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  1. That, I believe, is pretty much it. If you hit her, she hits you back. Hard. Disgusted raised a good point by wondering whether Bernadette might have been behind the whole "nightie+Bev on Skype" mission. Indeed, given Penny's rather sanguine disposition, she rarely waits to take her revenge from people : she explodes here and there, Hulk-style, and does not give much of a flying toss about who or what gets hit with the shrapnel. To her, revenge is usually dish best served burning hot. However, she does have the ability, when need be, to plan ahead and bid her time for her vengeance to hav
  2. The nightie is, I believe, is 7.04
  3. As a general rule, no. She is pretty straight forward. But when she is very angry, she can get quite devious. The Panty Pinada Polarization was proof of it.
  4. I completely agree with you. With a twist She is distant, clinical and... Not that good at her job. This is what makes her funny to me. She is a world-famous expert on child-rearing yet we are given proof after proof that she made terrible mistakes (nothing mean-spirited) when raising her own kids, especially her middle son. So for all her remarkably complex syntax and intimidating vocabulary, she has never had any idea how to be a "good" parent (like most parents) so she messed up (like most parents). In this regard, she is the archetypal comedy shrink (technically, she is a neuropsyc
  5. I do apologise for being obtuse but I fail to see where the perception of Leonard as perpetually victimised is coming from. I understand and accept that he is a very forgiving and patient soul and, as such, does not get as frequently upset as Penny, who is of a more sanguine disposition. However, on several occasions already, he has put his foot down and taken his revenge from Penny when he felt she had gone too far : - in The Guitarist Amplification, he felt Penny's friend staying at her place was inappropriate and did not back down, no matter what she said; - in The Boyfriend Complexity,
  6. If not through his mother, through what or whom ? There is a nice symmetry to the tactic : Leonard uses his mother to make Penny feel sorry for him; Penny uses Beverly to make him feel sorry for real... I doubt anyone is a huge fan of the "bringing mommy into the relationship" manoeuvre but this particular instance may be the one and only in which it is somewhat justified. The amount of preparation and thought Penny put into her revenge is definitely interesting; She went all out on this. The nightie, the makeup, the call to Beverly, etc. She ain't kidding; she is going straight for the k
  7. "The most important" may be a bit too subjective however the Lenny is definitely a defining element of the show. TBBT's whole plot is centered on the meeting (and mixing) of the geeks with the outside, "adult" world. And said plot was introduced and kickstarted by Leonard's instant adoration of his obviously non-geeky neighbour. So, in this regard, the Lenny is unquestionably pivotal to the show's narrative dynamic. It embodies the series's point. For this reason, it is a bit difficult to compare it to other TV couples, especially Friends' Ross and Rachel. On Friends, all the characters
  8. I so wish I could pass it off as a joke. Unfortunately, it is just a dreadful (and improper) Gallicism. In French, we can use the phrase "réagir de manière épidermique" (lit. to react epidermically) to indicate an immediate and usually defensive reaction to a perceived attack. I suppose the "epidermis" allusion has to do with the image of somebody spontaneously retreating when touched in a painful way. I probably should have written "Penny reacted prereflexively" or something like that. Forgive my French. Literally There has to be. There always is. Which brings me neatly to..
  9. I cannot disagree with the possible reasons you mentioned (I do apologise for editing them out, it was only so this post would not be five-mile long). They could, indeed, have motivated Leonard to prefer not to have Penny on his team. However, considering how the scene played out, I believe the writers meant for us to understand he did not want to be paired with his girlfriend because he feared she would slow him down. We were shown how Amy, Sheldon and, ultimately, Raj all believed having Penny on their team would be a problem so it is not too much of a stretch to assume Leonard's thinking wa
  10. To be fair, it does not seem easy to be a Shenny. BigBangWeary stated his/her (sorry, I did not check) opinion and ended up discussing with 6 or 7 people (self included, my brain is no better than ANYBODY'S !) who disagreed with him/her, all at once. It cannot be comfortable and, when faced with such an (involuntary) barrage of opposition, defensiveness is bound to come out to play at some point. The Shenny is fine. It does not hurt anyone. I, for one, am no big fan of it (I am probably more of a... What was it ? Peldon ?, in this regard) but it is OK. Let us all have a piece of pi and e
  11. You are absolutely correct; the writers can and will write whatever they want. However, and that is a substantial however, good writers have to abide by their own rules. Stories have to be internally consistent so Act three can provide the answers to the questions asked or the issues raised in Act one. In this regard, creative freedom means the right to obey faithfully one's own set of rules (e.g R2D2 cannot have the ability to fly in SW ep. VI and be reduced to a glorified pedal bin twenty years later in SW ep. I... Yeah, I am looking at you, George !). One of TBBT's rules is that Leonar
  12. Actually, I just thought back and realised Penny had at least once accepted to be on Leonard's team for a physical/athletic challenge. In The Cushion Saturation, she agreed to join the guys' (and Leslie's) paintball team knowing they were all pretty hopeless at anything that makes such a team successful (shooting and running come to mind). Now admittedly, Penny is not passionate about paintball but, then again, neither can be Leonard about scavenger hunts since he had not been involved in one for years before Raj's suggestion. So, even though Penny is as competitive as Leonard and would
  13. You think ? I believe Penny would have had him on her team. She might then have pulled a Barracuda Bernadette on his tushie but she would have picked him. Come on, who would not pick him ? He out-cutes baby pandas
  14. More than his insecurities, I believe what really motivated his doubts was, as you very rightly mentioned, his concern for Penny's feelings. He knows Penny has a massive chip on her shoulder in re. her lack of academic credentials and overall intelligence. So refusing to associate with her for what could be seen as an "intellectual" game was, let's say, clumsy. He realised that immediately and tried to make amends. I do not think it was meant to prove Leonard has no backbone (he has always had the exact right number of vertebrae and he has never been afraid to use them, when need be) or
  15. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner !
  16. To add to Chrismo's points (all of which are very valid), Leonard confirmed he had tried not to have Penny on his team during one of his very eventful car rides with Bernadette : when he asked Bernadette whether she thought Penny was mad at him, Mrs Wolowitz asked back "Because you're in the right lane behind a bus and won't go around it ? I'm sure she finds it charming." to which Leonard replied "No. Because I didn't want her on my team." So we have to take him at his word. He could have said "Because she thinks/believes/is under the impression that I did not want her on my team"; instea
  17. Have you considered moving ? I think you should. TBBT is definitely reason enough to uproot yourself and your family, I believe. Furthermore, aside from the nauseatingly good weather, the beauty of the Victorian Alps, the sweeping majesty of Uluru, the sheer magnificence of the Great Ocean Road, the sublime quality of the Great Barrier Reef, the mind boggling flora and fauna, and the people, what does Australia have that other countries do not ? PS Where have all my "like this" gone again ? Can't I just use some of those I got (or would that be considered rude regifting) ?
  18. You are right. They all, including Amy, probably would have had friends at university. But, as you say, said friends would have been very similar to them and their social experiences would therefore have been rather confined to a rather narrow range. Bah, it is a sitcom anyway. I should not get so bothered. Amy is fine ! Very Carrie-like, again You make a very good point. However, given that the scavenger hunt had been designed by Raj, they could also have expected the whole process to be quite heavily geek-flavoured (geek as in comic books, medieval fantasy and the like). As
  19. I do agree wholeheartedly with what you say. The writers clearly cranked up the outsiders factor to make the characters' interactions more interesting. However, I can believe Howard, Raj, Leonard, Sheldon and Amy were not particularly (or at all) popular at their respective schools. When the show started, Howard was a complete creep, Raj could not talk to half the human population, Leonard had severe social anxiety and foot-in-mouth issues, Sheldon was... Sheldon and Amy was a tad robotic. They are all much better now, but assuming all of them already displayed such characteristics during th
  20. Such a funny episode. The geekiness came back in full force and I could not have been happier about it. Raj's light-and-sound show was perfectly goofy. His Bond villain-like appearance at the end cracked me up and so did his last line. He truly is an artist at heart; he will sacrifice his whole to Beauty ! Leonard and Bernadette were a suprisingly great pairing. Bossy little lady and poor, befuddled guy do work well together. Mrs Wolowitz Jr. was suitably demented and manipulative (how someone so petite can be so utterly terrifying is beyond me) and Dr Hofstadter displayed a beautiful
  21. It was such a nice episode. I do not think the reports were exaggerated. We were told Leonard would rather not be paired with Penny and this is what happened. I doubt anyone could expect Dr Hofstadter, who may be one of the kindest men on this earth, to look at his girlfriend in the eyes and say "I would rather slap myself repeatedly in the head with a two-gallon bottle of soy milk until I faint than be on the same team as you". The way he reacted to Bernadette's plan (to do couples) was pretty clear; he basically went "Ok, great idea. Let's call that plan B ! As plan A, we could do pre
  22. Yep. The line was uncalled for and I hope we will not get a repeat from this kind of dialogue in the upcoming episode. But I am so happy to see Bob Newhart anywhere that I will probably manage not to mind even if Pr. Proton's rudeness comes back. As for the pacemaker and the potato, I agree with you to an extent. It definitely was not the brightest idea in the world. Nevertheless, Penny's reasoning was somewhat sound. She was just shown that the potato device could generate some form of energy and suddenly, Pr. Proton's pacemaker needs said energy. She put two and two together, in a rather
  23. Suddenly, a gut wrenching anguish is upon me : is any fan from this or any other forum going to next week's taping ?
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