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  1. Thank you so much. Had that been the case it would have been horrible, not believable an a total destruction of the Sheldon character. granted it did seem too far fetched to be real, but nice to know for a fact that it isn't so.
  2. For me it would have been great if it ended at 8 seasons or even 7 . In an ideal world that kiss the writers pulled out of their collective butts wouldn't have even existed and Lenny would have had a beautiful wedding. In fact a wedding so beautiful a redo wouldn't have even been needed. A wedding in which the big baby would have behaved himself for once. I know, I know, it's pure fantasy, but a guy can dream, right?
  3. And it feels so out of place for Shamy because that's not who they are, IMO. The last time Shamy felt real was S5 or S6, in episodes like "Herb garden" I believe it was called. I wish Lenny would feel more like Lenny.
  4. I hope that the last season would have been S8, so yes, I am hoping this is the last season. As of right now the show is garbage compared to what it was, IMO.
  5. One more reminder of how amazing Kaley is at physical comedy.
  6. The problem is that apparently, the writers don't.
  7. And I'm very sorry for your loss, but I completely fail to see what relevance it has in a TBBT discussion or how it is even remotely related to it.
  8. Thank you, Rick. AS to your question: indeed I am !
  9. Hey man, no problem at all. It's the sentiment that counts. I really do appreciate your well wishes. As far as the food, I ate so much that I'm still paying the price for it two days later. I still have not buckled my belt since Friday night (lol) Thank you so much. Btw, sir, congratulations are in order: England is part of the final 4 in the World Cup. I think this year you guys might come away with all the spoils. Winning 2-0 without Harry Cane scoring, you must be doing something right. I'm pulling for you.
  10. Exactly. I actually liked Shamy's wedding. However, it should have been Lenny the ones who should have had that wedding. A wedding in which all of the friends behaved and which even had Luke Skywalker, a wedding which was given the dramatic weigh it deserved. Everything was great about that wedding, except it was for the wrong couple.
  11. Leonard is a lucky man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Thank you Veejay, our resident GIF master and official birthday congratulator of all of us Lennies. Much appreciated. Thank you for your well wishes, even if at my advanced age I don't know how many more I have left Thank you for your Birthday wishes @JE7 , @luminous , @Strawberry PopTart Fan and @Swedish Chef . They are much appreciated, as are the GIF choices. Those yoga pants have my molecules all riled up
  13. Because for that we would need a new series: "Young Leonard" Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. IMO, and my opinion only psychological blows can hurt more and longer than physical ones. Besides that, I would venture to say that in Leonard's case it shaped his personality. The fact that he didn't grow up to be a bitter man mad at the world only speaks to the fact that he has a beautiful soul.
  15. I agree that based on the (very few) facts we know from TBBT it looks as if Alfred was a victim of Beverly as well. However, IMO, he was also an enabler because he didn't defend Leonard as he should have.
  16. That's true, but nothing says that he has to care for her. love her , or even have any kind of relationship with her.
  17. What you sat is true, but let's not make this like it's Alfred's fault, because it's not. He was indeed an accomplice by silence but Beverly was the abuser, the perpetrator. If this was real life, in Leonard's position I'd ask Penny not to even talk to Beverly because that would nullify to a certain extent all the suffering Leonard endured. Again, if this was real life, in Leonard's position I wouldn't even talk to Beverly.
  18. I'm not doing anything but I'm not complaining and belly aching about them on a TBBT chat thread. Besides, I'm not supposed to do anything since I'm not an elected official who is supposed to deal with these problems. Furthermore, I don't want the US to open its "doors" and say come on in, everybody. What I'd like to see is a sensible immigration policy, and also proposed solutions to deal with the homeless problem as well. What I hate to see is our asshole president proposing we do away with due process and ship the illegal immigrants back immediately. This country's laws are supposed to be based on the constitution, and if you want to prosecute illegal immigrants, government officials should also be held accountable and abide by the laws as well. Granted they can pay for much better lawyers if they ever get in trouble.
  19. How about having a sensible immigration policy? Have about you Mr. American focusing on anything other than illegal immigration? It is a problem, but not the biggest problem by a country mile. And since you talk about your beloved homeless how about helping them. Is Trump doing anything about that? I don't think so. Too bad you can't silence me since I am American. Btw, even non-americans, as you love to call them, can be reasonable people and give good intelligently thought out opinions, you know?
  20. I felt the exact same way. TPTB could actually write a really nice wedding episode. I liked it even if it was Shamy. Why couldn't they do that for Lennny? But no, for both of Lenny's weddings we had to have Sheldon's interruptions. Hardly seems fair. We even had to have moron Sheldon interrupting Lenny's second "I love you" by Penny when they were in the airport before Leonard left for the North Sea. Come to think of it, I don't even know how they didn't have Sheldon in the apartment hallway when Penny said "I love you" for the first time.
  21. Oh, you are absolutely correct, since he's the one who allows them to write such garbage.
  22. The Dark Lenny thread was created out of need and not because we just wanted to be negative. The blame lies with the show writers and not the posters.
  23. That is why the state of the world is what it is. Evil people (like gee, I don't know who'd come to mind... let's say...Trump, for example) prey on the stupidity of the masses and the ignorance of people who want to hate, and will look for any excuse to do so. Facts should empower us and should not be manipulated by any reasonable dignified person. I believe , however that the problem is there are less and less of those. Besides the fact that I'm giving your post 1,000 symbolic likes I want to thank you for speaking the truth so eloquently. Very well said.
  24. One of the most miscast roles ever in TBBT. Him and Meemah. Both atrocious choices, IMO
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