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  1. That is pretty offensive. No Lenny has ever said or implied anything like that. You added the 'Jmo' to soften it but that doesn't take away from how inflammatory your comments are. Like Tonstar said, you should think before you write.
  2. Does the name Penny ring a bell? She is also a cheater. -- Sleeping with her boyfriend's brother? Um, not very nice. -- When Leonard sought out Penny for advice with the Priya/Alice situation, one pearl of Penny's wisdom was to 'sleep with the new girl and lie to Priya'. Um, again, not very nice and shows the same questionable morality that Leonard struggled with and ultimately didn't do.
  3. If the writers continue leave us hanging and do not address the proposal in any way with this weeks taping, I say we organize and send them lumps of coal as they have been very, very bad.
  4. Oh God! Read the spoilers. Leonard manipulating Penny into feeling sorry and having sex with him and he's enjoying it to see how long he can get away with it. Wow. OOC much? When did they start having the Shenny write episodes? Showing the topless film now this. And we're only at the fourth show. Please! Can anyone spin this positively so Leonard doesn't come off looking like a total ass?
  5. Has the full spoiler report been posted anywhere yet? I've been looking around but can't seem to find it.
  6. It's quiet in here. Too quiet. .... da da da da dadadada .... [turns around at the ominous 'Jaws' music] Oh no! [DrBoots screams and points horrified to TBBT TPTB as she sees them scribbling the Season 7 premier episode]. Leonard gets lost at sea! On a boredom filled night, he recreates the Titanic 'king of the world' scene and as the North Sea mist fogs his glasses, he oversteps and falls off the boat! Delusional and suffering from amnesia after bumping his head during the lovely re-enactment, he gets rescued by a herring boat captain, Ingrid! Ingrid, a tall, shapely blond [a la Penny] who, by necessity, wears horn-rimmed glasses [a la 'molecules' Penny]! Ingrid/Penny loves Leonard and participates fully in his delusion by reciting 'The Owl and the Pussycat' incessantly. Confused and befuddled Leonard truly believes he is with Penny and together they sail the seas in love and fish while they search for the Turkey that lives on the Hill! Back in Pasadena, Penny is devastated and realizes she wants to marry a physicist! She convinces Sheldon to dump Amy and marry her! Leonard gets hit in the head with a herring and his memory returns and he pleads with Ingrid/Penny to return him Penny and Pasadena! The SS Herring4U pulls into Pasadena just as Penny and Sheldon exit All Saints Church hand in hand, while all the happy friends throw rice at them! [Noooooooo! DrBoots screams and falls to the ground. Nooooooo!] Do you see the dark places my mind travels when I am left to my own devices?! Do you see?! Pleeeeasse! Someone! Say something!
  7. Liked Leonard's. Amy's was cliche and has been descibed before in various versions in other TV shows and movies. The first one that comes to mind (parent in background watching unknowing child) is The Sixth Sense.
  8. I've been grinding on this ever since I read the spoilers for The Closure Alternative. And please note that all this is coming from my FanFiction addiction perspective. Even knowing that the read differs from how it is actually acted out, the Shennys are given two gifts in this one. I'm always beyond thrilled when Leonard gets an ILY. But in this read, it gets my teeth gnashing when Penny says. 'I love you, and Sheldon.' And then the closing line that Sheldon says to Amy? about Amy? 'I wish you were dead.' Please know I am bemoaning my beloved FanFiction here but the Shennys are going to be crazy all over these. I really, really hope it plays out very differently from the read.
  9. This comment makes me believe it was said by a Shenny.
  10. Can I ask what are these 'sides' and where might one find them? I've seen that they have been mentioned before.
  11. I was thinking the same thing! Given that the show was Penny's and Sheldon's reactions to overtures by Leonard and Amy, that would have worked very well. I would have loved to see Penny and Sheldon's reactions to that. And there was the running joke throughout the show that Leonard is acting like a woman/too feminine. Leonard and Amy leaving together in the end would just have been in context with the set-up we had been given. It would have been another nice Leonard and Amy bonding moment too.
  12. ROTFLOL and ROTFLOL! Excellent spot!
  13. Hi-Lo! I'm DrBootsHofstadter and it's a pleasure to be among kindred spirits! I only became aware of TBBT in July, 2011 (or thereabouts) when I inadvertently recorded a few shows. I instantly became hooked and fortunately for me, TBS was showing multiple episodes nightly and I was able to get caught up rather quickly. I am a Leonard fan and adore Leonard and Penny. Unfortunately, I have gotten addicted to the TBBT fan fiction where my beloved Leonard gets routinely brutalized by the Shenny. I've come here to find some like-minded L/P folk and some good episode discussions so I'm glad that I have found a spot! Again, it's a pleasure to be here and I look forward to the discussions! Regards, DrBoots
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