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  1. Drama is dramatic ! (An old one, I know, but still as relevant as it ever was)
  2. 30-40 scenes ? For a 20-minute episode ? That seems like an awful lot, doesn't it ? I wonder if this episode is not a two-part one. If not, I cannot quite see how that many scenes could possibly fit in such a limited amount of time without the end result looking very choppy.
  3. It would most certainly be entertaining to watch. Sheldon's "thing" is his intellect. That is what his identity and self-image revolve around. For him to lose, even symbolically, the title of "smartest person in any room, no matter who else is in it" is bound to make him question his own role and position. I would love to see how that would impact his interactions with the other characters, not just Leonard. His Kripki-induced self-doubts prompted a reflection about his relationship with Amy and their futute together. Only Zeus knows what being challenged by Leonard might provoke ! As
  4. Refering to this ? Yep, it is pretty awesome ! These two know their characters and want what is best for them.
  5. Oh, there is no doubt that they have greatly improved while remaining faithful to their core characters. Leonard will always be on the mushy side and Penny will forever display signs of her "eww, get those feelings off me!" tendency. A good thing it is too : were they both as sentimental as Leonard, they would waste their lives gazing in each other's eyes and if they both adopted Penny's attitude, they would communicate through the medium of grunts. That is definitely a factor too. However, it is interesting to see that the minute we no longer have anything new to contemplate, we immedi
  6. You can tell a traumatised 'shipdom by its ability to rehash old disputes only a few days after being spoiled for an episode in which : - one half of the 'ship comes back from a long trip - immediately goes to his better half's place - dismisses everyone, including his best friend, so he can spend some quality time with the woman he loves. I think we might be addicted to the pain. Very much like Leonard, we simply do not know what to do with ourselves when things go our way.
  7. Ah, humour ! That was definitely one of the best aspects of the Lenny in the sixth season : the way in which they can mock each other without either of them getting his/her feelings hurt. You have captured and explained that perfectly; at last, indeed, they are secure enough in their relationship not to take everything to heart. They can laugh at and with each other. On a side note : Penny is putting her own dirty laundry in the laundry basket ?!? Our little girl is growing up.
  8. I may be wrong but I believe the crux of the matter is not really to identify and alienate the haters/non haters but to try to understand why the character of Penny can at times be so polarising. The starting point of this questioning was I.Am.Molly's pertinent comparison with the Shamy 'ship in which, seemingly, the fanlove is equally shared between Amy and Sheldon whereas, amongst the Lennys, there is something of a tug-of-war between those who favour Leonard (numerous, or so it appears at times), those who prefer Penny (less numerous) and those who care for them both equally (no idea o
  9. I do realise I may start to sound incredibly repetitive and for that I do apologise sincerely but I believe the "problem" you have identified has everything to do with the show's narrative structure. Leonard is the hero; as such he is the main recipient of empathy from the audience. He is, structurally speaking, "our" guy. Furthermore, it so happens that said guy's cuteness factor rivals with that of baby pandas so the Leonard lovefest is bound to be extreme. More to the point, we the audience are meant to side with the hero and want for his quest to be successful. Leonard's quest, so to s
  10. That is the problem though. She is not a bad actress. For a long time, the writers kept the audience in the dark in re. Penny's acting abilities so we could simply assume her unemployment in the field was the result of her lack of talent and laugh it off. Now they have shown her to be a genuinely good actress, the prospect of her never getting a decent career is no longer as humourous but a little bit sad. Mr Molaro's exact quote on the topic was : "Take off" is quite vague. I do not necessarily want/expect Penny to become a star. It would be difficult to make that happen within the
  11. Not so much a series of predictions, more of a list of educated guesses : - the tenure saga will lead to a fight to the death (figuratively speaking, of course) between the boys = I used to be certain Leonard would get the job, since it made sense both on a meta (he is the protagonist and needs to start the separation process from Sheldon) and an intra (he now works with Pr. Hawking) level but I am no longer so sure. Regardless of who gets it, the storyline shall deliver; - Penny will get an acting job = there was no point telling/showing us what a good actress she is if it is not use
  12. I was indeed being facetious. However, there was a certain amount of sincerity in the joke. Either one uses derogatory terms to evaluate people's sex lives or one does not. It is an all-or-nothing sort of business; the moral judgment cannot be switched on and off, depending on who is being looked at. If Penny is a "slut", then Leonard is a "ho". If Leonard is not a "ho", then Penny is not a "slut". Consistency is everything. I, for one, simply cannot muster the energy to care about what consenting adults, either real of fictional, do with other consenting adults, no matter how many o
  13. If so, she could not be more perfect for Leonard who, let us not forget, is a prostitute (he slept with Mrs Latham in exchange for a donation). The slut and the ho, living happily ever after... A 21st-century fairytale, how moving !
  14. "We all make mistakes, let's move on" Leonard to Penny after she caught him trying his best/worst to get Sheldon to allow him to sleep with Missy - The Porkchop Indeterminacy
  15. While I think I understand where the frustration with Raj is coming from, maybe we should all relax a little about what happened. Leonard was single. Priya was single. They had every right to do whatever they wanted. Penny was single. Raj was single. They had every right to do whatever they wanted. Leonard and Priya slept together in her brother's bedroom ? Not cool (mostly because unhygienic) Raj and Penny slept together in Leonard's bedroom ? Not cool (mostly because unhygienic). As Tensor wrote, nobody was "wronged" in this whole scenario. Poor decisions were made, apologies and fo
  16. I do not think Chuck Lorre broke Penny and Leonard up out of sadism or intense dislike for the relationship (if he had not wanted these two characters together, he would not have paired them to start with or written The Recombination Hypothesis). I believe the decision was mainly practical. At the time of the breakup, the relationship between Leonard and Penny was pretty much the main/only emotional driving force of the show : Hernadette (Boward ?) was in its infancy, Amy had yet to enter the picture so the Shamy was non existent and poor Raj was as lonely as he was to remain for the nex
  17. I knew being French would pay off some day. At last, the day has come !
  18. Very nicely done sir. That is, indeed, the power of fanfiction !
  19. Indeed, her feelings about the film and that scene in particular have no bearing as far as Leonard is concerned since he does not know about theme. I think the problem some of us had/have with Leonard showing that film/scene to his crewmates has to do with the intention behind it. If he is just happy and proud that his girlfriend is an actress and proves it to his colleagues with the only piece of evidence he has (i.e. the film in question), then everything is fine. If, conversely, there is an undertone of "Yeah, I'm hitting that, losers", it becomes a tad more problematic. There is of c
  20. I think you are both correct in the short term but it might change in the longer run. The writers obviously like to give the audience Penny/Sheldon moments. Not because they want them together as a couple (if they did, they could have made it happen a long time ago) but because these two are very funny together. They have a lot in common (same social background -"respectable white trash" as Roseanne Conner would have put it-, same callousness, same confrontational personality, same deep attachment to Leonard) yet are as different as could be. Scenes between these two always pay off becaus
  21. I am bringing an extract from eirwinrommel post from the S7 spoiler thread here because my response is too Lenny-centric for the more general board. Sorry for the inconvenience. Leonard is as far from an idiot as they come but he can be pretty oblivious, especially when under pressure. While I, very much like you, cannot imagine a scenario in which he would simply tel her that he showed the horror film to some of his colleagues, I think it would be possible for him to blurt it out, innocently almost, in the middle of a conversation about something else. Let's say Penny has serious
  22. I finally caught up with the story and I am truly happy I did. For two people who have had quite a hard time communicating over the years, they surely are catching up. I particularly enjoy the way you reexplore the canon, revisit past events to give them an added depth and meaning. So much is left unsaid and unseen (for us viewers) in this relationship that there is a lot of ground to cover ! Also, I find myself agreeing completely with your view of Penny not quite knowing what to make of her feelings for Leonard in the past. Never having felt quite so connected to a man before him, she
  23. This new episode sounds epic. I do not wish to repeat too much of what I wrote on the S7 spoiler thread however... I love Leonard's idea of staying with Penny for a couple of days, away from everybody else. I find it fantastic not just because it is a charming idea in and by itself or because, effectively, Penny agrees to let his live with her (for two days, sure, but still, she is so pleased to see him back she agrees to let his stay for a full 48 hours) but also because it is as close as they have ever got to a vacation together. When these two leave town, they do so with the rest o
  24. First, a huge thank you to Monique and Kelle for taking the time to go and writing those great summaries. Amazing work and truly, truly appreciated. Boy does that episode sound great. The Penny/Leonard scenes warm my heart. It is such a touching attention on Leonard's part to want to spend a couple of days just with his girlfriend so he can share his amazing experience with her. Considering they have never been on holiday together (without the rest of the gang), it looks like their first mini vacation. Great reaction from Penny as well ! These two are on a great path. Howard and
  25. Please. You're sexy and you know it ! (Night Tensor) So Sheldon is jealous of Leonard showing a preference for Penny. That is an interesting turn of events but in keeping with Sheldon's personality in that he hates not being #1. Jealousy is a potent weapon. Perhaps a bit of it could help things move along with Amy. Not necessarily in the immediate future but it is good to keep in mind. After all, Alex worked wonders for Leonard and Penny.
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