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  1. I got engaged 5 months after meeting my wife for the first time, got married 4 months after that , and we've been married for 26 years. I guess what I'm trying to say is there is no right or wrong. It is what works for each individual couple.
  2. But we have to worry about those things. Otherwise we might just as well say: "Fuck it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Some other movies or TV shows might be art, this is literally shit.
  3. Besides sharing your opinion, I'll go one further: I don't care if TBBT finishes #1. This season is still crap, IMO
  4. I have in no way criticized the person who gave us spoilers and who did the write-up. I was merely answering to the poster who asked for an elaboration on the Shamy plot. If he/she had read the taping report more closely he/she would have discovered that the taping report is a very detailed description of the Shamy plot because it is the "a" plot. As simple as that. Thank you, chucky, that is exactly it.
  5. Of course not! Instead of actually doing what you suggest which would have made him a good friend, Raj decided to have sex with a clearly more intoxicated than him Penny. Isn't the whole taping report an elaboration on the Shamy plot? Because with the advent of YS they are re-writing canon.
  6. I don't think so. I don't personally believe that YS will last another 4 or 5 years. I could be wrong, of course. One question: how old is Sheldon when his father dies? And when is he supposed to skit shoot Mary's plate collection? Or some hate her.
  7. I agree that all parties have moved on, but if they show the wedding in India it would be sort of strange for Priya not to be there as would be any member of Raj's and Anu's immediate family.
  8. One question though: since this is TBBT after all, when Lance Barber appears, won't everybody think it is Leonard's former nemesis Speckerman? What a load of crap!
  9. I beg to differ. Yee-haw is not only for riding horses. It is an exclamation of the first order and in the context of the episode it was said so loudly that even the neighbors heard it. I don't believe it was merely an expression of approval for Leonard taking charge, but an exclamation due to the lengths Leonard's passionate was taking Penny. I could be much more crass and accurate, but you'll get the gist of what I'm trying to say, I believe.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. I have nothing against the actress who plays Anu, but IMO Raj and her have zero onscreen chemistry. Full disclosure, I'm not really invested in their relationship. Penny's comment : "practice makes better" or words to that effect in relation to her and Leonard's sex life was pathetic beyond belief, not to mention a negation of previous canon. Lenny's first time was awkward but after that there have been several references to Leonard's sexual prowess. Penny's "you're a genius" and Mrs. Gunnerson's comment of "yeehaw" come to mind to mention just a few. I know they tried to play it for laughs but it wasn't funny at all. Why is it that the writers have this continuing need to rewrite canon?
  11. I couldn't care less. After all, ...it's Raj. I am a little confused about one thing: In Kev0821's post it say the upcoming episode will be directed by Kristy Cecil . I know that all the episodes were directed by Mark Cendrowski. Apparently that's no longer the case. has he moved to YS or what happened? Sorry if this is old news, but I'm curious. Thanks.
  12. The airport scene would have been perfect. Kaley said the ILY with such feeling that it was amazing had it not been for a little detail: Sheldon. Oh how I hated him in that scene! Happy birthday @chucky . Hope you had a great day!
  13. Yeah, thankfully. I'm sorry TBBT has turned into such crap. Quality moments are the exception now, when they used to be the rule. (IMO) 1) Not necessarily. 2) You refuse to acknowledge evidence 3) Most of us do, but that's beside the point. And talk about condescending ....
  14. I don't share your opinion even if I understand your reasoning behind it. I wholeheartedly disagree with the part of your post I bolded, specially because intentions do matter, not just results. So much so that they are taken into consideration even when legal matters are concerned. For me it is OK to give him a pass on this one precisely because it is a rare occurrence and (to me at least) context matters. I am willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt when his/her actions merit it. Well...he could and he did. Uuuggggghhhhh! I feel so sorry for you. Even if you are mentioning it matter of factly it sounds so excruciatingly painful.
  15. And did I say anything to the contrary? Read my last sentence. But there were other reasons for him acting as he did, and as you very well know it wasn't his intention from the start to keep the money, now was it? While you are correct in saying that they have all been selfish throughout the show, it is also correct to point out that Sheldon has been by far the most selfish throughout the run of the show and that cannot be argued any other way, either.
  16. You are correct as usual, but there is a big difference: Sheldon is selfish most of the time, and Leonard is selfish very rarely. If we go by who is a better person to his friends it is not even a contest. I know you like and care about Sheldon but he is one of the most selfish and self centered characters ever created. Furthermore, in this episode more than being straight up selfish, IMO Leonard came out as desperate, as not knowing what to do, and took the decision of awarding the money to himself as a last resort measure. The fact that he benefitted himself in the process was indeed selfish, but nothing major, IMO.
  17. 1) I agree with most of what you say but not all of it. You're right in assessing that the nerdy guys meeting the ditzy blonde thing had been done a million times, but what made me enjoy the early seasons nonetheless was the cast. No matter how typical the characters (initially), the cast, IMO gave them soul. I even liked pervy Howard because, to me at least, Simon played him in such a way that you couldn't totally hate him, even if you knew you should. The bolded part: 1 million times yes. 2) Agree 3) I loved the fat Debbie jokes! To me they weren't cringe-worthy because the comments came mainly from her son. to me it depicted the love-hate relationship they had, and not matter how much Howard talked bad about her he knew he couldn't function with her attending to his every need. Of course not, but Sheldon is a professional at it. And even if I know you know this, I'll bite and play. What defines you as a person is the majority of your actions and not just one or two isolated incidents. That's where the track record part comes in play. Sheldon is usually selfish while Leonard is usually not.
  18. Hhhhhmmmmmm.....no. It actually doesn't. Wrong (well... actually inaccurate) again!
  19. Now that I read your post I know why I didn't answer April's post: because you said exactly what I wanted to tell her much better than I would have managed to express. IMO, your post deserves 1,000,000 likes.
  20. Yes and if you remember Leonard once said: "The one good thing about Sheldon is he knocks" And I think you're wrong. IMO, people's problems with certain changes is how they are introduced. I think that when Sheldon started knocking 3 times it wasn't planned, but since people liked it the writers left it in. BTW I liked the 3 knocks, but think they ruined it when they explained it. IMO they should have just left it as a quirk of Sheldon's personality
  21. Dammmmmmmmm! She is just soooo beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Not that I like the direction the show has gone into since S6 by any stretch of the imagination, but your statement is incorrect. There was a story arc that depicted the guys working in the guidance system for the military, and that was after S6 and involved the science by the guys. Also I don't remember exactly what it was but wasn't there a project by Leonard and Sheldon as well?
  23. But besides that, the fact that she had Halloween parties and didn't invite him is bullshit. I mean how did Leonard (and the rest of the guys) not know? I mean living across the hall, I think it is pretty impossible.
  24. You are totally wrong, IMO. Of course it is absolutely appropriate for Leonard to have a hissy fit over this. It was their first kiss, and he is the man she ended up marrying, isn't he? Aaaand she did seem to remember the vomiting, right? Furthermore, she actually did remember their first kiss, and I am sooooo glad that the episode proved I am right. First of all that's mere speculation on your part, and secondly what does that have to do with what we are talking about? Absolutely nothing. You are sooooo right. If I was a Sheldon fan I would be so pissed at the writers. What they have done to Sheldon in unconscionable.
  25. No, Jonny, it is simply bad writing. BTW, I agree with your whole post.
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