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  1. But it is simply just an assumption on your part. I have seen some articles plus his Instagram posts and I can't really say if he had a hard time or not. The only thing that I can ascertain with a certain degree of accuracy is that he put a lot of thought into the decision, but nothing more than that. Anything else is mere speculation. Well...IMO, the problem was actually how badly the episode was written. I believe that what they were trying to show was how Raj acted like a girl with the matching shirt and the facial treatment, etc. I thought the story was pretty pathetic and uninteresting.
  2. And how do you know this? I agree with you, but ...don't you feel as if the writers, producers, show runners, etc. are just phoning it in? It seems to me they just don't seem to put that much effort into it anymore or maybe it is just me being negative because I don't like the direction the show has gone in.
  3. I agree. He is my hero for having done that. IMO these last few seasons have been crap (with a few exceptions), and I'm happy the show's ending. If I really think about it, the only reason I'm watching (online) is because of my misplaced loyalty to a show that was great for its first 6 1/2 seasons.
  4. I just watched The Tam Turbulence online. Is this a comedy? Maybe someone should tell the writers, because I can honestly say that I didn't laugh once. I can assure you that I did watch the episode with an open mind, because given the current state of affairs I didn't have any kind of expectations. What seems amazing to me is that even that being the case, I was still disappointed.
  5. What I meant was that I have to find a way to relate to the characters in one way or another (whether good or bad).In essence what I was alluding to is that the character needs to make sense (within its own parameters). Of course there are characters that you're going to like more than others for whatever reason. The part I didn't allude to, is that I need to find the characters believable, otherwise they don't seem like characters, but a random collection of behaviors.
  6. We disagree again. I like the characters I watch to be relatable to me on some level. Otherwise I don't see the appeal.
  7. I agree with everything you're saying. As you I don't enjoy the show very much nowadays. This last episode was pathetic to me. Lenny didn't seem like Lenny and I sort of find something off with Shamy (or maybe it's just Sheldon) and TBH I'm really happy this is the last season. I always knew things could keep going down hill. I just never expected them to take such a nose dive. That would most certainly be ending the show with a Big Bang. Well.... you are right and you're wrong. The writers used to write Lenny waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better that how they do now. They made them a very special couple. That is what made me feel in love with them in the first place. You're right in saying that the ending will probably be Shamy centric. Everything seems to be nowadays. Come to think of it that's when the show got ruined, when it became Shamy centric.
  8. But your counterpoint had nothing to do with what I was saying. I said I don't like the show anymore you said it is still successful. Apples and oranges. nothing to do with each other.
  9. Your comment on my post is totally and absolutely irrelevant. I never said that the show is not successful. I just said that I consider the show crap (nowadays). It is my opinion and I'm entitled to it. I don't care if the show has 30 million+ same day, since that wouldn't make me change my opinion. If the show doesn't make me laugh anymore how would the amount of viewers change that? I laugh at what I find funny, not at what other people do, even if it is 12 or 20 or 30 million Regardless of your quote from Leonardo Da Vinci, the fact that I'm a man and you're a woman does not make your opinions better than mine (or worse for that matter). However when you imply that ratings=quality, that's not an opinion but a factual inaccuracy.
  10. The writing has gotten so bad that it is ludicrous. I must say that Jim Parsons is my hero for leaving because except for a couple of minutes in each episode TBBT is becoming unwatchable. IMO, they're not going out with a bang but with a thunderous thud. I am so sad it has turned into such crap. I hope nobody mentions ratings to me, since all that means is amount of people watching the show, and has nothing to do with quality.
  11. I can't talk for anyone else, but it would ruin it for me if you stopped posting for a while. To me it is comforting to hear someone with similar opinions to mine who always gives well thought out and reasoned arguments. The only people who truly ruin things for people are the writers.
  12. I'm sorry but chemistry and dynamic are 2 totally different things. The dynamic was that starting on S4, but by no means limited to S4, and actually for seasons on end, Shamy's relationship was platonic. Chemistry is much more subjective and it is mostly in the eye of the beholder if he/she believes that Shamy had any chemistry. So...dynamic=internal, factual and chemistry=external, subjective. As I said two completely different things. You should too. Since you are conveniently left out the fact that Hallie said mamah to Penny before show said it to anyone else, thus proving that she was doing a good job. the proof, as they say, is in the pudding.
  13. I don't know...that they are 2 completely different things?
  14. Carlos

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    I think DJ Quails (from the episode "The Loobenfeld Decay") would have been much better, with a couple of tweaks to his role.
  15. Yes he is! He's my new hero. Thanks to him TBBT might, emphasis on the might, salvage some dignity after all.

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