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  1. I would like to share my own experience regarding the 1/12 taping. I admit that I never cared much about Lenny relationship, and Penny was my least favorite character on the show. However, after converting my husband into a Big Bang Theory fan and dragging him to a taping, I was starting to see the other side. I have always been an obsessed Shamy fan, I wanted to know every detail about them, and I almost stopped shipping them during the breakup. My husband's favorite characters are Leonard and Howard, because he is creepy like Howard and has problems like Leonard : low self-esteem, fear of failure, social anxiety, insecurities, etc. He ships Howardette because we had problems similar to the one they had after their bachelor's party. During the taping, Mark Sweet let people talk about how the show means to them, and which characters they identify with. My husband asked me why no one talked about Leonard, he thought Leonard should be a character that many people can relate to. If he had had enough courage, he would have gone up and said nice things about Leonard. He also pointed out that "socially awkward" in American sense might be different than his, because he would never be able to talk in front of the audience. I told him that the reason might be because people who went up were the minority of the audience, many people probably also did not dare to go up there like him. I felt the episode was great, I loved the interaction between Meemaw and Amy, I loved Sheldon defending his girlfriend and putting his arm around her. My husband, on the other hand, complained that Leonard was just standing there and walking around with 2-3 not very important lines. He enjoyed the show and laughed at Howard and Raj's jokes though. He was positive that he might see more of Leonard in later episodes, like the Sales Call Sublimation episode. We argued a lot about the show especially Sheldon vs Leonard thing because he didn't understand why I loved the condescending egomaniac that is Sheldon. I always told him that I love the show because it tells me that it's not wrong to be different, even the weirdest among the weirdos is still fine. He argued that Leonard was also bullied in school, he was the different one in society as well, in fact, most characters on the show were. My husband knew that deep down inside he was different, but he always tried to be normal and tried to please everyone, kind of a pushover, just like Leonard. I think the reason why some of Shamy and Lenny fans often fall out with each other is because we do not put ourselves in other people's shoes. We do not care about the other ship, so we insult them and their beloved characters/actors. I wish we could have a more friendly atmosphere in this forum.
  2. Standby tickets for 2/9 are still there, hmm so weird. Maybe they give out more tickets than usual?
  3. It's funny that my husband complained the same thing after we got out of the studio (he is a Leonard's fan by the way), he said "why did Leonard get so few lines? even Raj got to say more jokes" or "why did everyone only talk about Sheldon?", etc. As a Shamy fan who has a husband who identifies with Leonard, I understand why Lennies are upset about this episode.
  4. You were right, I forgot that my first time was a few hours as well, and I did it only once that night. It seems unlikely for them to be more than 3 times.
  5. I have a question, I'm not sure if anyone already asked, but I'm gonna ask anyway. Since a few hours had passed, do you guys think how many times they did it? My calculation is: The average time for having sex is 20 mins. The Star Wars movie is 135 mins. I would say they did it 7 times. Wow, they had a lot of energy, LOL.
  6. Thank you so much. I followed your advice, and they told me that my name is on the list!!
  7. Man, I'm so jealous and I miss the time when we were screaming together at the taping!
  8. I can't wait for 9.10 and 9.11. My faith in the Shamy has been restored!!
  9. Yeah, 6 months in our time, I meant the time in the show's universe.
  10. I almost stopped being excited about the show. They took 10 episodes to reconcile, is it about 2 months? It felt like eternity.
  11. OMG, standby tickets for October 27 are up!! If I were in LA, I would definitely get one (especially after seeing what Mayim just posted).
  12. Anyone succeeded in getting tickets this morning? I missed the guaranteed and I didn't see standbys come up.
  13. I know it's gonna be resolved soon (not soon enough though), but the episode was sadder than I had expected. I feel sad for both Shamy and Lenny. I never thought Leonard would cheat on Penny, and Sheldon seemed really sad while he was talking to the Gollum.
  14. Thank you Michy for the report! The line "It's the future, she's long dead." is pretty hurtful, I hope they won't use it.
  15. I initially thought of buying HIMYM's DVDs, but after its finale I was very upset and changed my mind (I didn't even ship Barney and Robin, I shipped Marshall and Lily). I can't imagine how devastated I would be if any of the 3 couples (Shamy, Lenny, Howardette) were to break up in the finale.
  16. If I were in LA, I would definitely go. In case the Shamy make out, we will have to take each other to the nearest hospital.
  17. I want to add that after Penny said it was the third time in ten years Sheldon let Leonard touch his hand, Amy said Sheldon' s hand is very cold. Another indication that they hold hands on a regular basis.
  18. That's what I think. Eric asked her what was the craziest thing she wrote about Shamy and he was one of the writers in this episode.
  19. They didn't show us that but I assumed they did after Amelia asked him while drying him and when the scene cut to Leonard said it was weird LOL.
  20. I just died. OMG they had sex in Amy's fiction.
  21. -Lenny were having dinner in Penny' s apartment. Penny asked about his work and said science stuff,Leonard said he wanted to take her right there on the table. -Leonard and Sheldon published a paper together. -Stephen Hawking left a negative comment on it because he was bored, but actually he liked their idea. -Amy wrote a fiction about Amelia and Cooper (a physicist from the future) based on Little House on the Prairie and time traveling. ( I think it's M-rated LOL) -Cooper in fiction said "there's no future without you" and she felt his warm breath on her neck. -Tag scene: Amelia bathed half-naked Cooper and asked him if love-making is different in the future. -Lenny on their bed reading Amy's fiction. BTS: OMG Mayim danced! She's so freaking cute! (Mayim, Melissa, and Kaley pointed at Kazzie and Lisa, they basically danced together. )
  22. Yeah, I agree. This episode was so intense, I almost cried when Sheldon told Howard that he has friends to help him through it.
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