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  1. That line was definitely fine. Nevertheless, compounded with "What do the two of you talk about ?", it became a bit... Off. It was nothing terrible but hopefully this time around will be more pleasant. On a sidenote, 7.06 is titled The Romance Resonance. Considering Sheldon will be busy with his "breakthrough", I doubt said romance would involve the Shamy, though anything is admitedly possible. So that leaves us with the Lenny, the Hernadette or Raj (and someone presumably). I wonder.
  2. Thank you for the link. It sounds like a fascinating curriculum : a little bit of biology, a twist of sociology, a dash of education science, a zest of management and a splash of long divisions. It is the Long Island Iced Tea of university degrees !
  3. I am sorry for being obtuse but how can anyone have a BA in maths ? How does that work ?
  4. That could definitely work. Invalidating a theory or a line of inquiry is definitely a breakthrough : it saves other scientists a lot of time, energy and (funding) money. So while Sheldon could be tremendously frustrated and displeased with such a revelation, it would be cause for celebration for many other people. However, I think the serendipitous discovery idea sounds more likely : Sheldon stumbling onto something major and not realising it until someone else points it out to him, so focused would he be on his original pursuit and intent. That would have the potential to make him feel l
  5. Well, with such enthusiastic backing, how could anyone possibly resist ? Maybe he used to get up early on the boat so Penny (and Sheldon) took the habit of calling him before he would start his day, just after he would wake up. I do not think the problem, if problem there is, has anything to do with Leonard's feelings. There is no doubt in my mind that he is every bit as in love with Penny now as he was when he left for the North Sea. However, the way in which he inhabits his relationship with his girlfriend is different and, at times, flawed. It appears to me that what the writ
  6. I understand the frustration caused by Sheldon's intervention but Leonard is not a prisoner. He could leave the apartment tomorrow and find another place to live, possibly on his own. He is an experimental physicist at CalTech and, even taking into account the crazy economics the show appears to use from time to time, if Amy and Bernadette (before her marriage) can afford their own place, so can he. The only conclusion possible is that he chooses not to move out. Why ? Seemingly because he loves his friend, even when he wants to murder him, and because his girlfriend lives across the hall, whi
  7. I may be in a minority here but I do not think the guys Penny dated were solely responsible for the crappy quality of the relationships. While I acknowledge the summary I previously wrote of Penny's past daliances made it look like she was being taken advantage of unilaterally, I think it is slightly more subtil than that for it seems to me that the cheesecake-scented godess also got what she wanted from those relationships. Namely drama. Penny has been shown to love making a scene. She is an actress through and through (and a good one at that) in that regard. The blood pumping, the fu
  8. I believe cheating is definitely out. In sitcomland (I would not dare to comment about real life), adultery is "insta-douchebag" potion and there is little hope for any cheater ever to find redemption, which is why comedy writers try to stay away from the topic altogether : they do not want to damage one of their main characters by having him/her turn into a villain. On rare occasions, they try their hand at it but only if : - the couple in which the adultery occurs does not contain two main characters, but rather one main and one supporting (and/or glorified extra); - the cheating par
  9. The reunion was perfectly fine to me. Sweet and not overdone (Leonard was not in danger or anything). It was perfectly offbeat, like the couple itself. However... I have just been thinking about this "Leonard not always reciprocating" bit and I agree completely. I had not managed ot nail it that succintly in my mind but that is it. Added to Nogravitasatall's idea that the relationship between Leonard and Penny is being "normalised" (with the latter demonstrating her level of commitment and the former no longer overthinking the whole thing), with which I also agree wholeheartedly, it real
  10. I do apologise in advance for being extremely annoying. I agree with the overwhelming majority of your post, especially your description of Leonard's plan and the necessarily "romantic" dimension of it. However, my take on Penny's relation to romance is slightly different. While I agree with you on the fact that Penny is hardly romantic in the conventional sense of the term (hence her visceral dislike of Valentine's Day), she has been shown to acknowledge and appreciate enthusiastically non-traditional romantic gestures. In The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation, when Leonard gifted her t
  11. Thank you eirwinrommel. Those pictures are gorgeous. Ms. Cuoco always looks particularly lovely with wavy hair. At that point in the episode, if I remember correctly, Leonard himself is sort of cracking jokes at his mother's books himself (portraying it as the track record of every fluid that came out of his body during his formative years, or something to that effect). Now, we know he does it as a way to defuse his embarrassment but I do not think it not be overly insensitive of Penny to joke back. I do not get the feeling, from this picture or from the taping report, that she is being
  12. I realise I forgot to thank Tensor... I am beneath everything and my parents would be ashamed of me. Thank you so much Tensor.
  13. Leonard's return was fine. It was not perfect but it was definitely fine : after learning that he would be back a couple of days early, he immediately thought of spending the extra time with his girlfriend, which in and by itself was a lovely and touching idea, regardless of the exact nature of his motivations. The delivery was, I felt, a tad underwhelming but still firmly in the perfectly OK range. So no problem there, as far as I am concerned. HIs showing of the horror movie to his colleagues played out well. He was clearly inebriated and wanted to show off. His adorably silly and smug f
  14. They shoot, they score. Over 18 million viewers for the first episode and close to 20 for the second, those are breathtaking results. How a show in its seventh season can keep on gaining viewers is simply flabbergasting.
  15. It was such a great episode ! Sheldon was both touching and hilarious, which is the combination that suits him best. It can be easy to forget how much he cares for his lil' buddy due to his peculiar attitude and this episode did a great job at reminding us how deeply he loves his friend : he thought of buying him a "welcome back" gift; he tried to stop whatever adulterous debauchery he imagined was taking place in Penny's apartment to protect his friend; he got hurt by Leonard's deception; he forgave said deception because he could not stay mad too long. Such sweet evidence ! As for the
  16. A very lovely episode. Amy and Bernadette fighting for their respective men's honour only to realise they would not mind to "jazz things up" with each other's guy was informative, to say the least : Amy would like some Howard in her Sheldon and Bernadette would appreciate a zest of Sheldon in her Howard. Interesting ! Raj talking to Mrs. Davis was a joy. Not just because Regina is a queen amongst women and actresses but also because we got to see a new side of Raj. He has absolutely no idea what he is doing but he is willing to try and that is remarkable. Furthermore, the cafeteria
  17. Season one / season six : I do not see any remarkable difference either. I admit I have yet to visit the "cheast area" thread. As a matter of fact, I probably never will for I do not have any particular interest in the topic but let us just say that women's body shapes fluctuate in the course of their lives : weight gain, weight loss, hormonal factors, time, etc. And that is without taking miracle underwear into account. Furthermore, and just for the sake of the argument, if Ms. Cuoco has had anything done to her "cheast area", her surgeon is a genius because in that 7.01 photograph (th
  18. I think you are absolutely correct. The proposals did look just goofy enough to be "dismissed" by the characters as mistakes, which allowed them not to have to deal with the situation until the Valentine's Day episode and by then they had made enough progress to talk it through and find a solution to their nuptials conundrum. However, I do think both Penny and Leonard knew he was dead serious the first time around. That would explain why Penny freaked out in such an explosive manner : she was aware that he had meant every word. He later confirmed her suspicions, bless his soul, when he pointed
  19. I see your point and you could not be more right. As others have written before me, he has every right in the world to have fun and enjoy his time away. However, the scene is designed to make Penny (and to a lesser degree Sheldon) look... "abandoned" is much too strong a word. Let's say "sidelined". Imagine if the situations were reversed : Penny has been gone for three and a half months (to shoot a movie let's say); Leonard misses her terrribly and calls her to make sure she is alright; when she picks up, she is more than alright, since she is dancing and playing drinking games with her
  20. But there always is drama... It is a thing that happens every year : - Season one saw them meet and give their relationship a shot before deciding not to go forward with it; - Season two was the year during which they came very close to having sex but did not and eventually were separated for four months; - Season three had the Lenny getting together and breaking up; - Season four saw them work at becoming friends again, have relationships with other people and Penny sleep with Raj; - Season five was the one during which they tentatively reunited before teetering close to the edge once
  21. Penny is so going to kick her bottom. If there is one thing she hates, it is somebody hurting her friends... and waiting for pasta to be cooked al dente. But mostly the friends thing.
  22. If I remember correctly, there was a Brazilian magazine that printed she was either leaving the show or thinking of leaving the show (I am sorry, I cannot remember which). She was asked and denied, strenuously, several times. As to where the Brazilian publication got the "information", no clue at all.
  23. As per what we see on the show, you could not be more correct. Leonard has a success rate with the ladies second only to James Bond's. However, the writers do like to include little references to Penny's remarkable attractiveness, even if they choose not to show us onscreen evidence of it : in The 43 Peculiarity, Leonard referred to guys hitting on his girlfriend right in front of him thereby implying that such a thing has happened on multiple occasions off camera; also in The Hofstadter Deficiency, Amy is surprised that she and Bernadette are offered drinks by unknown men without Penny pres
  24. It ain't November yet. Drama needs time to brew. Dum dum dumm... All kidding aside, I believe there will be a payoff to 7.03 and 7.04 (like there was payoff last year for The Date Night Variable and The Decoupling Fluctuation : the pressure built up and built up until we got The Holographic Excitation and, above all, The 43 Peculiarity). It may get a little tense but, all in all, everything will be alright. @ JonRS92 First, thank you. Secondly, I do think Leonard has changed a bit (he is more prompt to express his feelings now) but, indeed, not nearly as much as the people around him
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