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  1. I really don't see the problem people seem to have with Penny's reaction to Howard. I mean, come on! Enough is enough! If Howard didn't want to be treated that way, he should have been more respectful.
  2. And Friends was a somewhat more balanced show than TBBT. But...what does that have to do with anything? We're here because we care what goes on in TBBT. I, for one couldn't care less about Happy Days. I wish we could go back to the time when the writers didn't write shit so I could love the show again (instead of just tolerating right now).
  3. That is a wonderful idea. maybe we could call it "The Lenny Welcome Wagon"
  4. Those last 3 photos say it all. WE WIL NOT ACCCEPT ANY IMITATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. And Amy wanted to go with him, right? Perhaps they could go both to Mars, that way we wouldn't have to deal with Shamy any more !!!!! However... with our luck (and these writers) they would rename TBBT "Shamy from Mars" and it would still be all about them...sigh...
  6. Of course not, but it pisses me off that all the "good" stories seem reserved for just one couple, specially if you're not a fan of said couple (me). not to mention when you think that couple has been overexposed to death, thus making the show verge on the monotonous. Can you please point them out to me? Are there any from this forum, because for the life of me I can't think of one that likes what is going on with Lenny.
  7. I never really liked Raj too much and the more we (as an audience) got to know him the more we discovered what a douche he really was. He has been a very bad friend and a lot of his failures with women have been mainly his own fault. He needs (or wants) companionship but will go to great lengths to get it, no matter who he has to step over.
  8. So many amazing Lenny memories. I particularly loved when before kicking him in his privates Penny tells Todd Zarnecki" "Today you're dreams are going to come true and a girl is finally going to touch you in your special parts" (or words to that effect). Also when they're riding in the car and Howard tell Leonard (mockingly) :"How come you couldn't make it work with this one"
  9. The quote function isn't working very well, but let me just say that I thank you very much for taking the time to answer my post in response to yours part by part. I must say, however that I disagree completely and totally with your views on the matter. Nevertheless, come to think of it, this is what makes this forum great: that people such as you and me can coexist in it, even if our opinions on a particular subject couldn't be any further apart.
  10. What are you talking about? That they are bad men for having a healthy and diverse sex life? Really? I totally disagree. As long as both parties are willing and no party leads the other one under false pretenses I have absolutely no problem with them having as many sexual encounters as they can. I also cannot understand why you say that : "One or other of the Lenny partnership probably would have a disease by now if they were real". If Leonard was real do you think for a minute that he wouldn't use protection? That would take care of your disease angle, so I honestly don't know what you're talking about.
  11. Of course we don't! Obviously ! It is just speculation seeing the situation through the lens of our personal biases. IMO Mario was expressing how he'd feel (and therefore thinks Johnny and Kaley feel) in the situation they're in. One question for you thought: What does having proof or this being fact change? Not much, IMO. The fact of the matter is that we really don't know what any of the actors thing expect for what they say in interviews and the best we can do is extrapolate how they feel from what (little) they say, and interpret it based on our life experience.
  12. There isn't much of a point in me telling you how he should have changed because at the end of the day it is going to be just my opinion. The couple of things I will say are that to me the character has been dumbed down , and that the changes in his personality are too jarring for my taste.
  13. Yes, but they used to be much more specific. In the earlier seasons the characters used to be better delineated not to mention written much better. That's what made us fall in love with them in the first place. now it looks as if the characters have been dumbed down. And while TBBT is a business I believe the writers should have at least al little but of artistic integrity, which, IMO they don't. I know that TBBT still does huge numbers, but I don't really care about that . IMO the quality of writing and the show in general has declined abysmally these last few years.
  14. I don't think that Nogravitas is complaining about the fact that Sheldon changed, but the manner in which he changed.
  15. Really? I don't know... the past few seasons, maybe?
  16. You might be right, but good writers, write the story they want to tell and have the audience (already built in from previous successful seasons) follow. IMO (and IMO only) the reason they overuse Sheldon/Shamy is because they're to lazy to write anything else.
  17. I get where you're coming from but your comment is neither here nor there. If we go by used to , she also used to date dumb guys from the gym ( she mentions it in the ring episode) , and a dumb guy in particular (Zack) up until Leonard ruined it for her and dumb guys (her words). After that she grew up and as far as we know, her last comment on the matter is she doesn't like to flirt anymore (apparently). People change, people evolve, IMO.
  18. While you're right, I think that the familiarity of the show lies more with the characters per se: Sheldon would be Sheldon anywhere, as would Leonard, as would Penny etc. etc. Not that I think they're going to do it, but perhaps moving them to their own houses could infuse the show with new vigor. Just a thought...
  19. When I see scenes like that I realize that there is no point in me watching the show anymore. it has been transformed from a proper sit-com into a cheap soap opera.
  20. To be centered on just one couple to the expense of all the other cast members simply makes them bad writers. Maybe he could call Penn and they could both make Shamy disappear.
  21. From this episode I loved when Sheldon is approaching Lenny sleeping with his mechanical 'claw" to try to take the ring from Penny and she realizes and hits him.
  22. But can you see what us Lennies have been reduced to? It's not fair. For me the show will not return to its glory days until we have 30% Lenny, 12% Shelnard, 20 % Howardette/Howard-Raj, 13% Shamy, 25% group interaction/non-specific situations/girl or boys alone. I know it's a pipe dream, I know it will not happen, but TBH that would the only distribution of screen time that I would love.
  23. The opinions being posted there are not stuff being spewed, they simply are opinions that differ from yours. I tend to agree with most of the posters there, and disagree with you, ajond, JE7 and Chrismo. I posted there a couple of days, but stopped because (for me) there is no point in doing so. I am not going to convince you to see things as I see them and you will not convince me to see things as you see them, so why waste our time? Apart from that, I tend to agree with most of the things you say, as well as JE7's other posts. The solution for me has been to avoid the Chit Chat thread altogether because it frustrates me and makes me mad. If I feel any need to feel that way, I just simply watch the show, now a days (lol).
  24. Good luck! I totally don't. However I do think that's more a post for the Chit Chat thread, and I won't say anything else on the matter because I don't want to get anyone mad. I'll just concentrate on TBBT for the time being. If someone is bothered by what's being said on a thread there's always the possibility to not visit that thread, right? Or leave, as JE7 mentioned. To each their own.
  25. Nobody's saying that the show should have remained the same, but characters should be true to themselves, and while people change and evolve very rarely do they (or their interactions) change to the point where it's difficult to recognize them. In a 30 min weekly show it's even more noticeable because of the small sample size, and the show's focus (or screen time) can certainly alter our perceptions of the created "world". IMO, the show is no longer unique. I think it has become a regular sit-com with a lot of the regular sit-com tropes ( relationship show vs. a geeks vs. the world show), and the fact that it is so highly rated , and brings loads of money (assuming that's accurate) means nothing in regards to my personal enjoyment of the show. Might be validation for some, but not for me.
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