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  1. I don't know about anybody else's book, but in mine, at least, that's the definition of an asshole.
  2. Has he really? I guess you could say that. but at the core he's the same egotistical jerk he's always been, IMO. What they have changed are some peripheral behaviors, which to me don't ring true at all. That is true, but as you very well know the fact that he was a true friend once, doesn't really mean he's a true friend. It only means he had one nice gesture. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Not necessarily. The fact that he's not real doesn't make Chucky's opinion (with which I happen to agree) any less valid. Heck, in this forum we've been giving our opinions about fictitious characters for years now.
  3. I love Bob Newhart but hate Professor Proton. IMO all the material was elevated by him so much that it ended up being almost passable. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fun with Flags sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. As far as encores go I'd lover to see Zack hook up with Claire. In the scene about the wine tasting they really seem to hit it off. I think that Zack has been a good enough person that he deserves a good way to tie up his story. I agree with you as far as Katey Sagal. While the material they gave Meemaw was not that good I absolutely hated the actress, and would have never been OK with her regardless of the material.
  5. The show might be evolving or not, that's a matter of perspective. You, however, are wrong: the show is unbalanced. When a character is given exponentially more screen time than all the other leads, and even more than the screen time it had in the past to the detriment of those aforementioned co-stars, then the show becomes unbalanced. What you say in your second sentence is a matter of opinion. I used to like earlier seasons' Sheldon more than I like this Sheldon. He was more special. Now he's almost run of the mill. Certainly no homo-novus, IMO.
  6. I disagree with everything you say. They did the second wedding, IMO, because they ROYALLY fucked up the first one. For the record there had been some planning involved since I heard on several occasions that they had to wait for Penny's brother to get out of prison. the writers made them elope because they didn't want to make the effort to write a proper conclusion to the arc. Furthermore (IMO, of course) they retroactively invented the kiss because in their flawed minds they thought it was a good writing device to mirror both couples going through hard times. Bad writing from my point of view But that has been from the start. Penny was always the normal one and Leonard the most normal (for lack of a better word) of the guys' group. What Sheldon and Shamy had going for them was their strangeness. Now that they are both almost totally normal they have lost their appeal. I feel sorry for Sheldon and how they have destroyed his character. I enjoyed his first love story (with himself) more than the one he had with Amy.
  7. Of course it's the writers fault. Who the hell else writes the show? Aliens? The writers write and the actors simply repeat the writers' words. So actually, it can be no one else's fault but the writers'.
  8. Come to think of it these writers have sort of fucked up a lot of important events in the show: Lenny's wedding, Bernadette's pregnancies and the fact we never get to see the babies, making Shamy the premiere romantic couple in the show when it just doesn't work because the characters were never written that way, the casting of Meemah and Penny's brother, the ridiculousness of the living arrangements. If I really think about it, it makes me question their abilities.
  9. I don't see how there is any difference at all. Besides I find it much more reasonable to be burnt out on Sheldon than on the pregnancy story lines. Sheldon has had an inordinate amount of screen time for most of the show. Don't get me wrong, I used to like Sheldon, but for some years now I've been fed up with him. As far as pregnancies go, we only had 2. Granted, they were executed very poorly, IMO, but it's not as if we had to put up with them for years. On the contrary, excess (for me) of Sheldon, we've been dealing with for a long time.
  10. I actually loved when we saw Raj's parents together either ganging up on Raj or simply bickering between themselves.
  11. I'm sure your heart is in the right place, but this is Sheldon we're talking about. You know if he has devised such an agreement, it will NEVER be truly fair to Amy.
  12. That is because the writers wouldn't know about the kiss for another 2 full years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I disagree. they were both in the wrong that time, IMO. Penny for getting Beverly's book even after Leonard sincerely asked her not to, and Leonard for milking penny's compassion. Also, IMO, getting Beverly on Skype was too much.
  13. A religious parent is no guarantee of good teachings, IMO.
  14. You have no basis for saying that whatsoever. A racist show wouldn't have had an Indian protagonist, not to mention that you could have said it more clearly. I agree with everything you say except the last sentence. I was uncomfortable when Sheldon slapped Amy's ass in the way he did. I know he was sort of drunk but I didn't like that. that being said I don't believe he'll abuse her.
  15. But what was presented on the show is that Leonard kissed Alice and stopped himself, and Priya had sex with her ex, so...
  16. No! What happened is that @Nogravitasatall mistakenly said 13th season when in reality he was talking about the 12th, and a lot of us were jokingly giving him a hard time about it.
  17. Hhhhhmmmm you mean twelve seasons, right?
  18. I am not worried at all. If it comes out later that Galecki and Parsons couldn't stand each other it would not ruin the show for me: the writers already took care of that and have been doing so for the past few seasons. I am old enough not to believe everything I hear, specially from actors whose job is to lie for a living. If you hear them talk in the special features on a movie disc (DVD or Blu-ray) whichever movie it is they always say that it is the best movie they've ever done with the best co-workers, and the best director. No matter how much you want to believe them you know it can't be always true. I limit myself to what I see on the screen, and derive my enjoyment or lack thereof from the material. In regards to the elevator I would love to see it getting fixed as they are leaving for their respective new residences, and look at each other and say: " Really!?!?!?!?!?!?! "
  19. One of the best sci-fi shows ever which only lasted a season and were not properly supported by Fox broadcasting which aired the show. They wrapped everything up with the movie Serenity. If you can check it out. IMO it was an awesome show.
  20. I am very disappointed,although not totally surprised by Chuck Lorre's actions on the matter. He has always struck me as kind of a dick, so I would sort of expect this from him. While I believe Jim's actions took everyone by surprise, if I were him, I would not lay low at all (as another poster suggested). There is nothing Jim has to apologize for and as I've said before, the decision to leave TBBT when his contract expires is well within his rights. End of the freaking story. A lot of people might not like it, but tough, we can't all get what we want in life, now can we? I think that a whole season is early enough... Too bad for them. they're wrong. And you know this, how, exactly?
  21. I am one of those people. IMO the writing of the show started to go downhill at the end of S7 and I wouldn't have minded if it had ended after S8, with that season having been written as the last one and not how it was actually written. However, I would never dream of being disrespectful or mean to Jim because of the decision he made. He's totally within his rights to do so. As far as I've known about him, Jim doesn't appear to be a stupid person, therefore I'm sure he has very good reasons for not wanting to continue with TBBT. 1) And? 2) Do you really thin he needs the money? As a matter of fact, he could afford to work for free for the rest of his life if he so chose.
  22. Why do you think it is a horrible choice? Because you don't like it? Why would his choice get everybody angry? I could be wrong but you seem to make it appear as if he doesn't have a right to make any choice he wants. Actually I think it is very advantageous to all parties involved that they know it is the last season so early on. TPTB have an opportunity to go out with a Big Bang (no pun intended - well...maybe just a little) and finish the overall story in spectacular fashion. Or not...
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