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  1. Well, we have had a few hints of domesticity : the steamer Leonard refused to pay for but wanted to use (The Bakersfield Expedition) and the remote control Sheldon bought even though it is too big for his favourite homunculus's hands (The Closure Alternative). Bert and Ernie are still fighting over the bills Such a conversation would be tremendous progress on Penny's part. She hinted at the reason behind her fears in The Tangible Affection Proof : loss of control. The way she described it was quite telling : "As long as things keep going great between us, you'll keep asking me to marry
  2. Really ? I never got that vibe from her. She did not like his friends, his style, his hobbies or his ways; while she definitely enjoyed the "serious" part of him (his job as a respected physicist), she could not have cared less for his "goofy" side (i.e. the geek). And that is without mentioning her being ashamed of him and not wanting her parents to know about their relationship. Conversely, Penny takes Leonard as a whole, both the celebrated professional scientist and the total nerd who goes on a quest to get his best friend's imaginary ostrich back from a virtual thief. I suppose How
  3. I recognize my previous post's phrasing lacked subtlety and for that I apologise : nobody is to "blame", literally speaking, for nothing "wrong" has happened. There is an arch, not just for Leonard, but for all the characters involved. The hero stated it as clearly as humanly possible in the pilot (the one that was broadcast) : "smart and beautiful" babies. The show revolves around that very notion : four brilliant geeks finding their way to adulthood, learning how to cope with grownup, everyday issues (sexuality, heartbreak, responsibility, vulnerability, boredom, disappointment, etc) a
  4. May I be slightly devious here and say that you might have to blame Leonard for this ? The writers have, very intelligently (and very viciously), turned their narrative problem into Leonard's psychological issue : the show's PTB have a hard time letting go of man child Sheldon... And so does Leonard. I am sorry for rehashing something I am sure I mentioned before but, while I absolutely acknowledge BangerMain's point about the show's extremely skewed economics (Penny lives an apartment as big as that of Bernadette and Howard even though they must make about 5 times as much money as her)
  5. While marriage is a fair prospect indeed, we must not forget that it is not the only relationship milestone the writers have in store for Penny and Leonard. Let us not forget that they do not live together yet... So basically, it all boils down to Sheldon (more than Penny). Until the writers can figure out what to do with him, Penny and Leonard will remain pretty much stationary. Should Penny move in with the boys ? Should Leonard move out and live in Penny's apartment while Amy takes his place ? If the writers do not have the answers to those questions yet, they will not push the Lenny
  6. Technically, you are absolutely correct. Leonard's decision to leave Penny in charge of the proposal could spell disaster for him. However, in this instance, I believe his move was strategically brilliant. Penny has issues. One of them is her gut-wrenching fear of being "trapped" into a marriage she has not had the time to think through. But she knows Leonard wants to get married someday. She knows it all the better because, in his own words, he proposes a lot. So, before the 2013 Valentine's Day near massacre, she must have been living with a sword of Damocles over her head : is he going
  7. I may be completely wrong but it seems to me that Leonard has always had a "backbone". If The Ornithiphobia Diffusion taught us anything, it is that Leonard is perfectly capable of defending himself. After all, he did call Penny stupid, or something to that effect, in front of a stranger. What has changed over the years is the way the people closest to him react to his displays of character strength. All the way back in season two (The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis), Leonard already had a backbone. He invited himself into Penny's apartment to demand an explanation about her relationship with
  8. Stephanie tried to change him, Pryia tried to change him, Penny likes him just the way he is. Hoodies and hair gel included.
  9. Really ? You do not like the hoodies ? I love those. I find them to be a very smart move by the costume department. Leonard is a worrier so of course he would always wear a hood, just in case it gets rainy... In Pasadena. Furthermore, he is from New Jersey. He is not used to all-year-round sun. He looks perpetually prepared for a nasty gust of very cold wind. What could possibly be more Leonard-y than that ? As for the overly geled-up hair, while I would welcome an appearance of Mr. Galecki's naturally untameable curls, it also makes sense for the character to style his locks like that.
  10. I wonder whether Penny's wakeup call was Alex's attraction to Leonard or Leonard's reaction to it. Objectively, Penny is bound to know that her man is a sexy little devil the ladies find appealing; over the years, she has seen him become the object of Stephanie's obsession, have an on-and-off relationship with Leslie and date Pryia. Heavens, she even knows that a senior citizen paid for Leonard's services ! She cannot possibly believe that her man is so unpleasant no other woman could ever hit on him. In my opinion, what truly blew her mind and made her doubt was Sheldon's account of
  11. I have to say the writers deserve some kuddos for that. They have managed to create, in a male-oriented show (initial ratio : four boys, one girl), a special space for the female characters to interact believably and independently from their male counterparts. While they do spend a lot of time talking about their men, though not more than said men spend talking about them, they have their own activities : going to clubs, dressing up as Disney princesses, painting portraits of one another, playing drunken Twister... They are busy ladies ! The heart wants what the heart wants... But I am
  12. Whatever his reasons were (and I believe you are correct in your assessment), it is a brilliant idea. Not just because Bob Newhart is an amazing actor and Pr Proton a good addtion to the show but also because it keep shis appearance from looking like stunt casting. That is usually the problem with famous guest stars : they show up, do their bit and their characters disappear into the ether, never to be seen or talked about ever again. It often feels forced to me for the parts famous guests end up playing are rarely interesting; they are merely vehicules to justify the star's presence on t
  13. I believe that is one of the most consistent aspects of the girls posse dynamics displayed on the show : the girls have one another's back. They have their own friendship, separate from their respective romantic attachments. Now, on occasions, there may be a clash (the parking space episode was a demonstration of that) but ultimately the girls' allegiance is to one another, not to the guys or to the 'ships as entities. So when Amy encouraged or pushed for the Lenny in season four, it was out of concern for Penny herself who she knew missed Leonard. When Penny mentioned to Bernadette the p
  14. He is indeed an integral part of their relationship. However, it has been quite interesting to see them spend more and more time away from him in season six when, three years before, they might as well have called themselves a threesome considering the Lenny was barely ever separate from Sheldon. Oh absolutely !There is no doubt in my mind that missing Leonard has, once again, allowed Penny to rethink her relationship with him and his return makes her giddy enough not to ruminate over his offer to stay at her place, 24/7, for a couple of days. That is usually the rule with them; as long
  15. It is indeed always interesting to remove the protagonist and see how the others cope in his/her absence. What we see in the season premiere is a slight reshuffle of the cards : Bernadette and Amy socialise together (something they usually do only with Penny around) while Penny and Sheldon have to rely on each other without Leonard as their glue. Even after Leonard's return, the "reshuffling" theme continues with the third episode, in which all the "organic" pairs are dismantled and rearranged into "inorganic" duos. I wonder if the writers intend to take the idea further. It would be inte
  16. To further this point, I believe it is also worth noting that "scientists" are not experts in all realms of science. So a science-oriented scavenger hunt designed by an astrophysicist (Raj) would not necessarily be any easier to complete for a neuroscientist (Amy) or a microbiologist (Bernadette) than for a layperson (Penny). As proven in The Vacation Solution, physicists do not fare well in biology labs and I would assume the opposite is equally true. Now that would have ruined the suspense. These two would have wiped the floor with the other teams.
  17. If Leonard were the only one not wanting Penny on his team, I would definitely agree with you and say that there are many ways in which his "names in a hat" proposition could be interpreted. However, the fact that Amy reacts in the exact same fashion as him when Penny offers to pair up with her and Raj's explanation for the "everybody's a winner" trick leave little wiggle room. Leonard would rather not have Penny on his team because he thinks she could keep him from winning the race. It does not make him bad; after all, he immediately feels guilty and even considers quitting the scaveng
  18. Be careful what you wish for ! If you let me get away with one diacritic, soon enough, I will just write my whole posts in French and you will have to deal with it His name was Alexandre and I still have that necklace. One of my most prized possessions.
  19. I can see why it is a bit disheartening but I wonder how much of the writers' decision was dictated by circumstances. As Tensor pointed out on the S7 Spoiler thread, from sundown Sept 4th to tonight (Sept 6th) it is Rosh Hashanah and it seems that both Mr. Helberg and Ms Bialik observed the holiday since neither of them was at the Wednesday night taping (while the Tuesday taping took place during the day, I believe). It is therefore entirely possible that both actors warned the production team ahead of time telling them that they could not work on Tuesday night (Sept 4th) -regular taping
  20. To be honest, I do not judge the 'ship itself. As far as I am concerned, fans can 'ship whichever combination of characters they see fit. That could not be more OK by me. Shenny 'shippers do not hurt anyone : they just fancy Sheldon and Penny together. Good ! My only point is that the writers could have made the Shenny canon. They have had six years for that. Nobody could have stopped them : neither the fans, nor the network, nor the studio, etc. No one. They chose not to. So to interpret their decision to pair Sheldon and Penny on a scavenger hunt as a concerted effort to hurt or damage
  21. I understand that for us, 'shippers of either Lenny or Shamy persuasion, it can be frustrating to see the couples we favour "dismantled". However, so much of their development is already focused on romance-related business that a little break, on occasion, can only be beneficial. As for the writers' obvious delight at pairing Sheldon and Penny, we have to accept it and admit that they know a good association when they see one. Penny and Sheldon are fun together. They just are. Both are superbly callous; they can say pretty outrageous stuff without even noticing. However, when they deliv
  22. I am sorry to ask but are we reading the same material ? Penny does everything in 7.02 to make Sheldon happy and completely ignores Leonard ? In that she tries to make sure Sheldon's feelings are not too hurt by his best friend's deception and shows such tremendous excitement at Leonard's return that she implicitely allows him to live with her 24/7 for a couple of days. A notion she used to find borderline traumatic not too long ago. Sheldon and Penny are thick as thieves ? In a way that makes Sheldon depressed when he is paired with his neighbour and makes Penny bang her head again
  23. First off, thank you so very much to Roxanne and Alexandra. The report is great and has been so very swiftly delivered. Incredible job ! It could be a really good episode or a rather average one depending on how the scenes we know nothing about are woven into those we have been spoilt for. The pairings are interesting. Aside from Sheldon and Penny, they are couples we are no used to seeing : Howard and Amy have never interacted before and Leonard and Bernadette do not spend that much time together either. My main problem is Raj : he is a member of the group. The writers should find a
  24. I think eirwinrommel might have written that in jest
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