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  1. To be honest, I had hoped for more Shamy in this episode but all we had was only the cold open. I would be happier if it was Shamy or Lenny episode, or even more Howard and Stuart. I didn't really enjoy Shenny interaction.
  2. I totally agree with you frankie. I have always wanted Kripke to cause jealousy between Sheldon and Amy (yeah, I know it's cliche but still love it anyway). I think Kripke is the perfect person for that because he is so brilliant. One of the reasons Amy fell in love with Sheldon is because Sheldon is a brilliant physicist, Sheldon might think that if there was another guy who is as smart as he and that guy is ready to be physically intimate with her, she would consider leaving him (but in reality, Amy doesn't care, she loves Sheldon because he is Sheldon not just because he is smarter than anyone.) Before this episode happened, it seemed like Kripke would only hit on someone conventionally sexy like Penny. That's why I was so freaking crazy during the cold open, Kripke valued Amy's opinion enough to use it for his research and he thanked her for her help with a bottle of wine and touched her shoulder. It seemed Kripke and Amy has been good friends and there's a possibility that he would hit on Amy. Oh, and the sucking joke, when Amy was laughing and Sheldon asked her "why are you laughing? did you learn something?" I laughed so hard, that was gold.
  3. I think Eric Kaplan is also very close to the Sheldon character. Last night he seemed so interested in our group, he came out and looked at us during the taping once. Then when I was walking out of the studio, he asked me what was written on my shirt. I hope our shirts sent the message to all the writers that we love the Shamy so much.
  4. Yeah, it sucks that the author won't update anytime soon. It was such a great story.
  5. Here it is. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9512614/1/The-Gravitation-Animation
  6. OH MY GOD! (insert Janice's voice from FRIENDS). That is exactly what I want! I could only find 1 fanfiction addressing this issue with Kripke but that story is AU and Sheldon was the one who stole Amy from Kripke LOL.
  7. It was so funny when Jim and Mayim started chewing gum and they were given a lot of direction, some of us were talking "why are they chewing gum? are they gonna kiss?" LOL. Mayim shouldn't have mentioned that Jim always had mint before kissing her. That gave me too much hope for the scene.
  8. Sheldon seemed so pissed when Kripke touched Amy's shoulder. I really hope they bring back this storyline, one of the takes at the hallway had Sheldon said he's still upset, but they changed it in the last take and had it resolved. It will be my dream if the next episode Sheldon brings it up and tells Amy that he's still upset, and somehow that leads to a make-out session... (okay that's so fanfiction lol)
  9. I love the fact that Amy knows Sheldon so well. When Sheldon was telling the joke about Edison, Amy simply asked "how many?" with a smile. She must be the only person in the gang that almost always enjoys listening to Sheldon's joke. That interaction was so cute.
  10. I think Kripke is also one of brilliant scientists. Sheldon himself admitted in The Cooper/Kripke Inversion that Kripke's work was better than his. I believe someone who went far as getting a PhD in Physics and working as a physicist at Caltech, the world's number 1 university according to Times Higher Education ranking, must have true passion in science. Spending money on liquor and broads sounds similar to Howard before marrying Bernadette. As for Sheldon's naked scene, it was implied by Amy's reaction after he opened the door the second time, the audience didn't get to see it.
  11. I think it wasn't wrong to help Kripke, he helped them with an episode of FWF. Amy probably thought that helping others advance science is something scientists should do.
  12. The new comic book store is different. I think it's nicer and larger than the old one.
  13. Thank you! It's my favorite scene of the episode. Sorry for screaming too loud, so embarrassing LOL.
  14. I don't care what other people think of the cold open, I'm gonna say Sheldon was jealous.
  15. Wow, the episode was funnier than I had thought. I laughed out loud several times.
  16. Interesting, he didn't let Amy go. He helped Amy contact Zack even though he didn't want to (as he told Penny that he was hoping to avoid this solution).
  17. I'm surprised that there are people actively shipping Shenny in season 8, just last month someone also asked Eric Kaplan about it but he didn't reply. I'm glad this time Bill Prady stated clearly. I think Penny never has any interest in Sheldon at all, she initiated a kiss with Leonard in Halloween episode, she would never do that with Sheldon (except in Amy's imagination). Sheldon probably flirted with her a little in the pilot (that's the only episode I saw him do that), but once he knew she didn't understand anything he said, he just thought of her as an inferior species. I believe Sheldon would only be attracted to a woman who can challenge him intellectually because he had no interest in physical contact.
  18. I would love to see Sheldon do that...
  19. And they held hands while walking to the stage. So cute!
  20. http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/awards/nominees/ According to this site, TBBT won both favorite TV show and network TV comedy.
  21. Did Chris Colfer win? I got bored and didn't watch the whole thing. I came back to the TV when they announced the last category.
  22. I literally screamed when I heard it was TBBT, I thought it was gonna be GOT.
  23. I hope there will be a clip, I missed the beginning when Sheldon said he's an alcoholic.
  24. I want to join in! I started watching the show in 2012 during the summer before season 6 premiere. That time I was trying to find a way to improve my English, so I thought watching a sitcom would be a great idea. While I was searching for something to watch on an online streaming site, I came across the name "The Big Bang Theory", it happened to be the first one on that site (probably because it was the most popular show). The name beckoned me, then I looked at wikipedia to find what it was about. The premise was interesting for me because I'm always attracted to nerds. I read the summary and knew in advance that Sheldon would have a girlfriend named Amy Farrah Fowler. I found the show very funny from season 1 episode 1 but I got hooked in season 4. At first I didn't like Sheldon at all because he was so selfish and arrogant. I'm not sure when I started to fall in love with him, maybe in 3.10 when he was teaching Penny Physics. I found myself love listening to his lecture, he always has something interesting to say. When Amy came along, I was annoyed a little bit at first but then Sheldon said "by any standard, Amy is more similar to me than anyone I've ever met." I realized that no matter how weird you are, there's still a possibility to find someone similar to you, and I've become a hardcore Shamy shipper ever since.
  25. I really miss the Shamy. I thought this hiatus would make me less obsessed about them but I was wrong. How could I stop loving them? it hurts.
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