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  1. Oh how it pains me to say this, but Argentina was pathetic today, The goalie and the defense are (mainly) to blame. The first Croatia goal was a beautifully wrapped present sent with compliments of the defender and goalie, the second Croatia goal was a beautiful shot near a post but the goalie was late, and the third the whole defense just stops playing because the are requesting and off-sides by the Croatia attack. All the while no whistle is forthcoming and Croatia keeps on playing, Good for them!
  2. I must say that English has become the "de facto" world language for business. I'm originally from Argentina so I speak Spanish as well. I took French in school (3 years) and was pretty good at it, but forgot most of it because I had no one to practice it with. I tried to learn German with a second generation German friend but found it pretty difficult, and after a handful of classes she got tired of teaching me, and that was it. Whenever I watch a movie ( I watch a lot of international movies) I choose the soundtrack inn the original language and read the subtitles because I like how the actors sound in their original tongue. As far as the world goes it has become smaller and smaller due to globalization, so it really is beyond me why so many people are interested in dividing and conquering instead of uniting as one. Sorry, I said I wasn't going to answer to you anymore and it's better I don't. My bad,
  3. And what the hell is the problem with those kids talking to your daughter in Spanish? Don't worry she's not going to get infected or anything. Actually knowing two languages comes in pretty handy in today's business world. I could answer you many more things but I suspect I'd be wasting my time. Peace out, brother. have a nice life.
  4. Because of course americans commit no crimes, right? So basically what you're implying is that if we were able to eradicate all illegal aliens all crime would seize, right? I have lost any respect I had for you. There are a millions things I'd like to say to you, but the forum rules preclude me from doing so. Hey he thinks it's alright because at least those crimes were committed by Americans. Of course let's not try to actually solve the problem, Let's just blame it on the immigrants So there should be no attempts to control American murderers, really? You can be as racist as you want but a murder is still a murder.
  5. Pia Sundhage, indeed. Of course you know that in the last Olympics they lost on penalty shoot out to the National Swedish team , right? Which was, of course coached by Pia. She is a very good coach even if I hated her for handing the USWNT a defeat. Got to recognize quality. I didn't hear him say that. TBH, I was so pissed, that I didn't finish watching the game. Turned off the TV with 15 minutes to go in the match. Messi was wrong in saying that, because every opponents mission is to defeat you or at the very least get a draw (if they deem you superior to them) in any way they can. they are under no obligation to play to your strengths, are they? I'd assume he said it out of frustration with his own performance, but who knows.
  6. Please don't laugh but do you know what I love? The US women National (soccer) team. They are really good and they were World champions in 2015. They were also champions in 1991 and 1999, and won 4 Olympic Gold medals. The (US) men's (soccer) team I don't like too much because they are comparatively not as good.
  7. Tensor already answered you, so...I'll pass.
  8. Iceland I think, played to the best of their abilities. Argentina was pathetic, IMO. FYI, I'm not a hater. I'm originally from Argentina so it pains me to say it, but the defense was horrible, goalkeeping was iffy and the attacking strategy was (apparently) to just give Messi the ball. Incidentally he didn't have one of his best days and seemed to kick the penalty scared. Poor effort all around. Hope they improve.
  9. Agree, but on top of everything she did exactly what she was chastising him for which was have the paper done by somebody else so all her talk about failing or succeeding on her own (or words to that effect was BS. And the reaction, yes.
  10. Last I checked nothing to do with S11 of TBBT. That's the reason this sub-forum is called Chit-Chat, right?
  11. Wait a minute I know you said most, but I am in agreement with of all the posts against Trump, and I see nothing wrong with facts in them against him. FYI I can vote in this country since I'm a US citizen. My opinion is valid, but so is that of people who are reasonable and present good arguments. Asking to simply shut up is getting very defensive indeed. I thought the forum was a place where everybody had the right to voice their opinions. What do you think this is? Our country? Where no on is supposed to talk bad about Trump? Guess what. It's not, they have and there is no anything you can do about it (unless they break forum rules) in which case it is not even up to you to do anything about it. Back to talking about TBBT and enough of this you say in your reasons for editing your post? I'm from right here (the ol' US of A). And please, don't talk as if you represent all of us because you clearly don't. If don't want to talk about politics jus don't come to this sub forum, but if you do be prepared to listen to everybody's opinions.
  12. Right after Trump. After all the evidence presented you say...that? Your logic is flawed.
  13. I suggest you inform yourself before making comments like that. I was going to answer you, but ...no need. Someone else did it for me. What do you mean people have to deal with it? You mean people cannot express their opinions in a (supposedly) free country? FYI complaining about Trump is NOT old news since he's the current president, so I honestly don't know what the hell you're talking about.
  14. And they are indeed pitiful. Thankfully I don't buy TBBT on disc since S7.
  15. I don't really disagree with you, since we both know that these writers have disappointed us time and time again in regards to Lenny story lines, but I believe that what the poster was referring to was that since all the milestones have now been hit (except for the smart and beautiful babies which I'm assuming will be left for last) the writers are "free" to write whatever they want. It's not a matter of being selfish. They can ask for their $ 100,000 dollars back and of CBS think they can make money off them they'll give it to them and if not they wont. We as fans get emotionally invested but as far as TV channels go it's simply a numbers game.
  16. Actually thank you very much, I didn't know that. Thanks again for the info.
  17. Not necessarily. I'm just saying that in this particular case since they thought that Bill Would enjoy a bottle of Dom Perignon, and since they clearly have the means it would have been even better if they bought him a case. A good thing is great but more of a good thing is even better (IMO, of course). Yeah, seriously. You don't need to share my opinion, but I don't see anything wrong with it.
  18. First of all, there is no such social convention. However, in any case, it would appear that Amy's a tough gal. Per her own words she had 128 orgasms induced on her. If that's not tough, I don't know what is.
  19. That's right! For the amount of money they make they should have sent Bill a case of Dom Perignon, and not just a bottle.
  20. Why would he be critical of Russia? They help him steal the election after all. What I will never forgive Obama for is not being more forceful in not accepting the results o the elections pending investigation on the charges of collusion and interference on the elections by a foreign state..
  21. Not necessarily. Nogravitas is showing examples of why he thinks like he thinks. You and you "trump loving" comrades simply have opinions that aren't based on any facts to speak thereof. All of this is an interesting exercise, but is nothing more than that. You will not change your opinions and I will not change mine. So, all in all it is really a waste of time. IMO the only thing this is good for is determining what kind of people some posters are. I know. You're right of course. However I didn't make any mention of it, you did.
  22. I know, obviously, that the popular vote isn't worth anything as far as getting elected, however it does say something about the fact that more people voted for her than Trump. It's just that they weren't distributed in a way that was advantageous to her. It would appear you're not that important...
  23. You're clearly ignoring facts. Bill Clinton balanced the budget and left the country with a superavit. Do I really need to tell you what Bush2 did? Ok, here it is : 911 (say what you will but it happened during his watch), the mortgage crisis, the Wall street crisis of 2008, the double dip recession, and the trillions in debt, but don't let me confuse you with the truth.
  24. This is a slippery slope, but I'll play: And what, Trump is better? Give me a fucking break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the record she did win the popular vote. IMO, she lost the election because there are a lot of hateful stupid people in this country. It really is a shame. 1,000 likes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suffice it to say I don't agree with your views. However in regards to the bolded part , I see it as a very ignorant statement. He was not attacking our government but giving an impartial opinion with the advantage of perspective. I do believe we are all entitled to voice our opinions in the forum, are we not?
  25. Same here. If I could send people to Mars I'd pay for their tickets.
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