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  1. Bar vs. Pie charts. Epic Marshall in How I Met Your Mother. #JasonSegel http://t.co/nEdPaoi42n

  2. QuizFortune Trivia isn't the best quiz app. #AprilFools. Yes it is. http://t.co/Qe4un2BoBN

  3. Happy April Fools Day! Be sure to check out our selection of especially foolish trivia: https://t.co/1ftap4t8hQ

  4. The earliest recorded reference to April Fools’ Day was in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in 1392. #trivia

  5. Our own QuizMaster @vincentrainey has added a new challenge to the app. How high can you score?https://t.co/1ftap4t8hQ @goosearoundtown

  6. Our own QuizMaster @vincentrainey has added a new challenge to the app. How high can you score?https://t.co/1ftap4t8hQ @yourquizmaster

  7. In March 1991, who was the first German-speaking artist to reach US No1, with the hit Rock Me Amadeus? #music #trivia

  8. Prove that you ain't no fool in our April Fools Quiz: https://t.co/1ftap4t8hQ

  9. "The man who rolls up his shirt sleeves his rarely in danger of losing his shirt." - Anonymous http://t.co/nrU95V0gai #monday

  10. France was still executing people with a guillotine when the first Star Wars film came out. #UnlikelyFact http://t.co/pZ5P3FGjyv

  11. For all the smart arse mums out there, try our Mother's Day Quiz. https://t.co/xdmAeoNurA Happy Mother's Day! http://t.co/ucp00AblAM

  12. This picture epitomises the sheer brilliance of mothers. We salute you. Happy Mothers Day http://t.co/LVRXLFcw2y

  13. 19 Fantastic “Your Momma” Jokes To Make You Feel Like An Eleven-Year-Old Again: http://t.co/vSvMisJ2T9 #MothersDay

  14. In a normal world, not being followed would be a good thing. #twitterproblems

  15. According to Plato, what is the 'mother of invention'? More #MothersDay trivia in the app: https://t.co/1ftap4t8hQ

  16. 10 years ago today, Ireland became the first country in the world to ban smoking in all work places. #trivia #onthisday

  17. One man's useless knowledge is you know... another man's useful knowledge. http://t.co/fEKf8jIqhd

  18. 18 Famous Literary First Lines Perfectly Paired With Rap Lyrics: http://t.co/Eu7xHNpwTp Just delightful @arikaokrent

  19. The questions you ask your mother vs. the questions you ask father. #MothersDay http://t.co/jfQiSxxFRG

  20. Which US President famously said "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother"? #MothersDay #trivia https://t.co/1ftap4t8hQ

  21. What do the Russian Royal Family, Grey's Anatomy and Dudley Moore all have in common? Today's quiz: https://t.co/1ftap4t8hQ

  22. What quizzes are trending in the app? Tarantino, Mother's Day, Djokovic & more. Get 'em here: https://t.co/1ftap4t8hQ

  23. Question Tarantino - which is the odd one out? http://t.co/fRmlRJEymI @movieshrink @The_Movie_Buff

  24. "Train your brain with the UK’s first mobile social quiz app, QuizFortune" via @cabledotie http://t.co/XYRTcBGvEB

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