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  1. new spoilers :-))) http://android.eonline.com/article?id=402162
  2. http://tvline.com/2013/03/26/glee-season-4-spoilers-puck-kitty-ask-ausiello/ (you have ro scroll down to the last question!!!!!) okey now i'm really curious !!!!!!
  3. http://android.eonline.com/article?id=388547 okei i wonder whats coming up for the shamy :-) hopefully something shdon initiated :-D
  4. i'm probably a bit too late but gosh that episode was absolutely perfect! :-))) they were just so sweet . and jim and mayim judt nailed it ! i cant wait to see what happens in may sweeps !
  5. omg so sweeet !!! i can't wait for the episode to air ! :-D
  6. hopefully tonights taping has some shamy scenes in it ! :-) <3
  7. hey guys! :-) my name is elli, i'm a 16-year old shamyshipper from germany :-D i've been reading this thread for a long time now but i've never written any comment in it. i just wanted to say that i REALLY love you for posting spoilers and taping reports or analysing shamy moments!!! i really dont know what i would do without this thread? o.o okei enough for now ;-D xoxo PS: long live the shamy!!!! <3 <3
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