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  1. I saw this on tumblr. People are so good at photoshop, they are so adorable.
  2. I saw her selfie with Jim on bigbangsheldon's IG, so I looked at her IG. She is 15, she already got a selfie with him when he performed Harvey. What struck me was she doesn't watch BBT, she said on her IG "the show has gone so downhill", so I don't think she is a Majim/Shamy shipper. I'm really sorry that she annoyed you, that sounds so scary.
  3. Dammit! I got excited again. I would be dead if Amy tried something sexy and Sheldon stared at her.
  4. It's weird that I myself also don't like gift-giving and I usually spend Christmas, New Year's Eve, or other holidays either working or sleeping, but I love seeing Amy and Sheldon exchange their gifts and celebrate the holidays together.
  5. She would probably feel guilty for not giving him a present, but I think it's far from being small and worthless. He has always been the one who gave her gifts (tiara, emergency contact, Star Trek DVDs). I think this is the first time Amy gave Sheldon an actual gift.
  6. I've been thinking about his sentence "let's find a kind of gift that makes her feel small and worthless". His gift was quite contrary to this description. I tried to think how a picture of himself with the recording "I hope you treasure this as much as I treasure you" could make her feel small and worthless. I got nothing, I believe Amy would still be happy even if she didn't get him anything, and Sheldon would still be happy too. "I treasure you" = I find you valuable. It's the exact opposite of worthless.
  7. Yeah, I remember that interview, Kaley was also against the idea. IDK, now I think Sheldon and Amy are funnier together (like FWF episode). Jim was right that eventually Sheldon would fall in love with a girl but she didn't have to hit him with a frying pan lol.
  8. I think Adhesive Duck was the only episode that almost got me to think they were cute but I didn't go so far, it's just funny back then when they had scenes together. I always wants Penny and Leonard to end up together. After Amy came to the show I can't picture Sheldon with anyone else. I got hooked in Season 4 and I think BBT is getting better every season.
  9. I'm melting into a puddle of goo here. Look at his smile, the smile that is reserved for Amy OMG.
  10. There are a lot of Chinese fans out there, before IG was blocked in China Jim's IG was filled with Chinese language. I also have a Chinese friend who is a fan of the show but he likes Leonard lol. My Thai friends don't watch the show, they don't understand my obsession. I think I'm the only Thai in here. I love the fact that Sheldon likes Thai food lol.
  11. I'm from Thailand but you are right there aren't many people from Asia.
  12. I always thought it was her ear or another part that has to be rated M .
  13. http://www.howcast.com/videos/259689-How-to-Play-Dungeons-and-Dragons "Roll a twenty-sided die to determine the outcome when you face an action that has a possibility of failure. The Dungeon Master will set the target number that your roll is measured against. If you roll a smaller number, your action fails. Other dice determine other results, such as how much damage your weapon or spells cause and the damage to you if you get hit." http://www.wikihow.com/Play-Dungeons-and-Dragons "The DM, in secret, will determine a number that represents how difficult it would be to succeed; this is called the "DC". If the player's total is equal or above the DC, then the attempt succeeds." I guess 14 was equal or above the target number Sheldon had set, so he successfully nibbled on her...
  14. I caught him being shy (looking down and moving his hand) while he was saying "we wouldn't really be playing the game right..." That scene was filled with sexual tension. I'm so curious what part of Amy's body he's nibbling on lol.
  15. I really love this fact. In season 7's Christmas ep. Amy didn't know how much he cared for her, but in prom ep. when he said he loved her, Amy knew in her heart before that. My theory is Amy has known it since the train kiss, and that's why she dared to suggest them moving in together again after she was rejected in season 6.
  16. I watch TBBT every day, I don't know why I never get bored, this is my 7th round and I'm still laughing and smiling. There should be a rehab for TV show addicts. Just finished 6.14, when Sheldon said "all my life, I have been uncomfortable with the sort of physical contact that comes easily to others, hand-shaking, hugging, prostate exams. But I’m working on it, you know? ", it sounds to me like he did want to have a physical relationship with Amy. I'm gonna say he himself wants to be intimate with her, he isn't working on it just to make Amy happy.
  17. I just looked at the list on Shamy thread, so happy to know that "the exchanging of Christmas presents" will be granted soon.
  18. Your avatar is so funny, I tried to look at the list. Do you have a bigger version of it?
  19. I think it's acting choice. I have seen 3 different versions of the kiss. I can't find the original post but these are what I found on google. Also, 3 years ago Jim said to Mayim "I always enjoy kissing you" so I believe they have done it many times in that episode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHKs7L13QdI#t=59
  20. I think they didn't give us an onscreen kiss in Christmas episode because we would die from the kiss before we get to hear and see Sheldon tell Bernadette he loves Amy, his smile and everything he knows about her. Then, the gift he is gonna give her, the voice recording, and the cookies. All of these things are enough to kill me again after prom and FWF.
  21. It's funny that we are still debating about which couple is more complex/superior just like Shamy and Lenny did in 8.03 LOL. I prefer Shamy because I like someone who is similar to me, some people may prefer their significant others to be different from them. Leonard grew up in an academic family and he always craved emotional intimacy from his family while Sheldon grew up in a conservative family which no one really appreciates his intelligence. I think it's reasonable for Leonard to fall in love with Penny who is nice and cares for others. I will take this as something they have in common, Leonard is also the nicest guy in the group. Penny also liked him from the beginning based on her smile in the end scene of 1.05 after Leonard said it didn't work out with Leslie. Sheldon never expected to meet his equal until he met Amy. It might be so amazing for him to finally meet someone who really understands and appreciates him. Their minds function similarly and that drew them to each other. I don't think Sheldon is jealous of Lenny's relationship. I think both Shamy and Lenny are happy with their own relationship and sometimes think theirs is the best relationship lol.
  22. You can take it that way too but I still think Sheldon does care for Leonard. He may appear to be selfish but deep down inside he loves his little buddy. I think both Leonard and Penny sometimes thought they were not good enough for each other. Leonard thought Penny was too hot for him, Penny thought Leonard was too smart for her. Like Stuart said they made each other better, they learned from each other. Actually, I also think Leonard is a hot guy, many girls fell for him (Leslie, Stephanie, Alice, Priya, Alex,...).
  23. IMO, Sheldon and Amy ship Lenny as much as Leonard and Penny ship Shamy. Sheldon told Penny not to hurt his friend. ( I take it as 'don't break up with him') Sheldon told Leonard's mother that Penny is good enough for Leonard. He said Leonard was not gonna get Penny but he still went with Leonard to get the TV from Penny's ex. When Leonard asked Penny out the first time and Penny was reluctant, Sheldon told her the Schrodinger's cat story ( I take it as 'you should go'). I think Sheldon always ships Lenny, it's just he likes being condescending. When Penny was unsure of her feelings, Amy reminded her that other girls might find him desirable. (I take it as 'you would regret it if you broke up with him') Penny obviously ships the Shamy from the beginning. Leonard drove Sheldon to Amy several times, encouraged him to admit his feelings, gave him advice, etc.
  24. Sheldon already admitted that he has urges, and it seemed like he was prepared to participate in mating ritual with Amy on prom night but Amy's appearance sent him into a panic attack before that could happen. I think Sheldon is almost ready for coitus and it would probably happen before marriage. I believe at this point it is something both of them want, not just Amy. Even though they already acted like a married couple all the time, I tend to agree with Michy that the issue of sex should be resolved before they actually get married, I'm totally okay if Sheldon proposes before they have coitus though and I'm pretty sure Amy would say yes. It's just my preference. I agree with Koops that they are already committed to each other for life, but I think being a wife/husband by law will add more degree of commitment to their relationship (finance, in-laws, children, living arrangement, etc.). I know marriage is just a social construct, they can do everything like a married couple even if they are not married, I just want them to get married before the show ends. Right now I'm so happy about their relationship, there are still rainbows and unicorns in my Shamy mind. They don't have to do anything, just being happy together.
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