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  1. "Submissiveness" is such a strong word. Maybe "masochism" would be more appropriate. No matter what he does, Leonard always ends up around difficult people. We can see that as either a weakness or a partiality. I would be tempted to go for the latter for I believe he, ultimately, likes a good challenge. He enjoys tough, slightly unattainable, alpha-type people : Sheldon, Leslie, Priya, Penny, etc. That, to me, is a show of strength on his part. He likes harsh personalities for, deep down, he is every bit as strong willed and minded as them, just in a different way. His main "power" (if h
  2. Thank you so much Monique for the hard work (and nature-defying memory). Both are greatly appreciated. The fight between Bernadette and Howard is a good one in that, to me, Howard is completely in the right. I would be tempted to believe that many of us would rather not spend every waking hour with our S.O.s. Not because there is something we dislike about them but simply because trying to be on one's best behaviour all the time would be exhausting. Bernadette's reaction, though understandable, is clearly over-the-top and I like that she realises it, goes to apologise... Only to do it a
  3. Change the name to Berdon (option B : Shernadette) and I am in !
  4. There is no questioning that he looks and sounds like a fantastically kind, gracious and thoughtful man. I could not be happier about his win. More than deserved. Well done Mr. Parsons.
  5. OMG ! That's exactly how we look and sound like when nobody's watching ! Nous avons été trahis !
  6. I do agree with you wholeheartedly about Leonard already having learnt to appreciate Penny as a whole person. I would even argue that he learnt that a very long time ago, basically since the first time when he noticed that, on top of being a "cheesecake-scented goddess", she was also something of a messy, contradictory, infuriating, maddening woman. This is why I wrote that he would have to "remind himself" that she is important to him as a whole person; not that he would have to "realise" it. He knows, I am sure. Yet, the trend that appears to emerge from this first batch of spoilers i
  7. I think it might be interesting to try to separate what the writers intend to put into their stories and the way we interpret them. Not because our interpretations are worthless or uninteresting (if they are, what in the name of Cthulu have I been doing with my life ?!?), but because it may help us get a clearer view of where things are heading. I believe it was Bill Prady who said, in an interview he gave at Comic Con 2013, that while TBBT writers do not prepare story archs too far ahead, they already had the first seven or eight episodes planned out by then (late August). I found the num
  8. I do apologise for being annoying here but, since I do agree with you about visual clues being very important on television, I have to say that Beverly is not a brunette. Leslie and Priya are, undoubtedly. Penny is definitely blond. Beverly is somewhere in the middle. My initial post probably lacked subtlety. I am sorry. There is no doubt in my mind that Penny is a warm, affectionate person. She would go to war for her friends and is always there for them when they need her. However, she also has 1) a remarkable sense of self-preservation which gives her very sharp edges and 2) a certa
  9. I do not know how feasible that truly is. Beverly, for all her shortcomings, is a mother. And writers usually find it hard to go after mothers because of the mystique, for lack of a better word, surrounding them. So in fiction nothing truly bad usually ever happens to them, may it be an accident or a comeuppance, without it looking a bit tragic. However, I could see some strong "negociation" occurring between her and Penny (not so much Leonard for he shall forever remain pure). These two, in spite of their differences, have some weird mutual respect thing going on which could be used by
  10. I am delighted Howard is not the one who messes up this time. Let us see how Mrs Bossypants manages her apology ! I have a tupsy turvy feeling for this beginning of season. The ones who usually screw things up in their relationships (Howard, Sheldon, Penny) become the "good", "responsible", "devoted" ones and their partners (Bernadette, Amy, Leonard), used to being mature and making everything better, give less than stellar performances. Interesting.
  11. The taping report does not provide us with much information in relation to the tone of the scenes (nor should it. That is what the actual episodes are for ). But I have the feeling that Penny does not really tease Leonard with the information she gets from the book; she merely asks for extra details. Why does she do that, when Leonard very obviously wants her to drop the topic altogether ? It could be because she wishes to do well in her class (Leonard knows everything there is to know about the book so, in her mind, he can explain all the confusing parts... Thereby forgetting that Leonard's
  12. I see what you mean but had Penny involved the police after the little "breaking/entering/cleaning" incident, there would be no Lenny today. My lips are sealed... However, I will say this : fun times ! PS The "like this" quota has been driving me a tad nuts since yesterday...
  13. The opposite of "the square of suspicion" ? I do apologise for being so profoundly immature. But I swear it was funny in my head.
  14. Alex Schmalex ! She would never last with Leonard : whoever his girlfriend is, she has to be able to handle Sheldon. I give Alex five minutes before she calls the cops and tries to have Dr Cooper arrested for something or other. Penny is the only woman who has shown she can take Leonard as a whole : successful scientist, geeky goofball, damaged puppy, passive-aggressive imp, devoted father figure, big baby, etc. Which is good because Leonard is the only guy who has proven capable of accepting Penny as the beautiful bundle of issues that she is : emotionally constipated, compassionate, a
  15. There is a part of my brain dying to be flippant and say : because the writers love drama. But I shall ignore this pernicious lobe and answer : because Penny loves drama. She is an actress to the core and there is nothing she likes more than making a scene. Her previous relationships were a series of breakups and reconciliations, of hookups and screaming matches. That is what she knows and has grown to define as a "proper relationship" : meet, hook up, fight, reconcile, have sex, repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 ad nauseam until one of the participants gives up, move on with your life, back to step
  16. I guess it was part of the launching pad for the ILY. The writers needed to show how fragile the relationship was, how uncertain Penny felt intially, for her subsequent epiphany (first her jealousy towards Alex, then her interest in Leonard's work and finally her love declaration) to pack some punch. I suppose there might have been a slightly less utilitarian aspect to it as well. It is after all easy to become dissatisfied with one's life, imagining that the grass will be greener somewhere else. Penny, in 6.02, was shown to have lost sight of the reasons why she got involved with Leona
  17. It sometimes may look a bit like that. My understanding of it is that many viewers really want Leonard's quest to be successful; they wish him to be happy. Mostly because he is the hero but also because he has all the adorability of a basketful of kittens. So when Penny fails to cooperate and/or does not contribute to his happiness, which happens on a semi-regular basis because she is about as headstrong as a mule with a remarkably stubborn streak and will not have anyone tell her what to do, some fans get a little frustrated with her. I like both characters equally so it is sometimes a
  18. I definitely see what you mean. It is always a delight to see the Bonnie and Clyde of Pasadena close ranks and go on a rampage together. Luckily, we will get a tiny taste of that in 7.02 when it is just them, trying to hide from Sheldon. But in 7.04, Beverly is at the very centre of the Lenny interaction. Unlike in The Panty Pinata Polarization, where Penny called Mary to the rescue "just" to obliterate Sheldon (regardless of the reasons behind the feud between her and her neighbour), here she calls Mommy Dearest to the rescue because the Dragon Lady is, in a way, an interested party. With
  19. Well he is a grown homunculus Leonard is indeed very much a grownup yet he still has many childlike and adolescent personality traits. In fact, his whole geeky side has the innocence and cluelessness usually associated with childhood. This aspect of him is highlighted in 7.04 where his attitude is, more than anything else, childish. Definitely not evil, absolutely not mean, not really manipulative, certainly not ill-intended. Just childish. He finds a way to get his favourite "baby sitter" (in this case Penny) to do his bidding and give him more "toys" so... He goes for brokes and milks t
  20. It is a perfectly justified wish which I share. However, and just in this instance, the comparison between Leonard's and Penny's reactions to each other's offense may not be entirely valid. Penny screwed up baaaadly in The Tangible Affection Proof. But she did it over the span of a couple of hours. She messed up completely and uncontrolably without any opportunity to stop, think, calm down and recalibrate. From Leonard's viewpoint, it looked like a momentary loss of control, symptomatic of a larger issue. In 7.04, Leonard makes a pig's breakfast of the whole thing for a couple of days. Ov
  21. While I understand the disappointment it causes, I believe the call to Beverly is mostly due to a concern for symmetry : he uses his mother (and the trauma associated with her) to get what he wants; Penny uses his mother to deny him what he wants. It is over-the-top but not completely out of left field. Penny wronged him before and he, too, went a bit crazy with his retaliation. Remember how he called her "stupid", or something to that effect, in The Ornithophobia Diffusion ? It was a "that escalated quickly" moment. I know Penny was not being his greatest supporter in that scene but his j
  22. I am not sure if sprinkles visits this website but if so, thank you so very much for your effort and great work. It must be a real pain in the bottom to try to remember all that and the summary is great. Thank you again. Now, let's go from the easiest to the most contentious, shall we ? Raj and Stuart : bless their hearts, they are trying. Both are good guys but have absolutely no idea how to address women. Those bits of profiles they describe onscreen are... unfortunate to say the least. They still have a lot to learn in the way of romance, poor souls. But I admire their determinatio
  23. Amy told Sheldon about Penny's doubts, I think.
  24. Bernadette is one of Penny's closest friends. She knows and likes Leonard very much, for sure, but they are nowhere near as devoted to each other as Bernadette and Penny. The girls' allegiance is to one another; not to the guys. I for one do not see any discrepancy.
  25. Amy discovered that being sick (a negative) meant receiving more and better attention from Sheldon (a positive) so she artificially extended her illness to get some extra "positive". Perhaps Leonard will realise that Penny reading his mother's book (a negative) leads her to asking questions about his childhood and reacting with extra compassion whenever a particularly sad/strange anecdote comes up (a positive). So maybe he will up the ante a tad and lay it a bit thicker than necessary (or true) to get even more affection. It is just a hypothesis of course. And never did I think of Leo
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