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  1. In earlier canon Amy was shown as having a really bad relationship with her mother (sin closet I believe) so it's reasonable to assume she has some unresolved issues as far as mothering goes. In regards to Beverly she is , IMO, a piece of shit of a mother, so I don't know what Amy, or anybody else for that matter, could ever learn from her. I agree with you on this one. However, not having a child because ONE of the couple doesn't want to, can lead to resentment as well.
  2. 1) For me it's sad because she should be the most important thing, and if she is she should have changed him enough that he'd recognize it and assume it (JMO). 2) I don't know enough about science to say so, but according to Tensor Asymmetry would never get a Nobel for Physics because it's not even real science.
  3. My opinion differs from yours. I always cared about Penny as well. That's why they have always been touted as the Big 3. I saw him (and didn't like him) in Hidden Figures, and heard him (and loved him) in Home. My problem is that instead of seeing Jim as I see Sheldon as...
  4. I tend to like the interactions between Sheldon and Leonard when Sheldon's not being an ass, when Sheldon lets his true feelings come through. IMO Leonard has always been the better friend (to the other), but that is also a product of his personality. I used to like Sheldon and Penny's interactions more when they were frenemies. Right now it seems a little bland between them for my taste. As far as Lenny goes I hardly recognize them these days. Only very few vestiges remain of the couple I once knew.
  5. OMG! Kevin Smith looks so thin! (He lost like 60 pounds after his heart attack)
  6. I love your positivism. I still love Lenny, but not how they're written presently and I most definitely do not love the show its present incarnation.
  7. I wholeheartedly agree with what you say. IMO the show has turned to utter shit, and Jim has become my new hero for pulling the plug. I would have hoped that they would have ended the show on S8, because the last time I remember it being good was halfway through S7. Had that been the case they could have ramped up for the finale and wrapped up everything beautifully in 1 1/2 seasons but they chose to go from bad to worse. Ahhhh the allure of money...
  8. I know. I was simply answering Sah's post.
  9. Well... wait a minute: biologically she or he (future infant) would be Marissa's and Leonard's, even if legally he would be Zach and Marissa's. IMO it is totally Leonard's decision if he wants to do it or not, but I could never see myself doing something like that (donating sperm) with someone I knew. I totally understand from Zach and Marissa's POV but not Leonard's.
  10. And Dr. Plimpton and Stephanie (the medical doctor). Nevertheless , I do agree with everything you say in your post.
  11. Apparently to you this would be absolutely normal. I couldn't disagree with you more. IMO this would make no sense. If Leonard gave her anything (highly unlikely) it would have been ages ago since he hasn't slept with anyone else for a very long time. And for all we know Leonard hasn't picked up any nasty disease from one of his encounters. This is all wild speculation. Nothing in canon suggests your line of thinking.
  12. So they will be able to go back to a time when the show was good? Hhhhhmmmmmm, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely not. IMO you're 100% wrong. It is her body but his sperm, if we're talking on these terms. I think it is both their decision. Of course if Penny doesn't want to have kids, that forces Leonard's hand, I understand.
  13. Your statement in regards to Leonard is condescending, but OK. What are all the cheating scenarios? Are you talking about the boat kiss? Which is an OOC invention by the writers 2 years after the fact? In regards to your going to the World series game with a male friend, didn't your boyfriend know? If you told him , IMO it was OK, but if you didn't while I wouldn't consider it cheating, I wouldn't think it's OK either. Btw I hate bringing in real life events into the discussion, and I'm doing so only because you used them as an example. No, but you have to admit that it was pretty OOC the thing about the boat kiss. And also that the writers waited 2 full years after the fact to even mention it. I think that is the only time they have ever done that on the show. On top of which it makes no sense whatsoever that Leonard told her when he did.
  14. 1) Cherry picking only the examples which prove your point is not presenting things in a fair way. 2) Your description of said things that happened on-screen is not accurate, IMO. Enough said. 3) I don't think that it would be productive for us to enter in a heated and prolonged discussion. You're not going to convince me to think like you do and I will probably not convince you to think like I do either.
  15. That's not even the point. I believe that what SRAM was trying to say is that the author of the article was cherry picking examples to prove a point, and that the same thing could be said about Sheldon, and every other character for that matter. Truth be told, we all like the characters we like for different reasons. However if you (well not you but the author of the article) are going to write an article judging a character, at the very least you should be as fair and impartial as you possibly can be. Mooching of Bernadette? I don't understand. Bringing her acting back would be far fetched. However , IMO, giving a Nobel to Sheldon would be total fucking bullshit . I was going to address your statement but I'd better not: too many factual inconsistencies.
  16. I completely disagree with the article and think the writer is full of shit. Some of the examples she presents are true, but the way in which she presents them reeks of negative bias, not to mention that she cherry picked only the examples which would prove her point.
  17. I applaud him for it. he is my new hero. From my pint of view TBBT has been on life support for the 4-5 years and Jim's exit is allowing the series to finish with a smidge of dignity. Not very much, mind you but a little at least.
  18. Of course you won't Bill. While I do understand your reasons, it is also because amazing and truly astonishing have left the TBBT train station a long time ago. Let's not kid each other, shall we?
  19. Yes, I don't know why the writers seem to like this dynamic, since they use it for their two main couples: in Shamy's case Sheldon is the mean one, and Amy the pushover. What a pity...
  20. So what is contradicting canon? Because opposite "facts" can't, by definition be both true.
  21. I get what you're trying to say but cannot agree with you. There is no such thing as personal canon. While it is true that whatever they present on Young Sheldon is supposed to be canon as well, what happens when it directly contradicts TBBT canon? Which one are we supposed to believe? I'd venture to say whichever one came first, therefore TBBT's. Food for thought, I guess. And bad writing with blatant disregard for continuity, I know. No it wasn't , IMO because why are we being forced to see a character whose backstory we'd know only if we watched YS?
  22. What on Earth are you talking about? Chucky stated that he thought Jim made the right decision. It is his opinion. can you please tell the rest of us what does your question have to do with that or anything for that matter?
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