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  1. Some may not like the kiss in 7.19, but it's my favorite kiss for them (sadly, we only have 4 kisses on screen). He seemed to enjoy kissing her so much, and they talked during the kiss (oh my, the exchange of saliva lol).
  2. I think I'm gonna give up, too sleepy now and I don't know when Jim will show up. I hope there will be a video later.
  3. Well, sometimes shenny fans kinda ruined the moments for me. I like their friendship, and they had some funny scenes together, I always think of them like brother/sister who fought all the time, but when shennies try to put romance into it, I feel like it's incest LOL. I believe Leonard and Penny are attracted to each other because they are nice, they care about other people's feelings, they do have that in common. Howard and Bernadette also started out by talking about how protective their mothers were. When Sheldon and Amy first met, they talked the same way, I felt the connection right away. IDK, I think to start a romantic relationship, it needs to have something in common.
  4. I have a feeling 8.13 is gonna be a Lenny episode. I hope they discuss something about the wedding.
  5. Is it on NBC at 7:00 AM? I just wanna make sure I got the right one.
  6. 1.13 The guys kicked Sheldon off their team. 2.13 Sheldon tried to be friends with Kripke (nothing bad happened). 5.13 Leonard and Penny started dating again in Leonard's dream, it didn't go well but I think it ended well because Leonard decided to ask her out anyway 7.13 Leonard and Penny had an argument about Penny quitting her job, also ended well. I don't believe in the superstition associated with number 13, I kinda like it because it was my number in high school. However, I think there might be some drama in 8.13 because we got so many good feelings so far, it can't be rainbows and unicorns all the time. (but I won't complain if good things happen in 8.13 lol)
  7. I just saw on tumblr some Shennies claimed that season 8 ratings are down because there haven't had any Shenny scenes and Shenny fans outnumber Shamy fans. I know we should not bash them because they have every right to ship Shenny. I will try to be as polite as I can even though I still don't understand why they are still on that. Shamy's love was right at our faces both prom and Christmas episodes. I'm wondering if there is a way to measure. I think if I were a Shenny fan, I would have quit watching the show since Sheldon asked Amy to be his girlfriend, so it surprised me that they believe they are the majority. I'm not sure if Shamy fans are the majority either, I don't know how to measure that (maybe the 4 million views of SIK?). Season 8 is my favorite so far, but I'm biased because it's full of Shamy's love. If there was a reason related to couples on the show, I'd rather believe that it's because there were too few Lenny scenes.
  8. Jim was right, Sheldon did think he had a brain parasite when he felt the stirring of love.
  9. I wonder that too. I think she would have given the cookies to him anyway. This is my scenario. Sheldon: Why did you get me a present? What about our agreement? Amy: I know, I'm sorry but before you get upset, please try it, it's your meemaw's Christmas cookies, I called and got the recipe. You don't have to get me anything in return, the cookies didn't cost any money, I have all the ingredients in my apartment. Sheldon: They are perfect, it tastes like her hugs. Thank you, I will find the perfect gift for you later. (then he kisses her) LOL, I want them to kiss so badly.
  10. It's cute when he called her 'sweet Blossom'.
  11. Please give me the link :D Thanks! It's so hot lol.
  12. LOL, someone should write a fanfic about that, I will read it repeatedly.
  13. As I said, it did not bother me because I'm so happy with both relationships right now, and I understand that you prefer Lenny. If I didn't feel so good, it would bother me that you said Lenny fans = big bang theory fans, it seemed like you dismissed Shamy fans, but you might have meant Lenny fans are a subset of BBT fans. Again, I explained it because you asked, I didn't really have problems with it.
  14. Normally this statement might bother me a little bit, but I'm still so happy about the episode. Penny holding Leonard's arm while both of them smiling at the gift-giving scene was so sweet.
  15. http://www.starwatchbyline.com/?p=6706 Eric said there are good things coming for the Shamy, I hope it's true. I'm wondering what kind of good things he has in mind.
  16. If Eric Kaplan ever comes to East Coast in order to promote his book, I will definitely go to his event. He is very interesting and very similar to Sheldon.
  17. This conversation about craziness sounds fun. My mother never had me tested and she sometimes called me crazy. Actually, many friends from my childhood called me crazy and weird. I finally found people who are crazy about the same things, does that mean I'm not really crazy or those people are also crazy. LOL.
  18. It's so hard to decide which episode I like more, prom or Christmas. I may go with Christmas, because Amy now can casually tell Sheldon she loves him and he won't complain about being a hippy anymore. Sheldon also happily admitted his love for Amy to everyone, no more "how do I make it stop?". Both of them found the perfect gift for each other even though they agreed to not exchange gifts.
  19. Wow! Maddie you are so talented! It's amazing, I feel so good looking at your work.
  20. If I were Amy, I would play that recording at least 5 times every night until the night he's on the other side of the bed.
  21. I love every word in his "my dear Amy". In my headcanon, he uses this term on every email he sends her.
  22. While it was so meaningful that Amy was the one who changed Sheldon's attitude toward Christmas (not even Leonard Nimoy's napkin from Penny could do that), I still think it was not a pure revenge from Sheldon. I don't think he intended to embarrass her in front of their friends (that's too cruel), I just think he wanted to make her feel sad/terrible/guilty that she didn't get him anything for Christmas and wouldn't force him to celebrate holidays again. Bernadette was the one who suggested him to get Amy a present in the first place, he refused by saying "Why should I?" then he added that she forced him to celebrate Christmas against his will and kissed him under the mistletoe. Then, suddenly he wanted to give her a present as an evil plot to punish her. He knew what kind of presents Amy would love, after he gave it to her and she said "I love it", he continued "oh, really? how about now?" then press the button on the recording. What did he expect here? Was it possible that the recording would change Amy's feeling from "I love it" to something worse? Then his epiphany "you're happy, I'm happy", my interpretation is he knew the gift would make Amy happy but he didn't expect that her happiness would make him happy too and exchanging gifts wasn't all that bad. That's just my two cents.
  23. Jim's "Love you" to Mayim today was so sweet. I wonder if Sheldon did something like that on Amy's birthday lol.
  24. As much as I want Shamy to get married, I still want Lenny to be married first. I don't know, I feel like Shamy are not there yet. They have committed to each other emotionally, but on physical part, the most we got on screen was just arm-touching/hand-touching. I admit, sometimes I got jealous of how close Lenny were, they held hands all the time, even in this episode Penny could casually hold Leonard's arm. Anyway, there were mentions of holding hands and kissing now and then, who knows they might have done something intimate off-screen.
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