guys... maybe they don't make a halloween theme episode this year, like has not happened in other seasons. And as we have in the last one (and S5)... It's a possibility. I don't wanna raise expectations about that :B
  11. 7x05 is on my top shamy episodes already, no doubt! My god... No decent words by now "Sheldon goes on to tell her that he likes her just the way she is...quirks and all." *teary eyes*
  12. I'm waiting for this so bad! Ps: turn-on scream, right Shelly?
  13. Oh my heart... *thanks for the scoop *-*
  14. I need to sleep.

  15. Holy shit! I need to sleep but I can't. Especialy right now that you girls are done Oh, and Hi! :D
  16. Everything... Perfect. I wanna hug you guys. That's all I can say
  17. Oh *-----------------* I can finally join the forum (talking) *-* I'm just watching the tapings and discussions for months... aah! *sorry for my english .. not my original language * xx itshamy.tumblr.com
  18. wow.. i finally can enjoy the forum *u* I'm always reading the posts, but never could comment. ... It's so cool that I can finally do it now, with this taping to come
  19. holy crap.. i'm a ocean of feelings
  20. I'd love to see them spending the day in the Zoo!
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