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  1. It's shown up on Zap2it now as that title. Is that one of the valid sources?
  2. The CBS stream is up now, if you didn't find it before.
  3. I can't stop smiling. This doesn't feel real, but it had to happen sometime. It's going to be way too hard to get to sleep tonight.
  4. I'm always glad when they bring out some under-utilized talent of a cast member. That song was so charming! The dream at the end wasn't as awkward as I was expecting. I still kind of squealed at it, even knowing it wasn't real beforehand. I also enjoyed the tree-fort joke. It seemed like a great little quirky Shamy thing.
  5. I can't imagine the pressure of writing a taping report for the first time though. Everything you write is taken so seriously by fans. I do wish more spoilers had gotten out earlier though. I was seriously distracted all day today, hoping something would come out.
  6. I wish we'd found out more about the Howard/Amy plotline, but I guess we'll find out at the next taping. It doesn't sound like they were there for the end of the contest, so I'm hoping for some awesome adventure as the B-Plot.. When one of the articles said that it'd be some 'very specific' thing they'd have in common, I figured it wouldn't be a big plot reveal, that it'd be something dorky like a musician. I love Neil Diamond, so I was excited to see that reference. (It really felt like someone they'd both be into too.) I'm glad Mayim finally got her part with Helberg, as the writers an
  7. It looks like this might shape up to be a better Shamy season than previously thought, I'm excited. I liked that Amy's madeup languages made a comeback. She had that Op language (in 5x01) she was trying to teach Penny, and it was just adorable. I've liked how they've made her a little bit more normal (at least less stiff) over the years (since season 4), but still make her quirky enough to be different and charming. Sometimes they've made her seem too normal, but this episode seemed to be a good in-between. I also agree with Amy's snarkiness being awesome to see again. I hated seeing Amy
  8. I've been lurking around here since last season but I've never had the nerve to post until now. I've been watching the show since 2010 when a friend lent me her DVD boxset of season one, but I mostly got into the series around the end of 2011 when I finally discovered Mayim Bialik and got into the Shamy. Big Shamy shipper now (though I love Amy/Mayim in general too). Looking forward to the new season. I've been counting down the days all summer.
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