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  1. I may be completely wrong here but I don't see Leonard as being powerless in his relationship with Penny. He, just like her, has the greatest power of them all which is to walk away, to break up if their status does not satisfy him. Day in, day out, he chooses to stay without anybody putting a gun to his head. Now obviously, he is in love so breaking up would be extremely hard for him. But Penny is in love too, therefore so far they're equals. Even though it is true that they express their emotions in completely different ways (Leonard is almost too open while Penny is pathologically closed
  2. The "he was boy, just a boy" monologue ? Very tough to get right ! The writers really did not do K. Cuoco any favour !
  3. No problem. It is a lot to take in and memorise Thank you very much.
  4. Oh no ! I am sorry I did not explain myself properly; I meant the real A Streetcar Named Desire, not Sheldon Lee Cooper's extraordinary (I am sure) take on the American classic. Did K. Cuoco actually play anything from T. Williams's real play ?
  5. Great, great, great ! Sorry to impose but while you're here, do you remember which tiny bit of A Streetcar... Penny played ? What it was about ?
  6. I was merely asking and did not think you were disparaging to Penny. I was just a bit puzzled because, while the commercial was bad, so are pretty much all commercials and it is quite hard to shine, even if you are a great thespian, in something so mindless and ridiculous as a commercial, especially for hemorroids. It is true that we have not seen much, if anything at all, between Penny barely being able to get auditions and Penny successfully playing Blanche (are we sure she plays Blanche ?) in A Streetcar Named Desire. But one thing caught my eye : according to the report, she says that
  7. I am sorry to ask but I believe there are still some episodes here and there that I haven't watched : were we ever told in no uncertain terms that Penny is a lousy actress ? I know she has pretty much failed at carving a career for herself so far but she is still young and sometimes even great actors need about 10-15 years to "make it" (e.g. Jim Parsons who only got cameos and commercials til he was cast as Sheldon at the tender age of 34). We know she got three parts, including the commercial, and that they were pretty bad (either that or the productions were bad). But I cannot recall anyt
  8. Thanks a lot. My parents thought so too...
  9. I don't doubt it but it is inspired by A Streetcar Named Desire (if only the title). Basically, what I got from the report is that Sheldon decided to "improve" Williams's work by making it about something he cares about, namely streetcars (and other forms of train-like transportation devices) while paying tribute (or lip-service) to the original play. Hence the wifebeater.
  10. Thank you so very much, Monique and Kyzz. Great report. I believe I am going to enjoy this episode. It is good to know that Raj has found somebody with as many problems as him : peas in a pod. I am delighted that Penny and Sheldon will get to spend some time together for, even though I am not a Shenny shipper by any stretch of the imagination, I greatly enjoy the way K. Cuoco and J. Parsons work together as actors and the interactions between Penny and Sheldon : their relationship works on so many levels (mother/son, big brother/little sister, big sister/little brother, best enemies, emo
  11. Do we know what happened to the "one" ring Sheldon and Leonard fought over ?...
  12. Like spook wrote, it appears that he just reacted to the other couple's proposal and Penny's resulting dismay. It is something he does a lot : whenever Penny's upset, he'll just do or say anything to make it stop. A bit like when he tried to yell at her for dating David even though he (David) was much smarter than him (Leonard) and Penny had said she couldn't date him (Leonard) because he was too smart. He had every right to be upset and frustrated but the moment Penny started crying, he just backed down, apologised and tried to make her feel better. He has a tendency not to think these thi
  13. I am so sorry. I really did not mention it to make anyone feel bad. To me, it was actually "reassuring" news : the interesting (let's call it that) make up/hairdo of the SAG awards was not the result of bad taste but of bad circumstances, therefore it is unlikely to happen again. And Ms. Cuoco did not seem upset by the criticism she received for it. More of a "life is life" attitude.
  14. I believe Penny's apartment is much smaller than the guys' : they have two bedrooms when she only has one; their living room looks much bigger so does their kitchen, etc. I would guess that Penny's place is about 1/3 the square footage of Sheldon and Leonard's. As for the money, it is absolutely true that 500 bucks should not be a big deal for Leonard which is why I do not think Penny had a problem with the cost of the object per se but with the object itself. She doesn't mind Leonard spending 500 dollars in general but she thinks the whole idea of getting an action figure in one's image
  15. The diagram has something to do with the Green Lantern, I believe : dead guy + Green Lantern power ring = glorious (and very much alive) Green Lantern... or something like that.
  16. I couldn't remember where I had read it but now I know : it is on Ms. Cuoco's Twitter account. Horrible copy/paste (Jan 31) "Seriously I had a black eye- the bad bangs were MY idea- get over it! #hairmistakes #ithappens"
  17. I think I read somewhere that the less than fortunate bangs / heavy makeup combo at the SAG awards was the result of a black eye that had to be covered up...
  18. Thank you very much for the welcome
  19. Have we ever been shown how good or bad Penny is at acting ? I can only recall three parts she's had over the past five and a half years : one was in the play about Anne Frank (the one above the bowling alley), one was in Rent I think, and the last one was in the commercial. From the Rent episode, we know that Penny cannot sing (I don't remember if they mentioned anything about her dancing). But I do not think that we were ever told if she can or cannot act. Though I could see why the writers would choose to make her a bad actress (it is way funnier when people fail), I sort of hope she i
  20. Hello, My name's Chiara and I only recently discovered the Big Bang Theory but have been thoroughly devoted to it since. I do not quite know what to say about myself in this particular context but I'll give it a shot... I am a student in political science working on getting three letters attached to my name, I live in Paris and I enjoy loads of stuff (trying to maintain an air of mystery about me here). Delighted to be here, with like minded and obsessed people ! Cheers
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