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  1. It's funny that my husband complained the same thing after we got out of the studio (he is a Leonard's fan by the way), he said "why did Leonard get so few lines? even Raj got to say more jokes" or "why did everyone only talk about Sheldon?", etc. 

    As a Shamy fan who has a husband who identifies with Leonard, I understand why Lennies are upset about this episode. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, stardustmelody said:

    Well...I like to think that before their "first" time, they spent a lot of time "exploring" each other because it truly would have been the first time Sheldon even attempted to "run the bases" so to speak.   So they may have taken a good amount of time just getting used to touch, taste, etc. first.   Then who knows?   But I am betting it was more than once, but doubt it was seven times. :girlwink: 

    You were right, I forgot that my first time was a few hours as well, and I did it only once that night. It seems unlikely for them to be more than 3 times. :icon_redface:

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  3. I have a question, I'm not sure if anyone already asked, but I'm gonna ask anyway. 

    Since a few hours had passed, do you guys think how many times they did it? 

    My calculation is:

    The average time for having sex is 20 mins. The Star Wars movie is 135 mins. 

    I would say they did it 7 times. Wow, they had a lot of energy, LOL.

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  4. 6 hours ago, Rule 34 said:

    An error message does not necessarily mean that your information did not go through. Sometimes their website is so bogged down that the ticket generation page doesn't load, but you do end up on the list. I would recommend that you email or call Audiences Unlimited to see if it did go through.

    Additionally, they've started to put up tickets in small batches instead of all at once. So you may find that more priority tickets go up later. The best thing about those is that the site will actually function properly.

    Thank you so much. I followed your advice, and they told me that my name is on the list!!

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  5. 1 hour ago, kazzie said:

    I honestly can't get it out of my head... My first day back at work and I was SO DISTRACTED. Any mention of star wars, Just anything my mind races.. I mean. Shit.. It was so damn good!

    This was me at the taping..





    People stared at me.. I Really don't care.

    Man, I'm so jealous and I miss the time when we were screaming together at the taping!

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  6. I know it's gonna be resolved soon (not soon enough though), but the episode was sadder than I had expected. I feel sad for both Shamy and Lenny. I never thought Leonard would cheat on Penny, and Sheldon seemed really sad while he was talking to the Gollum. 

  7. Just the thought of Shenny give me nightmares. Oh The Horror that would be!

    If the Writers ever did that (which obviously they won't) CBS and The Producers would get thousands and thousands of hate mail and angry posts (Facebook, Twitter, etc,) for months on the end. They would never hear the end even long after the show ended.

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    I initially thought of buying HIMYM's DVDs, but after its finale I was very upset and changed my mind (I didn't even ship Barney and Robin, I shipped Marshall and Lily). I can't imagine how devastated I would be if any of the 3 couples (Shamy, Lenny, Howardette) were to break up in the finale. 

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  8. This immediately reminded me of NFG.  She met Kaplan last month and mentioned her fanfiction to him.  I'm giving credit to NFG (too bad she's spoiler free)

    That's what I think. Eric asked her what was the craziest thing she wrote about Shamy and he was one of the writers in this episode.

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  9. I didn't mind the Shenny interaction because I kinda got after the phone conversation & the Howard/Bernadette convo that the episode was leading towards the ultimate death of Mrs. W.  When Howard said "I Love You" on the phone to his Mom, and then said to Bernadette "I just want things to get back to the way they used to be with my mom"....I knew at that moment where this was probably heading....So the Shenny scene in her apartment was pure silliness to even out the heavier stuff coming later. 


    Again though, the Kripke plot was gold and it was kinda wasted which I'm not happy about. 

    Yeah, I agree. This episode was so intense, I almost cried when Sheldon told Howard that he has friends to help him through it. 

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