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  1. So... we're going to go there? Really? That proves nothing, as far as who's better. For the record I like both actresses even if I prefer character of Penny. Sorry, I can't agree with you here, except for number 1. That is not what Tensor's saying. If you re-read his post you'll realize what he was saying.
  2. Same here 5 Miss, same here. Sometimes I think that I continue to see the show so I can be here and know what the heck I'm talking about, actually let me re-phrase that, so I'm informed on the things I give my opinion on. If I do or don't know what the heck I'm talking about is a completely different matter entirely
  3. Helllllooooo....Helllllooooo....Helllllooooo....Helllllooooo....Helllllooooo....Helllllooooo.... You mean like a deserted kitchen island, right?
  4. Definitely! I could totally imagine that. It would be hilarious! and perhaps to add insult to injury we could have nerd icons (for lack of a better word) sort of ignoring the guys because they're being a pain and acting great towards Penny because she's being cool about it. I wouldn't mind Leonard not being able to go and being bummed about it, and afterwards Penny getting him an autograph or something special to make up for it.
  5. Tensor, I understand what you're saying completely and it is, in fact, in complete accordance with the rules. What I think is great about this particular thread is that we can talk bad about Lenny , even if it is not really talking bad about Lenny, but Lenny's treatment by the writers and other characters (he who shall not be named: Voldem... errmmm.. I mean Sheldon). IMO it has a narrower focus than the Shipping Lanes thread, serves the specific needs of many, and personally don't have a problem if it's declared a debate zone as well.
  6. Last weekend I went to see Alien Covenant which is, IMO, the biggest piece of crap I've seen in Alien franchise. The story makes no sense, and it follows the events of Prometheus very poorly. Btw, I wanted to like it, so it's not as if I was going into it with a negative predisposition, and I did so without reading any reviews. A biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig disappointment.
  7. I don't feel sorry for anybody in TBBT because at the end of the day they are all going to walk away from it rich and famous, and btw more power to them. Same thing goes for the producers and Warner Brothers and CBS. I have my opinions about who deserves to be paid a lot of money and who doesn't but at the end of the day the only people I feel sorry for are viewers who, like me, think the present incarnation of TBBT is sort of crap. We all watch the show because of what it represents to each of us individually.
  8. Thank you, bfm I was going to answer serena but you did it better than I would have.
  9. I think your observation is a valid one even if I hadn't thought of it that way, but TBH, it makes sense (for them). In my case, (you know I'm a Lenny through and through) I actually think they are doing a disservice to Sheldon. There can actually be too much of a good thing, or what to me amounts as overkill. If to that you add the fact that the new series doesn't appear to TBBT canon, and you've got a mess all over. I don't know if by doing what they're doing they're whetting the audience's appetite or actually saturating it. At this stage I don't think that TPTB have any kind of artistic integrity left more than trying to bleed the last red cent out of the show, which is, unfortunately a modus operandi of Chuck Lorre's shows as it was the case with 2 1/2 men.
  10. Penny didn't get parts all the time. As far as I know she got the hemorrhoid cream commercial, the production of Anne Frank over a bowling alley, the part in NCIS that got edited out, Serial Ape-ist I and II , a Street Car Named Desire and that's it, and we're talking over a 10 year period. When she got the hemorrhoid cream commercial she was going to go back to Nebraska because of "not making it" in Hollywood.
  11. Exactly, bfm. They could write tons of stories with them married and have them not be cheap drama. Besides that , there is so much onscreen chemistry between Johnny and Kaley that when we see Leonard and Penny fighting senselessly, it seems as if they're playing against character. Furthermore when TPTB revert to jokes that would have worked in S1 or S2 it honestly sounds and feels ridiculous. The biggest problem with the writers is lack of focus, complacency, and down right laziness. The issue is that as characters change, the source of humor has to change because whether they want to acknowledge it or not, there are 10 seasons of canon which have to account for something. I know it's a sitcom, but they can't just keep on writing as if it is still S1. Changes have taken place, and while a joke, even a good one, might be funny the first 200 times, after that it becomes a little bit stale, wouldn't you say?
  12. No Regrets, the only thing wrong with your post is that I can't give it more than one "Like". It is 100 % on the money. TPTB have made a decision (in our eyes obviously the wrong one) to concentrate on something else. Way back when, they knew how to write Lenny, proof of which is that a lot of us fell in love with them. Too bad we are not important enough in TPTB's eyes. It's all a numbers game for them even if it doesn't make for good story telling.
  13. I don't think they stopped doing it because she hated wearing the uniform, but I DO remember her saying that was glad she wasn't going to have to use it anymore. So apparently... not the reason ... but happy coincidence.
  14. Exactly! And the fact that the writers don't even use all that chemistry or don't even care is beyond me, and makes me even more pissed off. Talk about being lazy...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!