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  1. ohh looks like most of the people here believe Modern Family is a lot lot lot better than big bang theory since it has won so many EMMY awards ... and big bang theory has one ZERO
  2. I thought that was pretty obvious. Her seeing another actor kissing another Mr.Parsons for the show , and her feeling envy/discomfort ( she even knew the whole story) yuckkk, soooo creepy.
  3. Ewwww , that is soooooo creepy
  4. See we have Leonard - Penny - Sheldon scenes Penny - Sheldon (only) scenes where are Leonard - Penny(only) scenes ???
  5. Leonard is a useless , boring , dull character. When was the last time his character had a story arc???
  6. no character other than Sheldon can be described as leads in this show. Characters who are not Sheldon are simply supporting characters in this show
  7. haha. Anyway I was just summing up all the characteristics of Amy which were displayed , not just in this episode. However this passive aggressive, knowingly causing trouble in her friends relationships do not make her character appealing at all. On the other hand in Penny and Leonard "relationship/marriage" , if Penny even puts half the amount of effort she puts to appease sheldon in her own marriage their marriage would'nt have been so much toxic. She has time to memorize pledges and go to meetings because she feels it is important for Sheldon , but does not care enough to memorize her own husband's birthday( which clearly should be very important to Leonard). I see no reason for Penny to have not supported Leonard. She did'nt even try. This makes Penny look very bad. Leonard was always awful/bad to begin with but Penny was never like this. Leonard's character has no story, but Penny's character has and is taking a wrong turn
  8. So Amy is now passive aggressive, needy, clingy, horny and on top of that tries to insert problems into her own friends relationship so that she could be more happy.
  9. Now Raj is a cheating ass**** and he even brags about having sex with two women he is dating. And we are supposed to root and cheer for these guys. what happened to this show??
  10. I said that because I think their marriage is horrible. Penny has gone from a sweet fun loving girl to this sarcastic , sad women who is never happy. Leonard was never good to being with. See in this episode itself he was intrigued that Raj was dating two girls at one time. I guess cheaters like cheaters. The pair never had much chemistry to being with , but now with all the changes Penny has gone through their relationship has become toxic. Even their physical chemistry is completely lacking. (back in earlier seasons atleast physical chemistry was ok)
  11. Penny supports RA now. Wow is Penny married to Sheldon or Leonard?? She gets pissed at Leonard pretty easily these days. I don't even remember the last time her showing any kind of warmth towards Leonard. Horrible marriage. When was the last time Penny supported Leonard when it was Sheldon vs Leonard?? Ifs funny at how we see how much effort Penny puts in making Sheldon happy, but when it comes to Leonard she does not even care to remember his birthday. I guess priorities . And what about the actors??? earlier they always used to touch and cuddle each other. Now recently all their "bed scenes" have them sleep separately and away. And the episode just ended abruptly. No resolution at all. What a waste. However if this were a situation where Penny gets to know something about Leonard , surely we would have a scene where Leonard bends over backwards to appease Penny and apologize multiple times , but now nothing. Anyway I wish Leonard and Penny would just break up. One of the worst pairing I have ever seen.
  12. What happened to this show ?? It is nowadays more like a chick flick.
  13. or u know as simple as stuart in the line substituting sheldon
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