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  1. I guess Keisha didn't know Cosby was a rapist.
  2. I like the fact that she's seating in what was Sheldon's spot even more.
  3. It is when Penny wear glasses (similar to the ones she's wearing on the picture in my avatar) and she says to Leonard : "molecules" while she lowers the glasses and looks at him suggestively. Leonard replies: " Let's go to the bedroomand take everything off except the glasses...and maybe the boots" . Don't remember the name of the episode, though.
  4. Tensor actually proved to you why you were wrong in your post. A show is either #1 or it's not. We cannot qualify our comments and comparisons because then any claims after that will have no meaning.
  5. You are wrong. She didn't remember that. When Raj went to see her the following day she asked what had happened and he told her. She didn't remember absolutely anything. She even asked him if he had done some strange "indian crap" (or words to that effect) to her. That's when he (Raj) told her what happened.
  6. I will express my opinion forcefully but please don't take personally as it is not anything against you. Bill Prady is full of shit. If it is mentioned in the show it is canon, and while it might have been their intention for it to be a throwaway line from a throwaway joke things don't work like that. He says it was not meant to be taken seriously or literally. How else would it be taken? What is the criteria for discarding things said in the show? Are we supposed to discard things that are said in the show as well as imagine or assume things that happen off screen? I mean, talk about interactive viewing... Nevertheless this seems like way too much work.
  7. No it isn't, at least not last week. Roseanne had more total viewers as well as a higher demo.
  8. Penny blacked out and didn't remember anything. I don't think that qualifies as consent. If we start qualifying our comments... What are we going to say next? That it is the #1 show on Thursdays from 8:00 to 8:31? If we start doing that then the #1 moniker will mean less and less.
  9. In what universe are they even? When Leonard/Priya were having sex in Raj's place they were boyfriend/girlfriend and Raj her brother, not an ex-boyfriend. In Raj/Penny's case, he took advantage of a drunken Penny even when she had told him she loved Leonard. I don't see how they can be considered to be even at all. But not the #1 comedy ...
  10. Sheldon definitely is, actually was the breakout character. I also agree that the show competes against itself. IMO, it is loosing by a landslide when compared to earlier seasons.
  11. I guess the only way they could get around it is that even though the couch is Sheldon's in perpetuity, access to it is NOT. Oh, OK. I just remembered that it didn't last. Thanks for the correction.
  12. I don't remember Leonard asking Penny to move away, just that they couldn't be friends anymore, but both you and I know how much that lasted, don't we?
  13. You are correct: all three couples had a period in which they were broken up. In Lenny's case their break-up was the longest one. What baffles me (in a good way) is that the only couple who remained friends even when broken up was actually Lenny. Interesting, wouldn't you say? Well...actually he didn't because he hadn't been invited to Howard's house. Also a real friend would not have made such a total ass out of himself taking all the attention from and ruining everybody's viewing of Leonard and Penny's wedding. If to that you add that he did so by insulting Amy, his actions are down right indefensible.
  14. I'm glad you feel that way. I do not. For me TBBT is but a mere shadow of what it once was, and I would have been very happy if the series finished its run at the end of S7 (being properly wrapped up overall story wise) as I believe that after that, the writing took a nose dive. As of right now I get more enjoyment of this forum than actually watching the episodes.
  15. The only spinoff I'd like to see would be: "The Hofstadters"
  16. But it would be preferable not to say anything in regards to the matter instead of trying to spew such a blatant lie, IMO.
  17. I agree with 1million %. I think that just shows you how good an actress she really is. I mean, to say that with a straight face really does take a lot of acting chops.
  18. What it looks like to me, and this is just my impression, is that the Big Three are in it just for the money at this stage, specially Kaley and Johnny.
  19. Since you're from Texas let me ask you: Is the way they speak in Young Sheldon representative of how you speak in Texas? I mean, Sheldon's (young Sheldon) accent is pretty neutral but Missy's, Meemah's and Georgie's isn't, IMO.
  20. Are you kidding me? I loved adult Missy and can see her being the grown up version of young Missy. That being said I have no interest on seeing them in regards to Sheldon's wedding.
  21. No it hasn't. You are presenting things in a way that appear to make your point. However: 1) In the case of the North Korean spy, Leonard didn't have to do anything to "get it". She was trying to trick him into divulging secrets after they had had sex, so ... 2) The elderly donor gave herself up to him. Why wouldn't he take the opportunity? Again it's not as if he was required to do anything for sex , so it isn't a good example either. 3) In the case of Priya he broke a promise to Raj, but it was never up to Raj, it was up to Priya and Leonard and if you remember correctly she initiated (as seen on the show). 4) In the case of Dr, Stephanie, what did he have to do for sex? Nothing. They hooked up and they were both willing participants. He even tried to resist a little bit, and asked her if Howard had any chance with her and she answered no. 5) As you can see from my refuting of your examples, Leonard didn't actually have to do anything for sex in none of the cases you cited. These opportunities just fell on his lap (so to speak). He just didn't say no. It is different from Howard because he used to look for the opportunities and try to force them. Not the case here. Btw, you forgot Dr. Plimton, even if, again he didn't have to do anything to get it except for just being there.
  22. You are wrong on that one. If that had been the case he would have shown her what Kurt wrote on his forehead to generate more sympathy and possibility of copulation, but instead of that he decided to cover it with that ridiculous beanie. And selfless or not it was brave.
  23. And yet they have sex only once a year ...
  24. That point is irrelevant. What mattered, (as far as TBBT is concerned) is the resume of the actors when they were about to be hired and NOT how well known they were when they were 19. Besides that, the other important point is how successful the shows in which they participated were: Roseanne was waaaay more successful than Blossom. Finally, the other important thing is if they're cast as protagonists or in a supporting role. Really? That's downright unbelievable. Obviously not. Btw did you mean too good?
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