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  1. I don't know if manipulative is the right word for the way Penny is. She just knows where to aim and doesn't pull her punches. When you cross Penny and she decides something about your behavior needs to change, you know it.

    That, I believe, is pretty much it. If you hit her, she hits you back. Hard.


    Disgusted raised a good point by wondering whether Bernadette might have been behind the whole "nightie+Bev on Skype" mission. Indeed, given Penny's rather sanguine disposition, she rarely waits to take her revenge from people : she explodes here and there, Hulk-style, and does not give much of a flying toss about who or what gets hit with the shrapnel. To her, revenge is usually dish best served burning hot.

    However, she does have the ability, when need be, to plan ahead and bid her time for her vengeance to have as much impact as possible. That is why I mentioned The Panty Pinata Polarization : she waited for the exact right day and the exact right time, went to the laundry room to fill all the machines and then came back to catch Sheldon in the hallway, in order to savour her victory. That seems about as complex as what she does in 7.04, so it is fair to assume that she has come up with the idea on her own, without Bernadette's contribution. 


    One thing I loved  about that episode was at the end when she was so determinedly going ahead using the duct tape to make a longer pole. She hadn't surrendered but it was a lame comebac. Then Leonard sweeps in as the hero with the solution.


    This time around... Let's see how it runs.

    Leonard truly saved the day and put an end to the madness. But I always assumed the pole Penny was building was merely designed to allow her to get her clothes back from the trees and phone lines Sheldon had thrown them onto. I did not think it was another escalation but rather her getting her stuff back before focusing on whatever mad idea she could come up with to break Dr Cooper. 

  2. Further to Armygirl's and Chrismo's comments about Beverly, I find her distant and clinical, but in no way the evil shrew some people paint her as. Just MHO.

    I completely agree with you. With a twist ;)


    She is distant, clinical and... Not that good at her job. This is what makes her funny to me. She is a world-famous expert on child-rearing yet we are given proof after proof that she made terrible mistakes (nothing mean-spirited) when raising her own kids, especially her middle son.  So for all her remarkably complex syntax and intimidating vocabulary,  she has never had any idea how to be a "good" parent (like most parents) so she messed up (like most parents).

    In this regard, she is the archetypal comedy shrink (technically, she is a neuropsychiatrist or something like that, but you get the idea) : desperately Freudian, somewhat exploitative, capable of explaining away any human emotion and, above all, just as cuckoo for Coco Pops as any of her patients. 

    That is the fun of her; under her cool exterior, she is messed up : it only took Penny the lightest of pushes to extract from her an ex-wife all-time classic ("son of a bitch") even though Bev tried to pretend she did not care about her husband cheating; only a couple of drinks are needed to turn her into a sex fiend; she does get a warm feeling when hugging her son but has no idea what that is; etc. 


    Furthermore, she can actually be useful when she is not trying to be professional about it. While I agree with hamerman55 to an extent in that her appearance in The Skank Reflex Analysis was very undermined by her not being physically present, her "buck up" was ultimately a great piece of advice (the "sissy pants" was a bit overkill). Leonard was agonising, torturing himself over things he did not have the power to change (Penny "sleeping" with Raj, Priya leaving for India). That was a waste of time and energy. So Bevely basically told him to stop overthinking : plow through and see what happens. Eventually, that is what he did and it worked ! When he went to Penny to tell her that no matter what (and whom she slept with), he would always be her friend, that was him bucking up. When he told Priya about Alice, that was him bucking up. When he dumped Priya, that was him bucking up. When he took the jump and asked Penny out (in spite of having thought it through), that was him bucking up.

    Beverly can have good ideas, when she does not filter them through all the theoretical horsefaeces.

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  3. Well you and some others love his mother and find her to be this great character so of course it doesn't bother you that Penny brings in his mother. 


    As for the preparation and revenge Penny put into ---- I look forward to when Penny does something and Leonard be given the same opportunity to get revenge on her.  I know it won't happen but I can wish.

    I do apologise for being obtuse but I fail to see where the perception of Leonard as perpetually victimised is coming from. I understand and accept that he is a very forgiving and patient soul and, as such, does not get as frequently upset as Penny, who is of a more sanguine disposition. However, on several occasions already, he has put his foot down and taken his revenge from Penny when he felt she had gone too far : 

    - in The Guitarist Amplification, he felt Penny's friend staying at her place was inappropriate and did not back down, no matter what she said;

    - in The Boyfriend Complexity, he thought Penny's lie to her father was too much and did not miss an opportunity to embarrass and bother her over it;

    - in The Ornithophobia Diffusion, he took great pleasure at making Penny "pay" for all the sacrifices he used to make when they were an item (even though she seemed entirely unaware of them) and, during an argument, called her stupid in front of a stranger (I know they were having a fight and Penny said some extremely unsavoury things about him too, but the allusion to stupidity was particularly harsh); 

    - in The Tangible Affection Proof, he took offense at Penny's sabotage and demanded an explanation she provided. 


    Time and time again, Leonard has been given the opportunity to express his discontent and he has done so with gusto whenever he felt he was in the right. 


    So I do not understand why you appear to believe I would be shocked/surprised/bothered if he were to do it again in the future. I can assure you I would not. There would be nothing even remotely extraordinary about such a course of action. He has done it before; I do not see why he could not do it again, if given proper cause. He would have every right to. 

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  4. I still don't like bringing in his mother but I don't mind Penny getting back at Leonard just not through his mother.  As for Leonard I would think twice every time he saw Penny dressed in that manner, never know if he mother will be on Skype again.

    If not through his mother, through what or whom ? There is a nice symmetry to the tactic : Leonard uses his mother to make Penny feel sorry for him; Penny uses Beverly to make him feel sorry for real... I doubt anyone is a huge fan of the "bringing mommy into the relationship" manoeuvre but this particular instance may be the one and only in which it is somewhat justified. 


    The amount of preparation and thought Penny put into her revenge is definitely interesting; She went all out on this. The nightie, the makeup, the call to Beverly, etc. She ain't kidding; she is going straight for the kill.


    PS I cannot wait to hear what the Wicked Witch of the East Coast has to say... Bev always has funny, if disturbing, observations to make. 

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  5. May not be a popular opinion but IMO the entire show is based on Leonard and Penny's relationship so I know where your coming from. From Day One Leonard and Penny's relationship as been the most important relationship in the entire series,

    "The most important" may be a bit too subjective however the Lenny is definitely a defining element of the show.

    TBBT's whole plot is centered on the meeting (and mixing) of the geeks with the outside, "adult" world. And said plot was introduced and kickstarted by Leonard's instant adoration of his obviously non-geeky neighbour. So, in this regard, the Lenny is unquestionably pivotal to the show's narrative dynamic. It embodies the series's point.


    For this reason, it is a bit difficult to compare it to other TV couples, especially Friends' Ross and Rachel.

    On Friends, all the characters belonged to the same group. The show was about those six characters slowly emerging from adolescence as a cohesive unit. So R and R were faced with the same struggles and challenges. In a way, there was a unity of purpose that linked them to each other and to the others, regardless of their relationship status. It was about the six of them vs. the world. 

    Conversely, TBBT, from its very first episode, has relied on fracture lines : the boys and the girl(s), the geeks and the non geek(s), the educated and the non educated, the relationship-savy and the relationship-illiterate, the aloof and the emotional, etc. Different backgrounds, different wishes, different expectations, different traditions, different shoe sizes, etc. leading to a series of misunderstandings, disagreements and negociations. On TBBT, it is not rare for the characters' respective interests to be mutually exclusive, something which was basically unheard of on Friends. It is about two worlds fighting each other (and making up).

    To put it simply, Friends was about a cohesion while TBBT is about a collision. 


    So while the Friends writers could afford to mess with R and R to their hearts' content, safe in the knowledge that nothing they did could possibly alter the show's dynamics, TBBT's PTB have to be more mindful of what they do with the Lenny since it is, almost by definition, more central and more volatile than R and R ever was.



    As for Penny's marriage proposal, I believe we might have to wait a bit longer than some would hope. Until the writers solve the living arrangements dilemma, they cannot have the Lenny go down the matrimonial road... So is Sheldon ready to live with Amy ? Or on his own ? Or with Leonard and Penny ? As long as there is no clear answer to these questions, the proposal will have to stay on hold. 

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  6. Question for Chiara-epidermically? Not sure I get your usage, there. Or is it a joke I missed?

    I so wish I could pass it off as a joke. Unfortunately, it is just a dreadful (and improper) Gallicism. In French, we can use the phrase "réagir de manière épidermique" (lit. to react epidermically) to indicate an immediate and usually defensive reaction to a perceived attack. I suppose the "epidermis" allusion has to do with the image of somebody spontaneously retreating when touched in a painful way. 

    I probably should have written "Penny reacted prereflexively" or something like that.


    Forgive my French. Literally ;)


    I've flipped on 7.04 completely, It will be fine (it has to be, and I haven't got the energy to stay mad). And there will be a nightie. If she ever wears trakkie-dacks, then they are in trouble (or it's cold or she is exercising her right to dress however she wants). And in general, making this relationship work is like stuffing an octopus into a string bag. Something is always going slip out.

    I am wondering if we get a big payoff this season and what that could be.

    There has to be. There always is. 


    Which brings me neatly to...


    Leonard & Penny are gonna be fine this season. Of course they're going to have silly little arguments over stupid things like they did in the Scavenger Hunt. They're human beings. This stuff makes them fun and interesting. 


    Just wanted to throw some positivity in here :)

    Being one the guilty parties here, I do have to apologise. I accept that reading pages upon pages of play-by-play analysis of every single minute detail in an episode can definitely make one believe a significant portion of the Lenny fanbase has the same approach to "doom and gloom" as Jack has to Ennis : we wish we knew how to quit it. 


    However, I would like to make a quick distinction. There is a difference between drama and tragedy. 

    Tragedy is basically "doom and gloom", when everything goes south : children crying, couples breaking up, people dying, sons murdering their fathers and marrying their mothers, Michael Bay getting the green light to direct the movie adaptation of a TV show you liked as a child... That kind of "please somebody stab me in the eye with a smallpox-infected spork and let me bleed to death with dignity" stuff. 

    Drama simply means things happening, changing, evolving. In and by itself, it is no more "doom and gloom" than it is "happy go lucky".


    There will be Lenny drama this year. That we can be certain of. Why ? Because they are a fictional couple and fiction cannot exist without drama, i.e. action. There is no such thing as smooth sailing in television and Leonard and Penny, being a TV couple, are pretty much doomed to hit stumbling block after stumbling block, for the sake of our depraved, post-modern entertainment.

    Some of the Lenny drama will be "good" (namely it will get giffed to death before the episode is even broadcast on the West Coast, à la ILY crisis of 2012); some of it will be "bad" (i.e. it will be referred to only in passing by PTSD-suffering, foetal-position adopting 'shippers with barely enough rage in them to hit the keyboards with their fists and/or heads... like the breakup-that-shall-not-be-named). Regardless, now that the Lenny is pretty much unbreakable (for a variety of intra and meta reasons), it will all be "good" in the end for all the drama will bring the couple closer to the finish line. 


    Therefore, the eagerness with which some of us attempt to spot the outline of a dramatic development is not to be confused with a perverse inability to enjoy the goodies. Not entirely at least. It is more of a guessing game : what is this year's particular brand of drama going to be ? Will it be a "Penny has commitment issues"-centered drama ? Or more of a "Leonard has no idea what he is doing"-focused drama ? Gee, I wonder !

    Basically, it is about trying to outsmart the writers and guess what their next move is going to be. We can all place our bets and gloat shamelessly if/when what was anticipated does happen. No need to be a pain-junkie to participate. It is all for fun. 


    We all know how the Lenny will end : blissful marriage + "smart and beautiful" (potentially asthmatic) babies. The only question is : how many kicks up the maximus gluteus is it going to take to get there ? I say 37. Because I am a hopeless optimist. ;)

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  7. I would suggest a couple of other reasons for Leonard not wanting to be on Penny's team. [...]

    I cannot disagree with the possible reasons you mentioned (I do apologise for editing them out, it was only so this post would not be five-mile long). They could, indeed, have motivated Leonard to prefer not to have Penny on his team. However, considering how the scene played out, I believe the writers meant for us to understand he did not want to be paired with his girlfriend because he feared she would slow him down. We were shown how Amy, Sheldon and, ultimately, Raj all believed having Penny on their team would be a problem so it is not too much of a stretch to assume Leonard's thinking was the same.


    He implicitely confirmed it when he and Penny met again in the laundry room :


    Penny : You know, I'm surprised you want to copy my answers since I'm not even smart enough to be on your team.

    Leonard : Why would you want to be on someone's team who you like to call a... I can't even say it in front of Sheldon !

    Penny : What are you talking about ? 

    Leonard : You know exactly what I'm talking about ! 

    Bernadette : No she doesn't. I just made that up. 


    When accused of having called Leonard a "lady part", Penny immediately denied (or at least, demanded an explanation), for she knew she had not called him any such thing.

    When accused of having thought of Penny as not smart enough to be on his team, Leonard did not deny. Seemingly for he knew the accusation was not without merit (me no dislike-y double negatives).

    Again, that does not make Leonard a bad man, by any stretch of the imagination. He just made a mistake. 


    Leonard may be a bit tone deaf in relationship situations, such as this most recent episode, but that us a minor flaw.[...]

    It looked to me like Penny was almost spoiling for a fight. Did she suggest couples first? Did she jump on Bernadette's idea right away? Did she state that she preferred couples after Leoanrd suggested names out of a hat. No. She took his hesitation as a slight against her intelligence, then immediately picked the proported smartest guy in the room. One could even imagine she manipulated the situation so as to abandon Leonard.

    Leonard's tone deafness, in re relationships, is indeed a minor flaw to us. To the woman he is in a relationship with, however, it may be a bit more problematic. ;)


    Penny's lack of formal education is a major chip on her shoulder. It has been since season one. That, to me, explains why she was so quick to react to what she (correctly) identified as Leonard's rejection of her intellectual potential, or lack thereof. The reason why she did not immediately jump on the couples idea was, I think, because Leonard got there first. And tried to shut it down. So I do not believe her reaction had so much to do with her spoiling for a fight or attempting to manipulate the situation as it was about her reacting epidermically to what is a very touchey subject for her. 


    It is not Dr Hofstadter's fault his girlfriend has this particular insecurity. He has nothing to do with it and is not responsible for it in any way, shape or form. But he has been aware of it for some years now; he is bound to remember that one of the reasons why Penny refused to enter into a romantic relationship with him almost half a decade ago was because she feared he would not find her smart enough to hold his interest (The Bad Fish Paradigm). So him forgetting this "trigger" of hers and attempting to dodge the alleged bullet that is an association with her was not the smartest move in the brief history of time (to those of you playing the "Chiara's dreadful puns and jokes" drinking game : bottom's up !). 

    It was not mean and it was certainly not ill-intended. It was just a tad daft and, dare I say, a teeny wee bit insensitive. He realised that immediately and tried to make it better. He is a good man. 


    Penny needs to remind everyone that she truly believes that Leonard is both courageous and great in bed (she's downplayed that way to much lately) and Leonard needs to convince himself that Penny is clever and intelligent.

    Those are indeed very good points. 


    I think Leonard does know his girlfriend is intelligent but sometimes, very much like Penny in The Holographic Excitation, he "forget how smart [she is]". And above all, he forgets to tell her that. Penny, very much like everyone else, loves compliments; yet those she responds most positively to are the ones related to her talents, not her looks (possibly because she has heard enough of those to last her a lifetime). I cannot help but remember the emotion she showed when Sheldon praised her for the acting tips she gave him in The Monster Isolation. Somebody, actually Dr Cooper of all people, told her she was really good at something and she was more than pleased. She was deeply moved... Now, Leonard has never been stingy when it comes to telling Penny he loves her but he is much more secretive as to the reasons why. Perhaps a little bit more of that kind of talk would go a long way to appease her mind.  


    As for Penny reassuring Leonard, she definitely needs to work on it. I am not entirely sold on the idea of her praising his stud-like prowess in public; stroking his ego (or any other part of him) is something she should keep for the privacy of their bedrooom (and of any Subway restaurant/physics lab/large body of water/parked vehicule/bike shed/movie theatre/funeral home), like the self-respecting citizen of the free, democratic world that she is.

    I, for one, do not think she has ever implied she believed her boyfriend shared any characteristics with the eminently pettable creature alluded to in the episode (yep, that's right, I wrote "pettable"... And I am almost not bitterly ashamed of myself) however she should definitely make it clear that she does not think of Leonard as wimpy or cowardly in any way. Except when it comes to spiders... But even spiders are afraid of themselves so that is OK. 


    The thing is, as you and others mentioned, since Penny and Leonard are pretty much safe (namely "unbreakupable"), they can move onto the "love explanation" phase. Before, their couple was a fragile little thing that needed to be shielded from any intrusion in order to grow and stabilise. Now, it is set : they know they love each other. So they can try to figure out why and compare notes. 

    That should be enlightening !

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  8. YES! I WIN! My brain is better than everybodies!


    Okay, so you guys didn't know the the minute this wonderful episode and it's discussion was hijacked into another round of the fucking Shenny war that I noted to my friends that it would and only could end in a statement about how the rest of us, who have absolutely no problem with the current canon, indeed, love it which is why we're watching, would find out from the newest Shenny addition that we're all simply THREATENED BY THE POWER OF SHENNY.

    To be fair, it does not seem easy to be a Shenny. BigBangWeary stated his/her (sorry, I did not check) opinion and ended up discussing with 6 or 7 people (self included, my brain is no better than ANYBODY'S !) who disagreed with him/her, all at once. It cannot be comfortable and, when faced with such an (involuntary) barrage of opposition, defensiveness is bound to come out to play at some point.


    The Shenny is fine. It does not hurt anyone. I, for one, am no big fan of it (I am probably more of a... What was it ? Peldon ?, in this regard) but it is OK. Let us all have a piece of pi and everything wil be great again ! ;)

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  9. Sorry ... But the writers can write what they want ... Doesn't mean the viewers are always gonna buy into it.

    I predict that when Leonard and Penny do tie the knot, this show's gonna jump the shark. Waiting to see TV's most boring couple ride off into the sunset is going to turn off LOTS of viewers. (And I know I'm not alone out here!)

    So, for the show's sake, I hope they put it off until the series finale!

    You are absolutely correct; the writers can and will write whatever they want. However, and that is a substantial however, good writers have to abide by their own rules. Stories have to be internally consistent so Act three can provide the answers to the questions asked or the issues raised in Act one. In this regard, creative freedom means the right to obey faithfully one's own set of rules (e.g R2D2 cannot have the ability to fly in SW ep. VI and be reduced to a glorified pedal bin twenty years later in SW ep. I... Yeah, I am looking at you, George !). 


    One of TBBT's rules is that Leonard is in love with Penny. It was set in stone in the very first episode.

    Why did he fall in love with her ? How ? When ? Who's on first ? All very valid questions for the exact nature of said love and the reasons behind it were initially left to the audience's imagination (over the years, the writers have provided some nice clues). Yet it is part of TBBT canon and it is not going to change. Why ? Short answer : because. Long answer ; because TPTB decided it would be this way when they wrote the pilot and they have been stuck with it ever since. Very happily so, it seems to me.

    As BangerMain (and many others) wrote, "smart and beautiful" babies are canon. Not there yet, but canon. As canon as Sheldon's evil genius tendencies, Howard's mommy issues, Bernadette's diabolical streak, Raj's first-world problems, Amy's patience and Leonard's lactose intolerance. 


    I can assure you I do not state this because I feel threatened by your opinion and I do appreciate that it cannot be easy to be in a minority when faced with a very vocal larger group. Shennys, Peldons, Hamys, Berdons, Pamys and all other groups are perfectly fine by me. Each 'ship has its crazies (better to avoid those) but overall everyone is pretty nice and respectful. 'Shipping this or that pairing does not hurt anyone nor does it diminish anybody's pleasure in the show.

    Above all, it does not alter TBBT's canon. 

    Therefore, when you state that Penny and Leonard getting married/having children would be "jumping the shark" and drive viewers away in huge numbers, I have to confess I cannot follow your (or said viewers') logic. TPTB can be faulted for a few things but they have never been particularly disingenuous. In the pilot, they gave away the ending : smart and beautiful... So, if some viewers are left disappointed or feeling betrayed when it does happen, I will have to wonder what exactly their (reasonable) expectations were, based on what was shown and said onscreen. 

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  10.  Come on Penny loves to win just as much as everyone else and there is nothing wrong in my opinion (I do believe she would react in the same manner as Leonard once it hit her that his feelings were hurt).  As for Leonard being as cute as a baby panda I agree.

    Actually, I just thought back and realised Penny had at least once accepted to be on Leonard's team for a physical/athletic challenge. In The Cushion Saturation, she agreed to join the guys' (and Leslie's) paintball team knowing they were all pretty hopeless at anything that makes such a team successful (shooting and running come to mind). 

    Now admittedly, Penny is not passionate about paintball but, then again, neither can be Leonard about scavenger hunts since he had not been involved in one for years before Raj's suggestion. 


    So, even though Penny is as competitive as Leonard and would probably have preferred to be on a "good" paintball team (if she had given it any thought at all), she stil showed up and agreed to do most, if not all, of the work while the others watched from the outskirts. Until Sheldon chose to take his revenge of course ;)


    I believe Nogravitasatall hit the nail on the head. Leonard got caught up in the moment and, at soon as he realised what he had done/said (and understood Penny had caught him red-handed), he backtracked, genuinely sorry he had hurt her feelings and aware that a silly scavenger hunt was not worth sidelining his girlfriend over.

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  11.  if Penny was still interacting with her old friends and they decided to play some type of sport I don't see Penny wanting Leonard on her team due to her wanting to win.  

    You think ? I believe Penny would have had him on her team. She might then have pulled a Barracuda Bernadette on his tushie but she would have picked him. Come on, who would not pick him ? He out-cutes baby pandas ;)

  12. I think that it was just true to Leonard's nature that he would worry that he had hurt Penny's feelings.

    Even though he has indeed gained more confidence and is more secure now that they've finally gotten on the mutual-ILY page, that doesn't mean that his insecurity or his concern for Penny's feelings will suddenly vanish.

    More than his insecurities, I believe what really motivated his doubts was, as you very rightly mentioned, his concern for Penny's feelings. 

    He knows Penny has a massive chip on her shoulder in re. her lack of academic credentials and overall intelligence. So refusing to associate with her for what could be seen as an "intellectual" game was, let's say, clumsy. He realised that immediately and tried to make amends. 


    I do not think it was meant to prove Leonard has no backbone (he has always had the exact right number of vertebrae and he has never been afraid to use them, when need be) or has reverted to a somewhat submissive position in the relationship. It just showed he knows his girlfriend and does not want to cause her any pain. 



    ETA "You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day" officially is the new "I'm sorry Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that"

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  13. i've just seen this episode ! poor leonard!! he always is the poor one !!!! it was obvious that leonard suggesting pick up names from hat wasn't because he thought penny is stupid !! he just wanted (use his words) mix things up d: 

    To add to Chrismo's points (all of which are very valid), Leonard confirmed he had tried not to have Penny on his team during one of his very eventful car rides with Bernadette : when he asked Bernadette whether she thought Penny was mad at him, Mrs Wolowitz asked back "Because you're in the right lane behind a bus and won't go around it ? I'm sure she finds it charming." to which Leonard replied  "No. Because I didn't want her on my team."


    So we have to take him at his word. He could have said "Because she thinks/believes/is under the impression that I did not want her on my team"; instead, he stated unequivocally he had not wanted her to be his partner in the scavenger hunt. Now we have to wonder why.

    While the "mixing things up" hypothesis could have been somewhat convincing in any other context, I think we have to assume that Leonard, like the others, thought Penny would be a liability, in spite of her ability to use the word correctly and in a sentence.



    It does no mean Leonard is a blackhearted villain. It just means he is a bit blind and clumsy as far as his girlfriend's "triggers" are concerned. Will that be addressed at some point this season ? Could be...

    As for his desire to apologise to Penny for having hurt her feelings, I do not think it makes him weak in any way, shape or form. Actually, I would be tempted to believe it is very respectable and brave to strive not to wound anybody, especially loved ones. Leonard is a good man. 

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  14. Well it all sounds excellent, between reading the reviews here, and on that pink forum, and on Paradox. I'm glad you're all HAPPY. I'm not sulking at all about Australia being the slow child of International Broadcasting. And don't talk to me about downloads...they're both beyond my ken AND my internet capacity, which is apparently under the impression it is dwelling in the steam-powered age.

    Mark my words though, I shall return with thoughts on this episode, once the antipodes has entered The Future. Or the Present. I'd settle for the Present...

    Have you considered moving ? I think you should. TBBT is definitely reason enough to uproot yourself and your family, I believe. Furthermore, aside from the nauseatingly good weather, the beauty of the Victorian Alps, the sweeping majesty of Uluru, the sheer magnificence of the Great Ocean Road, the sublime quality of the Great Barrier Reef, the mind boggling flora and fauna, and the people, what does Australia have that other countries do not ?



    PS Where have all my "like this" gone again ? Can't I just use some of those I got (or would that be considered rude regifting) ?

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  15. What I meant isn't in the sense of "everyone fits in at university because you grow up" but in the sense that these schools can be a melting pot of weirdos of the best kind, so there's a flavor for anybody and it is very rare that someone won't find some context to fit in.

    You are right. They all, including Amy, probably would have had friends at university. But, as you say, said friends would have been very similar to them and their social experiences would therefore have been rather confined to a rather narrow range.

    Bah, it is a sitcom anyway. I should not get so bothered. Amy is fine !


    Also, the one thing we constantly hear about is how Amy's mother always kept her very sheltered. But if she went off to school on the East Coast, then that premise also kind of falls though, as surely her mother wouldn't have been able to keep tabs on her as much. Having said that, it is true that Amy also sounded like she used to embrace her mother's advice and only now is starting to realize what was happening and how absurd it was ("She was full of funny lies like that"), so maybe she kind of sheltered herself too, unknowingly.

    Very Carrie-like, again ;)



    But regardless of her street smarts, they all were thinking of how clues would be science-based, and area in which she has no background.  Although she could figure out that the "stone" they had to turn was the Rolling Stones poster, she would NEVER have figured out the clue that got them to the Geology department, so whoever she got paired with would have been figuring out all the scientific aspects of everything.

    You make a very good point. However, given that the scavenger hunt had been designed by Raj, they could also have expected the whole process to be quite heavily geek-flavoured (geek as in comic books, medieval fantasy and the like). As a matter of fact, it was : the riddle contained a reference to an obscure superhero only the guys could have known. So had they been paired together, Amy and Bernadette (for all their scientific knowledge) would have been completely lost. 

    Yet I doubt our favourite neuroscientist would have recoiled at the idea of being associated with the diminutive (and soul crushing) Mrs Wolowitz.


    So there was an element of "anyone but Penny"...


    At any rate, I also loved seeing Sheldon's brain at work.  Y'all know I love me some "baby Shelly" (it's a disease, I know), but I also love Science Mastermind Sheldon and I loved that he took one glance at the clue in the Comic Book Store and knew what it was immediately--and I loved his explanation.  And I loved that he knew at one glance that the clue under the poster was map coordinates and that he memorized them at once glance.  "MY BRAIN IS BETTER THAN EVERYONE'S!!" indeed! :biggrin:

    How could I forget that line ? It was genius. And so was Sheldon's facial expression !

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  16. It's actually something I was talking about with Lio yesterday, and it kind of relates to the comment I made about 7x01, that popularity is relative and Leonard was the soul of the party on that boat: the whole idea that Leonard and Amy were outcasts and Princeton and Harvard doesn't make a lot of sense. While bullies and jerks exist everywhere, you would have had people just like them at those schools, so they would have made some friends. But that is true for any of these guys. Raj in particular would have been absolutely perfect at Cambridge, he would have been a VERY popular guy. I guess that's one of the things that you have to suspend your disbelief on for the sake of comedy. All of these guys (with the exception of Sheldon maybe, because of the age he went to college at) would have gone through what they're going through now (finding people they can relate to and fit in with for the first time) when they went off to their respective universities, or at least in grad school. But the show wants you to think that they had no life prior to meeting each other, and it kind of makes sense or otherwise the whole premise of the show falls through. With the exception of the whole Penny-teaching-them-social-skills dynamic, which they could have had regardless of the nerds' lives prior to the show.

    I do agree wholeheartedly with what you say. The writers clearly cranked up the outsiders factor to make the characters' interactions more interesting. 

    However, I can believe Howard, Raj, Leonard, Sheldon and Amy were not particularly (or at all) popular at their respective schools. When the show started, Howard was a complete creep, Raj could not talk to half the human population, Leonard had severe social anxiety and foot-in-mouth issues, Sheldon was... Sheldon and Amy was a tad robotic. They are all much better now, but assuming all of them already displayed such characteristics during their high school and university years, I can see why they would not have had that many (if any) close friends. 

    But what Amy described was downright Carrie-ish : people designing fake games to humiliate her, refusing to be on her team no matter what... That is just vile.

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  17. It was such a nice episode. 


    I do not think the reports were exaggerated. We were told Leonard would rather not be paired with Penny and this is what happened. I doubt anyone could expect Dr Hofstadter, who may be one of the kindest men on this earth, to look at his girlfriend in the eyes and say "I would rather slap myself repeatedly in the head with a two-gallon bottle of soy milk until I faint than be on the same team as you". 

    The way he reacted to Bernadette's plan (to do couples) was pretty clear; he basically went "Ok, great idea. Let's call that plan B ! As plan A, we could do pretty much anything else". I particularly liked the way Mr. Galecki played it : at the end of Leonard's proposed plan, he pinched his lips and looked around nodding a little anxiously, looking for the others' support as if asking "Can somebody please agree with me so I do not get caught by my girlfriend ?". It was brilliant (and funny) acting. The very moment Penny called him out on it, Leonard relented. Poor soul, he probably realised the hunt did not matter that much and he would rather be with Penny than anyone else anyway. Nevertheless, by then, it was a tad too late and Penny's feathers were already extremely ruffled. 


    What was particularly funny about Penny and Leonard's interaction in this episode was that it focused on their main insecurities : intelligence and manliness, respectively. Penny was remarkably quick to (over)react to her boyfriend's short-lived dismissal of her intellectual prowess (or lack thereof) and Leonard was immediately hurt by Bernadette's white lie about his girlfriend describing him as a... Sheldon, cover you ears !

    They spent the whole hunt trying to prove their worth to each other. That is sweet !


    Quick question....


    If Princeton is one of the top-ranked school in the country why all the putting down on the show (I know it's a comedy).  I was just looking at the ranking of some of the Ivy Leagues and it is usually ranked at the top, is due to being in New Jersey?

    New Jersey certainly does not help ;)

    But, in this case, I believe the perpetual putdowns are partly due to it being Leonard's alma mater ( ;)) on the one hand, and on the other, to it having the "lowest" number of Nobel Prize winners affiliated to it (Harvard tops the league with 144 individual laureates, Cambridge is third with 89, MIT fifth with nine less, and Princeton is seventeenth with 36 -17 in physics still-). Interestingly enough, Caltech is 19th, with 33. But no Literature or Peace awards for them... Just pure, uncut science. And economics !

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  18. Hmm. I think he dissed Leonard's choice in women and Penny, specifically. It was a joke in the broader scheme of things but it could make one think Proton might be a tiny bit disinhibited, or rude. They had just met the guy and he's making such comments? Only a little niggle. The potato and the pacemaker gag was not Penny's brightest moment either, but everyone had regressed to 8 years old for that episode. This is why I'm looking forward to the call back. Maybe it will play differently.

    Yep. The line was uncalled for and I hope we will not get a repeat from this kind of dialogue in the upcoming episode. But I am so happy to see Bob Newhart anywhere that I will probably manage not to mind even if Pr. Proton's rudeness comes back.


    As for the pacemaker and the potato, I agree with you to an extent. It definitely was not the brightest idea in the world. Nevertheless, Penny's reasoning was somewhat sound. She was just shown that the potato device could generate some form of energy and suddenly, Pr. Proton's pacemaker needs said energy. She put two and two together, in a rather crude and simplistic way. As far as scientific misunderstandings go, it was nowhere near Zack's assumption that the guys were about to blow up the moon with a laser beam...

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