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  1. It seems to me that the writers are actively aware of what hamerman55 pointed out in terms of the two different types of couples in TBBT; the "similars" (Howard/Bernadette; Sheldon/Amy) and the "dissimilars" (Leonard/Penny). So aware, in fact, that they attribute the weekly "crisis" accordingly which produces some interesting balancing act from episode to episode : whenever the Lenny is fine, the other two couples eat dirt; whenever the Shamy and the Hernadette are cruising relatively smoothly, it is bumpy time for the Lenny. It is quite rare for all three couples to face a similar crisis
  2. I definitely see what you mean but I believe my take on it is slightly different. To me, Leonard would not be doing anything "wrong" if he were to decide to propose in order to spare Penny the trouble of doing so. Of course, Penny and Leonard have a deal but, while the "letter" of it is about her doing all the proposing in the future, its "spirit" is about Leonard waiting for his girlfriend to be ready before entering into (un)holy matrimony. Therefore, were he to "hold it in" until he were sure she is more than OK with the idea, it would not be the story of him getting something wrong and he
  3. That is very much a distinct possibility. My take on Leonard's plan (having Penny propose instead of him) is that it was something he put forward in order to appease his girlfriend, to give her the psychological space to quiet her fears. It worked a charm however I wonder how resolute he truly is. After all, Leonard, bless his adorable soul, has a very "chilvalrous" take on romance; his natural tendency is to to try and make everything fairytale/medieval fantasy perfect : he battled Kurt to get his lady love's stuff back, he gives her tokens of his affection that are either very rare (e.g
  4. The Lenny engagement is so dependent on Sheldon's evolution I do not see it happening for quite some time. For Leonard and Penny to get engaged would mean for them to be ready to live together (if they do not start cohabiting before the proposal stage) which would mean Sheldon would have to give signs of being willing and able to live either on his own or with Amy. For the moment, the writers are not giving us much sign of such a change occurring in Dr. Cooper's mind. So I am not exactly holding my breath. As for the proposal, as much as I would love to see Leonard's dreams of "being swep
  5. The Leonard/Priya relationship should indeed never have happened for they could not have been more ill-suited for each other. In that regard, it was a mistake. However, it was Leonard's and Priya's right to make that mistake, regardless of Raj's feelings about the whole thing. And I believe the same logic applies to the Raj/Penny hookup : it was a stupid mistake both participants had the right to make, independently of Leonard. As for the difference in the fans' reactions to both events, well, Leonard is the hero and Penny is not so... But it is all behind them now : Raj and Leonard are
  6. I wholeheartedly agree with the rest of your post so I only quote this bit : Leonard is a most excellent friend but he has shown he was not opposed to disregarding the "bro code" when necessary : he slept with Raj's sister even though he knew Raj did not want it to happen; he slept with Priya even though he had a deal with Howard about not hitting on her; and he went behind Sheldon's back to give Penny Mary's phone number. What Leonard was doing in The Raiders Minimization was wrong (he even admitted it) so he could not demand his friend to cover for him. Similarly, Raj's expectati
  7. We have now officially descended into the deepest, darkest pit of hell
  8. For better or for worse, Beverly is Leonard's mommy and he loves her. He may not be able to stand her but he loves her. And, for all we know, she loves him too; she is just incapable of normally showing affection to anyone, especially him. When sober, that is. Penny having a good relationship with her is, in my eyes, a good thing. It was thanks to this bizarre sense of sisterhood that they bonded over tequila and got talking about "their" man's secretive attitude, which led to Leonard receiving a long awaited (and much deserved) maternal hug. I believe Penny might be able to accomplish mu
  9. I see where you are coming from. But it was not that bad : for all his moaning, he was still willing to go. For Penny's sake. Until she provided him with the perfect excuse... On a related note, I was very pleased to find out Penny continues to socialise with her more jock-y friends. While her true "family", so to speak, is the Los Robles Mafia, there are things she cannot share with them, such as her love of sports, for they simply would not understand. So I am glad she has not given up on those activites of hers and continues to exist as a separate entity, in a way. She has her own thing
  10. What a very good episode that was ! The interactions between the couples were great. I love Bernie's no nonsense attitude; she is good at keeping Howard in line. Penny and Leonard were a lot of fun to watch. It was nice to see Penny being so compassionate towards Leonard and feeling genuinely sorry for bringing up the topic of his childhood, though I have to say the "breastfeeding" exchange was brilliant; Leonard went too far with his new found leverage and got punished for it. Penny unleashed Hell on his tushie and he learnt his lesson. The "mommy" interjection was great : as others
  11. I agree with you in that, to me too, there was a point when Leonard's innocent manipulation "shifted", in a way. However, to me, it is was not the watching of The Hobbit; it was the Python documentary. There was something, dare I say, Beverly-ish about it. In the same way his mother made him look for non existent Easter Eggs just to know for how long he would keep searching, Leonard made Penny watch a documentary even he found boring just to see how far he could push her. That is when the whole thing "slipped", I believe : it stopped being about a guy who, for the first time in his life, feel
  12. On a completely different topic : am I the only one delighted Penny is still going to community college and, apparently, doing well there ? I know the reference to the "check plus/check/check minus" grading system was meant as a little jab at the level of academic "excellence" usually associated with such institutions but still... Penny used to have to bully her friends to help her get a B-. Now she does it all on her own and seems to be performing perfectly fine, by community college standard ! Surely that is progress.
  13. Absolutely. After finding out, Penny might even have assumed he had kind of premeditated the whole thing. We know he did not, of course, but she had no way of being sure. So she hit back. Very hard. I did not mind Penny poking fun at Leonard for, to me, her reaction was very similar to how most would behave when discovering their S.O.'s "embarrassing" baby pictures. It was innocently done. I did not mind Leonard seizing the opportunity not to go watch the football game (though considering the number of times she went out with him and his friends to do what they liked, one sporting event on
  14. Exactly the same. We would even rip our T-shirts in slow motion after each victory !
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